KingLed Grow Light Reviews

In the past, indoor gardening was a hobby for a select few. The venture was expensive and required a huge initial investment – and there was no guarantee that plants would thrive and produce high yields or wither and die.

But thanks to technological advancements, indoor gardening equipment has become cheaper, making it possible for more people to engage in the venture. Many manufacturers now sell high-quality LED equipment affordably. KingLED is one such manufacturer. The company is at the forefront of making first-rate LED grow lights all growers can afford.

Based in Guangzhou, China, it makes lamps, bulbs, tubes, LED modules, and power supplies. The company has taken part in many international exhibitions and its LED grow lights are extremely popular. It sells its LED grow lights under the brand name King Plus.

If you’re thinking of starting an indoor grow operation, KingLED grow lights are well worth considering. They are highly rated by users and each is packed with superior features to make indoor gardening easy. We’ve handpicked 5 of the best King Plus lights that are ideal for different grow operations. Without further ado, here they are.

Total Reviews - 1001
Review Score - 4.5
Watt - 1000
Lifespan - 100000
Area - 3.4' x 3.8'
Warranty - 3 years
Avg. power draw - 185
LED pieces/watt - 100pcs / 10w

King Plus 1000w Full Spectrum Grow Light With Double Chips - Review

Innovation is a good thing because it means new products have better features than their predecessors. A good example of an innovative light is the King Plus 1000w Full Spectrum Grow Light. It uses 10w Epistar double chips which produce a massive 1000 watts of energy. Most entry-level grow lights use 5w or 3w LED chips so it's easy to see why this light stands out.

While it may look like a regular grow light with an even number of diodes positioned in a grid pattern, its diodes are nothing like the regular ones you’ve seen before. The double chips are twice as bright as standard chips. There are two diodes on each chip and this makes the grow light to provide even, uniform light for your plants. The good news is that the light only consumes 185 watts.

However, do not buy this light and expect it to grow 4 large plants to maturity as its maximum coverage is 3.4 x 3.8 ft.


Total Reviews - 1001
Review Score - 4.5
Watt - 1200
Lifespan - 100000
Area - 3.5' x 5.2'
Warranty - 3 years
Avg. power draw - 235
LED pieces/watt - 120pcs / 10w

King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light Double Chips Full Spectrum Grow Light - Review

When starting an indoor grow operation, don't only think of the equipment costs, you also have to think of the power bill as some grow lights consume a lot of electricity. The great thing about KingLED grow lights is that they are extremely energy efficient. For instance, this grow light only draws 235 watts while delivering 1200 watts. Like the first light, it comprises bigger and brighter double chips. Each has a Zener protective cover to ensure it works separately. The full spectrum includes white, red, blue, orange, infrared, and ultraviolet colors – which replicate the light the sun produces.

The grow light’s efficient cooling system ensures it maintains an ideal temperature for high crop yields. Openings on the LED board and the glass create convention with the fans for efficient heat dissipation.

But the downside is that the grow light doesn’t produce a lot of light during the flowering stage. It produces small, light, fluffy buds instead of large, tight ones.


Total Reviews - 330
Review Score - 4.5
Watt - 1500
Lifespan - 100000
Area - 4' x 5.6'
Warranty - 3 years
Avg. power draw - 260
LED pieces/watt - 150pcs / 10W

King Plus 1500W Double Chips LED Full Spectrum Grow Light - Review

Without a doubt, a lot of work went into designing and developing this LED grow light. With an average lifespan of 100,000 hours, it is designed to offer continuous years of service for beginners and experienced horticulturists. It features 10w LEDs with Zener protectors to ensure each LED functions individually. It gives your plants 1500 watts of power while only pulling 260 watts.

Although KingLED recommends a coverage of 4 ft by 5.6 ft at a height of 3.5 feet, it's always best to adjust the light's height according to the growth stage of your plants. During the vegetative stage, your plants will need a little more light. During the blooming phase, your plants will require the maximum amount of light, so you'll need to hang the light closer to them. But ensure the distance between your plants and the light is always more than 20 inches or it may burn your plants.

As with all good things, this one has a shortcoming, too. It doesn’t emit a lot of white light.


Total Reviews - 52
Review Score - 4.1
Watt - 1200
Lifespan - 50000
Area - 4.5' x 3.8'
Warranty - 3 years
Avg. power draw - 215
LED pieces/watt - 4pcs / 300w COB

King X4 Dimmable 1200W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum Module Design COB Chips - Review

When it comes to indoor gardening, the importance of proper lighting cannot be underestimated. When plants don't receive light they can actually use, they become weak, get affected by diseases, and produce low yields. A COB (chip on board) LED grow light helps plants to grow quickly, stronger, healthier, and produce high yields.

The KingLED 1200w light provides a full blend of light and runs cool, thanks to superior engineering. It features many LED chips on one module rather than lenses, hence the light it produces is very focused. Instead of generating light that seems to come from different segments on the panel, the light seems to come from one segment. However, the overall light produced is very pink.

COB LED grow lights are usually more expensive than regular LED grow lights, but this one is different from the rest. It is not only fairly priced, it is very efficient. You'll also love the fact that it spans a full spectrum - from 410nm to 730nm. It produces the right amount of light for your plants to flourish.


Total Reviews - 328
Review Score - 4.5
Watt - 2000
Lifespan - 100000
Area - 4.5' x 8'
Warranty - 3 years
Avg. power draw - 375
LED pieces/watt - 200 pcs / 10W

King Plus 2000W Double Chips LED Full Spectrum Grow Light - Review

One of the best grow lights on the market, the 2000w King Plus LED grow light is very useful for growers using hydroponic techniques. However, all indoor plants can benefit from the light it provides, regardless of their growing technique.

The light consists of 200 10w Epistar LED double chips that are more bright and efficient than 3w and 5w LEDs. They consume very little power and only pull 375 watts while providing 2000 watts. Epistar LEDs use very little energy, produce little heat, are very bright, and have a long lifespan.

The light emits multiple bands of light that range from ultraviolet to infrared. They offer excellent photosynthetic active radiation (PAR), promoting photosynthesis, seed germination, enhanced growth, and better yields. The ultraviolet rays also play an important role in killing bacteria and making the plants less susceptible to diseases.


So, Which Is the Best of Them All?

KingLED has a light for every budget and all of them have enticing aspects. While most of them have an entry-level price tag, you’ll be blown away by what they have to offer. The LED grow lights are ideal for seedlings, clones, vegetables, and flowering plants. Some comprise double chips while others feature COB technology to ensure your plants get maximum light.

While all KingLED grow lights featured here are awesome, our top choice is definitely the King Plus 1200w LED Grow Light because of its excellent price point and high power output. Whether you’re starting out or just need a supplemental light, you can’t go wrong with this light.