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Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon, 6 inch

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Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow ® Systems (4) 5 Gallon - 10" Buckets
The Atwater HydroPod - Standard A/C Powered DWC Deep Water Culture

Yes, growing weed in the soil is a straightforward process, and many people consider it easy, but with the right hydroponic system and sufficient knowledge, you can enjoy a lot of benefits growing the herb soil-free.

That’s right! A hydroponic system allows you to grow cannabis with their roots submerged in water-based solutions that contain just the right amount of nutrients needed for the buds to flourish.

Do you know what you get? Three things: quick harvest cycles, chance to control the growing process, and increased yields due to high-density planting.

If you are looking to go the hydroponic route, you will find our review on the best hydroponic systems for weed very useful as it contains some great options out there and some factors you need to keep in mind to purchase the right one.

HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System

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When looking for an easy and economical way to grow your weed, think of The HTG Supply Bubble Brothers 6-Site DWC Hydroponic System. This system comes with six low profile 3.5 Gallon buckets and six lids that are netted. Additionally, a 951gph commercial pump with 6-way tubing in addition to large air-tube stones.

Aeration is very important when growing cannabis. Luckily, the HTG system takes care of that by having a large commercial pump with 2-inch air stones. The RhizoCore bucket covers have a well-aerated channel to make sure that your plants receive ample oxygen at the roots.

The system is easy to set up and operate as once you lay the piping; you only need to change the water every two weeks. The electric air pump is energy efficient as it has a wattage of 41W. The 10L bags of quality clay ensure that the medium for growing your weed is of the highest quality.

  • Easy to set up
  • The DWC system is amazing and will last long
  • Amazingly low price
  • Needs regular attention to prevent blockage
  • No way of checking water levels without removing the lid
  • Quite noisy

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon

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The Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bucket Kit 5 Gallon is the most recommended kit for those of us who are beginners and need an easy way to grow weed. With a 5 gallon bucket and 6” basket lid, air pump Rockwool plugs, complete tubing, and air stones, this system is perfect to start growing weed.

The 44gph air pump is strong enough to ensure that you are able to keep your plants aerated. The air stone allows adequate dispersing of the much-needed oxygen by the weed. And you don’t have to keep lifting the lid to check on the water level- a colored water level indicator takes care of that.

The setup of the system is easy and comes with an efficient drainage system that ensures water changes happen with minimum effort from you.  The bucket is FDA approved and will last long enough to grow several weed plants.

  • Simple and easy to set up
  • Comes with a water level indicator
  • Comes with a one year warranty
  • Can only grow one plant at a time
  • The pump underperforms as plants grow
  • Big plants leave minimum space during water changes

Hydroponic Recirculating Deep Water Culture System with Root Spa

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The Hydroponic Recirculating Deep Water Culture System is every weed grower must buy for quick and large projects. This system comes with four 5Gallon buckets complete with netted lids, a control module, and a 4-port air pump. A water and air supply system and Rockwool growing mediums are all you need to see you become a successful weed farmer courtesy of this system.

The oxygenation with this system, coupled with the circulation of highly nutritional water underneath the weed ensures faster growth of weed. The blackout module incorporated ensures that no light penetrates to the roots of your weed that would encourage algae growth. The reservoir beneath the weed lets the roots of the weed swim in fresh circulating water and takes in the much-needed oxygen and nutrients.

With the design of the system, there is sufficient and constant water and oxygen supply due to the 15L capacity air pump. By drawing a solution from the lower module to the control module, all plants are assured of an ample supply of the needed ingredients. The system is further enhanced by the H2OToGro system that allows you to use the existing water pump to flush your reservoir using the garden hose fitting that is included with the purchase.

  • Very watertight and leak-free
  • A strong and reliable water pump
  • Air pump adjuster lets you control the pump
  • Quite complex to assemble
  • Pricey
  • Needs regular checking and maintenance

Active Aqua Root Spa 5 Ga. Hydroponic Bucket System Grow Kit, 2 Pack | RS5GALSYS

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If you want a simple and cheap but effective weed growing plan, think of the Active Aqua Root Spa 5 Ga. Hydroponic Bucket System. This system is outright simple and hassle-free — all you need to do is pump raw air in the growing solution without the need for air stones that can be quite pricey.

The system comes with a 5 Gallon bucket that measures 8 inches which can hold small and big weed plants. The air hose is multipurpose and will deliver air to the base of the bucket and encourage root growth.

The bucket is leak proof and durable. The net basket-top of the bucket acts as a lid and a holder of the growing medium. The hosepipe will allow you to monitor the amount of water and acts as a funnel to add nutrients to the solution. This system is easy to set up and use.

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Cheap
  • Allows you to monitor water levels easily
  • Does not come with growing medium
  • The plastic material is quite cheap
  • Residue may accumulate if not cleaned properly

The Atwater HydroPod – Standard A/C Powered DWC Deep Water Culture/Recirculating Drip Hydroponic Garden System Kit

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If you need a system that will aerate your water reservoir and recirculate the feed from the top, then make The Atwater HydroPod your next purchase to grow weed. This system combines a unique design where a twin outlet air pump simultaneously oxidizes the reservoir for quicker growth and pump water to the weed using air pressure.

The full kit comes with just everything you need to see that you set up your weed farm immediately. The setup is made easy by the included instructions and with a few steps.

The Atwater System Kit allows efficient water utilization when growing the weed as there is minimum evaporation. Power consumption is low as the air pump utilizes minimum power and more air pressure to see that the system has a supply of fresh oxygen and water.

  • Efficient utilization of water and growing solution
  • Easy to maintain
  • Comes with just everything you need to start growing weed
  • Quite a task to setup
  • Materials are rather cheap hence will not last long

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow Systems (4) 5 Gallon – 10″ Buckets

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If all you want is to have the most guaranteed way to grow your weed to maturity, think of the Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow. This kit comes with four different growing sites that are made in the USA using the highest quality materials.

The system comes with an air pump that is reliable enough to keep the roots of your weed well aerated. The airlines and the air stones have been manufactured specifically to ensure that the plants have a constant supply of all the supplements they need to full growth.

The basket lids of the Hydroponic Bubbler Bucket Kit by PowerGrow measure a staggering 10” to allow enough room to add water and supplements to your weed to grow to maturity.

  • Quite easy to set up and manage
  • You can grow all plants using the same system
  • Water indicator that will allow you to change and drain water easily
  • Quite a small system for many plants
  • Nutrient solids may build up if not changed occasionally
  • PH adjusting may be a task once plants grow

General Hydroponics 706721 EcoGrower Drip Hydroponic System

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Worried that the growing space for your weed is small? Your solution lies with the General Hydroponics 706721 EcoGrower Drip Hydroponic System. This system comes with growing stations that can accommodate six weed plants from a single unit.

The kit comes with all the necessary things you need to have your weed grow, including nutrients and growing medium. To get the correct nutrients for your weed, mix the Flora Series nutrients that come with the kit. The system works by having the solution dripped continuously in the growing medium.

This system is easy to set up and start growing your weed as the user manual gives a step by step guide. A blue tube gives a visual indication of the amount of nutrients in the pot and water levels.

  • Maximum space utilization
  • Easy to use
  • Comes as a full kit
  • Draining needs quite an effort
  • Pricey
  • Needs experienced growers

General Hydroponics Eco Complete Power Grower GH4830

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The General Hydroponics Eco Complete Power Grower GH4830 is a system that will utilize your weed growing space effectively. The hexagonal design allows you to pack many pots together in a limited space. This kit is efficient for all sizes of plants.

With a 5.7 gallon reservoir and a 3-gallon growing chamber, this system has a pumping column with a support tube. It comes with the drip ring and drain level tube, as well as Hydroton rocks with flora series nutrient to ensure that your weed gets the best growing environment.

This system is compatible with other systems and can be expanded to other growing buckets. It can be used by both beginners and advanced farmers. It’s easy to maintain and uses minimum water and energy.

  • Easy for use by beginners and advanced farmers
  • Proper utilization of energy and water
  • Expandable t use with other buckets
  • Quite heavy
  • Pump is not that big
  • Blue hose does not indicate water level easily

Deep Water Culture (DWC) Hydroponic Bubbler 8 Bucket Kit with 6″ Lids by PowerGrow

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Let’s talk of large scale weed growing- The Hydroponic Bubbler 8 Bucket Kit with 6″ Lids by PowerGrow is the ultimate answer. This kit can grow up to 8 weed plants in the same period. The sites have a capacity of up to 5 gallons.

The pump with this system is of industrial capacity and produces bubbles for additional oxygen for your weed. This arrangement has a water level indicator for you to monitor the amount of water. A drain makes cleaning easy and maintaining the system.

The setup of the kit is much easier than other systems and allows you to even grow from day one. This system comes complete with 6” basket lids, eight buckets, eight air stones and lines, and a strong industrial pump.

  • Best for large scale growers
  • Easy to set up and maintain
  • Comes as a complete kit
  • Pump is quite loud
  • Needs a larger area to setup
  • Bulky to carry around and clean

Choosing the Best Hydroponic System for Weed: The Ultimate Buying Guide

One of the best ways to grow weed is by using hydroponic systems, which do not rely on soil but make use of nutrients and minerals dissolved in water. The plants derive nutrition from the solution in which the roots are dipped. It ensures the weed plants are constantly exposed to the ideal amounts of minerals and water. Thus, it doesn’t have to grow deeper roots in search of these nutrients.

Since there are different types of hydroponic systems for weed, you need to be careful when making your choice. The following are some of the factors to consider before buying the best hydroponic system for weed.

What Kind Of Hydroponic System Do You prefer?

Weed can be grown in any of the five types of hydroponic systems namely, deep water culture (DWC), ebb and flow (flood and drain), aeroponics, drip or top feed, and nutrient film technique. Let’s look at each one of them in detail:

  • Deep Water Culture (DWC). The deep-water culture is one of the cheapest and easiest to assemble. It consists of a reservoir (or bucket), a mesh of Rockwool or peat, and an air stone. Each weed plant would require its own DWC unit. This system promises large weed yields for you. If you are a newbie weed grower, you can start with one DWC unit and increase them as you go. However, it might be hard to maintain water temperature and PH levels.
  • Drip or Top Feed. This kind of system relies on drip irrigation. The nutrient solution is directly fed to the weed roots via tubes running from a reservoir. As the solution passes through the root system, it drains out and is recycled back to the reservoir. It makes use of the water and nutrients more efficiently.
  • Ebb and Flow (Flood and Drain). In this system, the roots of weed are soaked in a nutrient solution, which is then drained off. Since the water is constantly moving in and out, the system needs no air stones. It is the best way to prevent root rot due to the stagnation of water. However, you will need to replace the water more often.
  • Aeroponics with Misting. If you want your plants to have an environment similar to that of a rainforest, this is the best method to use. It involves supplying the roots of the weed plants with a mist of the nutrient solution. The system allows for the most efficient use of water and the roots and constantly aerated, only that it isn’t ideal for beginners.
  • Nutrient Film Hydroponics. Through this technique, the weed plants are constantly supplied with a shallow nutrient film at the very tips of the roots. It aims at feeding the plants without drowning them. These systems efficiently supply the weed plants with all the necessary nutrition. It is, however, not ideal for small-scale weed growers.

The Kind of Growing Medium Used

Hydroponic systems for weed rely on several types of growing mediums including peat, sphagnum moss, coco coir, Rockwool, hardened expanded clay (HEC), grow stones, and vermiculite. The purpose of these mediums helps in supporting the roots of the weed plant. Peat is the most popular, given its affordability. Sphagnum moss has the ability to hold a lot of water even though costlier than peat. Made by shredding coconut husks, coco coir is a super-absorbent option. For the best aeration of the plant roots, you might try Rockwool. Alternatively, you may use hardened expanded clay (HEC) pellets, which are known to drain very well. If you want your minerals to be held by something more than just the water solution, try vermiculite. The last option is, of course, grow stones which are nothing but pellets made from recycled glass.

What Are The Features Of The Hydroponic System?

Even though hydroponic systems for weed are made differently, they share common features. Some may have all the features required to effectively grow the weed while others may not. Therefore, look for features such as pumps, grow trays, and reservoirs. While most hydroponic systems have multiple grow trays, others have only one. Another important aspect is the size of the nutrient reservoir.

Also, check if the system has a timer, PH test kit, and grow lights. The timer is necessary for regulating the water pump in some types of hydroponic systems. As for the PH test kit, it helps in maintaining balance in the nutrient solution. Using the grow lights, the plants are able to thrive.

How Much Does The System Cost?

One of the most important factors to consider is the price of the hydroponic system. Check out several systems that fit within your budget and then compare them in terms of the other factors discussed here. In the end, you should only buy what you can afford.


So, which hydroponic system for weed are you going to buy? In this guide, we have outlined the important things you ought to consider before making your buying decision. The type of system you buy will be dictated by your growing needs. While some systems allow for the growth of only one plant, others can accommodate multiple plants. Make a wise decision.