So, you are planning to plant some weed, but don’t want everyone coming into your home noticing it. Well, don’t worry, folks — there’s a way you can make it happen without raising the alarm. We are talking about a stealth grow box!

You see, a stealth grow box is an interesting little box designed for growing weed indoors. It usually looks like small drawers or cabinets, but actually very spacious to nature a good number of herbs. Better yet, this box reduces the odor and heat that marijuana usually produces, keeping it discrete from the family or noisy neighbors.

To help you get the best stealth to grow boxes, we have done all the research on your behalf, narrowing the list down for you so that you can pick the right option without a lot of hassles.

1.  30” Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box System by Hellogrower

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Are you in one of the states where marijuana is legalized? Regardless of where you live, you need to find a way to grow weed discreetly. Buy the 30-inch Stealth 150 Watt LED Grow Box System by Hellogrower. It features a 125-watt LED grow lamp that consumes negligible power. Basically, you don’t have to worry about paying huge amounts in terms of power bills.

This grower box is lockable. By adding a padlock to the unit, you will be able to prevent unauthorized access. That’s important, especially if you have children or minors in the house. It has a powerful fan, which ensures proper air circulation and temperature maintenance. The good thing is that it can control odor through the dedicated carbon filter. For first-time weed-growers, this is the best unit.

  •         The steel construction is strong
  •         Lockable for extra security and protection of minors
  •         The carbon filter controls odor.
  •         Easy to use and suitable for first-time users
  •         The fan is a little too noisy
  •         May require an odor gel

2. Hellgrower 20” Stealth LED Grow Box with Hydroponic System

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Like the 30-inch Hellogrow Stealth LED Grow Box, this particular unit features a 125-watt light that produces bright light using minimal power. Your plants will be able to get enough light to enable them to grow even as you save on your energy costs. It is a complete hydroponic unit. The only thing you will buy is the weed seeds.

This is an easy-to-use grow box which is suitable for first-time weed growers. In short, there’s very little assembly work required. It comes with a timer for setting the light schedule. Thus, you can easily determine the time when you want the light to be on or off. The unit has air vents on the rear so that the air being fanned out can find an easy outlet. The air distribution is further enhanced by the presence of double air stones.

  •         Has a strong steel construction
  •         Double air stones for efficient air distribution
  •         Very little light leaks to the environment
  •         Not clear if it is lockable

3. Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box – Hydroponics Growing System

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Growing weed is a discreet venture that requires you to remain anonymous while you nurture your favorite herbs. That’s why you need stealth to grow box with an odor-reducing carbon filter and steel lock. The Grobo Premium Automated Grow Box has all these features and more. You can keep your weed growing venture a secret, even from your family and friends.

Buy this smart grow box, and you will be able to customize the growing schedule and optimize the light settings. Depending on the strain of cannabis you have, it is also possible to adjust the soil pH levels. The lights are energy-efficient, meaning you only get to spend a small amount on energy bills. If you are beginner, you don’t have to worry about getting the right mix of nutrients. The grow box comes with everything ready. It also includes a carbon filter to remove the weed odor.

  •         Great for first-time weed growers
  •         Has an automatic light scheduling system
  •         An energy-saving grow box
  •         Louder than similar grower boxes
  •         Prone to leaking light

4. Growzilla 4-Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box

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Smart hydroponics grow boxes have been around for some time now. The Growzilla 4-Plant Vertical Hydroponics Grow Box is not just smart but also extremely efficient. It supports both email and phone functions. At its price, this is definitely a must-have grow box for people who care to produce their own weed plants. It is designed to produce the healthiest cannabis plants you can ever have. The grow box is large enough to accommodate up to four large marijuana plants.

The 150-watt LED lighting is attached to the sides of the box to ensure you get richer, healthier plants. When you get to harvest your cannabis buds and flowers, you will be extremely pleased with the results. The hydroponics system comes with ready nutrients to nourish the plants. It is the best grow box for anyone who is just starting as a private indoor marijuana grower.

  •         An energy-efficient grow box
  •         Has a 150-watt LED lighting system
  •         Comes with the nourishing plant nutrients
  •         Doesn’t have a lock for security and privacy
  •         Can accommodate only a maximum of four large plants

30” Stealth 150-Watt Grow Box with Hydroponic System by Hellogrower

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It is not enough to have stealth grow box. The best way to grow weed indoors is by using stealth grow box with a dedicated hydroponic system. This 30-inch grow box by Hellogrower comes ready for use. All you need to grow your weed plants are the seeds. Once planted, the germinated weed plants will make use of the nutrient-rich, highly-oxygenated hydroponic water to grow. In just a short time, you will be able to harvest your marijuana flowers and buds.

The stealth grow box has a 200-watt standard bulb to provide the weed plants with all the light they need to grow. All that while consuming minimal electricity and operating at very low temperatures. Even with the two powerful fans, your energy bills will be at the bare minimum. The 100 percent mylar lining ensures that all the light that comes from the bulb is used only for the intended purpose.

  •         Has a timer for scheduling the times when the lights come on and off
  •         Comes with a functional hydroponic system, great for first-time users
  •         Energy-Efficient stealth grow box
  •         Very little light is allowed to leak out
  •         Lacks a lock for preventing access by the kids

6. Cash Crop 6.0 2-Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box

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Even in states where using and growing weed is legal, being a little more discreet is what everyone is looking for. That’s the idea behind the stealth grow box. Apart from concealing the cannabis plants, it should also be able to mask the characteristic pungent odor. The Cash Crop 6.0 2-Plant LED Hydroponics Grow Box is odor-controlled to prevent snoopers from catching you in the very act of growing weed at home. You can use it to grow marijuana plants from scratch. Several features combine to ensure that what you get are healthy plants. That includes 150-watt LED lighting and reflectivity.

This fully-assembled stealth grows box ensures that you do not have to spend a lot of time assembling it. Once you put it in the right room in the house, you can plant your marijuana and watch as it grows into mature plants. Additionally, it is a smart machine that supports phone and email connectivity.

  •         It is odor-controlled to prevent the pungent cannabis odor from spreading in the air
  •         150-watt led lights for healthy marijuana plants
  •         Comes fully assembled
  •         Does not include a lock
  •         Made of wood and may not be durable

7. Hellogrow 30” Stealth Grow Box with LED Light & Hydroponic System

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Review Score -5

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Whether you are a newbie or seasoned weed grower, you need a grow box that’s ready for use from the get-go. The Hellogrow 30” Stealth Grow Box with LED Light & Hydroponic System is complete. All you need are the weed seeds. The 6-site hydroponic system contains nutrient-enriched and oxygenated water. As long as the roots are fully immersed in the water, the plants will continue drawing the nutrients they need to grow. Within no time, you will be able to harvest healthy weed buds and flowers.

It comes with a 45-watt led light which, together with the 100 mylar lining, provides the plants with all the light required to grow. You can use the timer to schedule when you want the lights to come on and off. The front door is sealed off, and the rear vents shaded to ensure little or no light leaks out. What more could you want in a stealth grow box?

  •         An easy-to-use grow box that’s great for first-time users
  •         Has a 6-site hydroponic system that comes ready for use
  •         Equipped with a 45-watt energy-efficient light
  •         Does not include a lock
  •         Produces a loud noise

Choosing the Best Stealth Grow Boxes: The Ultimate Buying Guide

As the recognition and legalization are marijuana spread across the United States, the number of people seeking to produce their own marijuana discreetly in the outdoors keeps increasing. To grow your own cannabis plants, you need stealth to grow box. The best stealth grow boxes are designed to provide optimal conditions for your weed plants to thrive. However, you need the right stealth to grow box to get the right kind of plants. When shopping for a planter box, you need to know the factors to look out for. They include the following:

How Many Plants Can It Accommodate?

Stealth grow boxes exist in different sizes. Some are small, while the rest is massive. In most cases, the size of a grow box is determined by its width, length, and height. This matters since it will determine the space in which you are going to store it. Also, the size of a grower box is a determinant of the number of plants you can grow in it. For that matter, there are grow boxes which can accommodate only four plants and others which can take more. That’s mainly determined by the length and width of the grow box. Also important is how tall your plants will grow. With a tall grow box, you can allow your weed plants to get as tall as possible.

Does It Have A Reflective Surface?

To grow properly, weed plants need plenty of light. While having a source of light in the form of a bulb is important, this light needs to bounce off a reflective surface to get to the plant from all directions. While some grow, boxes have reflective surfaces; others don’t. As such, it is not uncommon to find stealth grow boxes with 100 percent mylar surfaces. When light from the bulb hits this surface, it bounces off to the leaves of the weed. Even with just one LED bulb, you will be able to have your plant properly illuminated.

Is It Complete With Hydroponic Systems?

Stealth grow boxes are made differently. Some have complete hydroponic systems while others don’t. Those that come with a complete system have water that’s already oxygenated and which also contains the right nutrients. This ensures that you can plant weed as soon as you acquire the box. Unlike weed grown in soil, that planted in hydroponics is usually healthier. If you buy a grow box without a hydroponic system, you have to install your own. That’s an extra cost that you may not be prepared to pay.

Does It Have An Automatic Lighting System?

Which one do you prefer? A grow box with a lighting system that automatically switches on and off or one with manual lighting. If you live on “the fast lane,” the former should be more appealing. The automatic on and off system ensures that the lights in the grow box come on when the plants need them. When it is time to switch to darkness, the light will go off automatically. However, if you have no problem operating the lights yourself, then choose a grow box with a manual system. However, you have to be prepared to be checking the box now and then.

How Secure Do You Want The Grow Box To Be?

One of the biggest reasons to buy a stealth grow box for your marijuana plants is the discreetness you expect from it. First, a stealth box is small enough for you to keep indoors. It helps if the box is secured by a locking system. Thus, you can easily lock it and prevent your underage children from accessing the plants. Luckily, there are stealth grow boxes which come complete with a locking system. Others might be lockable, but they may not have a lock. That means you will be forced to buy the lock separately. Either way, you will be able to secure your marijuana plants and prevent minors from accessing them.

What’s Your Budget?

Just how much do you wish to spend on a stealth grower box? To answer that question, you need to research the prices of the different boxes available on the market. After all, price is the biggest determinant of the device you will settle on. If you find several grow boxes in the price bracket which you can afford, compare other features to know the one that will work best for you. Given how wide the industry is, getting a grow box you can afford should be very easy.


Given the reviews above, which stealth grow box will you settle on? Check the features as well as the ease-of-use. If you are a newbie weed grower, you need a box that comes as a complete unit. It should be one that doesn’t require installation. Basically, all you should worry about is getting the weed seeds. However, don’t forget to check out the buying guide above to know if what you have settled on checks all the right boxes. So, why should you make buying a grow box that complicated?