Weed vape pens are the new way to toke…….of course, without the smoke. These small devices have grown in popularity for two simple reasons: one, they are compact and portable, meaning that you can carry one in your pocket shirt or purse and vape wherever you go. Two, these devices might look small on a mere look, but they deliver one heck of vapor, allowing you to get the most of-of your weed concentrate or dry herb. Really, you can’t ask for more!

Vape pens have evolved to include innovative features that make them more functional. For instance, a good number of them come with LCD screens that allow you to read the temperatures and adjust accordingly to get that great taste with a faint smell.

Now, we know you can’t wait to get the best weed vape pens for your needs, so let’s dive right into it. We have included a cool 11 vape pens that will suit you, as well as a few handy tips to help you in your shopping. Go ahead and get one to vape in style!

Pro 50 Combustor Dry Herb Vaporizer

Are you an experienced vapor looking for a more efficient vape pen? If so, you need to try the Pro Combustor Dry Herb Vaporizer. This little device has a wattage capacity of up to 50W but comes with buttons on the side that allow you to adjust the power from a low of zero for that perfect taste. What this means is that you can easily set the level of efficiency at which you want to vape your weed. Ideally, the wattage should be set at 29.5 watts, but you can go lower or higher as you wish.

The Pro 50 has a lot more in store for you. It contains a 1600mAh battery, which is high capacity and quick to charge. In just an hour, the battery will be fully charged and ready to use. You have no reason to worry about the battery blowing up, thanks to a number of safety circuits incorporated in the design of the vape pen.

  • Has a high power capacity
  • Has a beautiful, sleek exterior
  • Comes with protective, safety features
  • It costs a little bit more than you would expect
  • Does not have a comprehensive warranty to cover the device
  • Prone to combusting the weed you are trying to vape

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 Sol | E-Nectar Collector DAB/WAX Pen Vaporizer

If you are looking for a vape pen that allows for the use of both e-liquids and waxes/dabs, the Sol E-Nectar Collector is what you need. You can easily switch from one vaporizer mode to another, depending on the material you are using. If you are at home with an e-nail, don’t hesitate to switch to the function that allows it. Alternatively, you may prefer the wax mode, which produces great tasting vapor. That’s not something you would expect from a vape pen that allows smoke to pass through from one end to the other.

The weed vapen pane also comes with a special ceramic tip, which is super-heated to produce vapor from either waxes or dabs. The tip is basically an atomizer that creates vapor by touching the material. That means you do not have to load the material into the chamber.

  • A dual function vape pen that serves both as an e-nail and a wax pen
  • The temperature can be set at three levels
  • Made of both quartz and ceramics, which are highly durable
  • The power capacity is not as high as you would expect
  • Has a fragile ceramic heating element
  • Comes with only one power button

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KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer

One of the things to look for in a vaping pen is how long the battery lasts. The KandyPens RUBI Vaporizer is one device that will never disappoint you, especially when it comes to battery longevity. When fully charged, the battery is capable of lasting for a whole day, ensuring that there are no interruptions in your vaping for at least 12 hours — besides, the battery charges quickly.

We can’t omit the fact that this is a sturdy, tough vaporizer that’s made of the highest quality steel. It is, therefore, durable and long-lasting. The outer chassis is composed of a high-quality solid steel frame, meaning that it remains intact even after falling off your hands. And yes, the device is also lightweight and very compact to easily fit into your pocket. You don’t need a special bag to carry it.

  • Features a premium handmade construction
  • Lightweight, compact, and highly portable
  • Powerful enough to meet all your weed vaping needs
  • Has refillable pods which makes it easier when replenishing the vaping material
  • The airflow comes off a little bit lose
  • Comes with empty pods for you to fill

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The PAX Era Vaporizer

Anyone who has ever used a vaping pen understands how important it is to get the temperature right. At an extremely low temperature, you may not get any meaningful vapor. On the other hand, an extremely high temperature may result in the combustion of the material rather than vaporization. The PAX Era Vaporizer solves this problem by providing four different temperature levels. Thus, you can easily choose a temperature at which you wish to vape. The lowest temperature is indicated by green, the next level by yellow, orange, and red for the highest.

Apart from the temperature, this weed vape pen also comes with pre filled pods for a less messy experience. And yes, it’s extremely portable, given the compact size and lightweight nature. In these aspects, this vape pen is way superior over similar devices.

  • Have pre filled pods for a less messy experience
  • Highly portable, given the compact size
  • Lights up quickly for an immediate vaping experience
  • Only available for sale in California and Colorado, US
  • The battery may not function for as long as you expect
  • Quite small for people who like large-sized pods

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Canna Blast Vape Pen

One of the most vaped substances is CBD, a non-psychotic extract from the cannabis plant. To get the best from CBD oil, you need a vaping pen that’s specially made to the purpose. Look no further than the Canna Blast Vape Pen. Inside, it is made of an even heating system, thanks to the manual button that works in tandem with the automatic battery. It turns the oil into a pleasant vapor to the last drop. What more could you ask for in a vaping pen?

The Canna Blast Vape Pen comes with a battery capacity of up to 4.2 volts. When fully charged, it will last for several hours. The battery is also simple and easy to charge, which means that you won’t have to wait for a long time before resuming your vaping sessions. If you want a different brand of battery, all you need to do is switch the old one for a new cell, and you will be good to go.

  • The pen is easy to load
  • Designed for use on a wide range of temperature
  • Produces vapor of the highest quality
  • A miniature, compact device that’s also easy to carry
  • May get too hot at high temperatures to the extent of combusting the vaping material

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PAX 3 Vaporizer

To enable you to control the quality of vapor you get, the PAX 3 Vaporizer has four preset temperature levels, starting at 182°C to 215°C. This means that you are at liberty to choose a temperature at which you are sure to get the quality of vapor you need. That gives you a level of control that some vaping pens may not afford.

As far as the quality of vapor is concerned, the PAX 3 provides high-quality vapor from dry weed. Expect a smooth, satisfying vapor that changes with adjustment in the temperature level. By toggling the flavor mode, you should be able to get vapor that’s true to the herbs you are using. Very few vaping pens allow you to easily determine how the heating happens.

  • The vapor is of the highest quality
  • Has an app that makes it easier to control
  • Allows the use of herbs as well as concentrates
  • Might be a little more expensive than similar devices
  • Hardly the best concentrate vaporizer

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Cloud Pen Paragon Vaporizer

Who wants a vape pen that’s too hard to use? Certainly not you. The Cloud Pen Paragon Vaporizer is one of the easiest to use. It comes with an integrated silicone jar and dab tool to make it easy for you to vape at peace. Once you turn it on, use the tool to add wax on the quartz coils. Press the temperature button thrice before settling at a specific level. Once the dab begins to melt, the vaporizer will produce a vapor, which you can then inhale.

The quality of vapor produced by this device is of the highest quality, thanks to the dual rod, quartz atomizer. In addition to the vapor being clean, it retains the flavor of the concentrates used. When it comes to the size of the draw, you can move from the smaller to the larger, simply by increasing the draught pressure. So, if you like dense vapor clouds, simply pull harder, and you got it!


  • Comes with an integrated dabbing tool for easy use
  • The dual rod quartz atomizers produce the highest quality vapor
  • The battery is powerful and long-lasting
  • Produces vapor of the best possible flavor
  • The warranty promised is not long enough
  • Impossible to charge while vaping

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Vaporite Pearl Vaporizer

When buying a vape pen, one of the things you ought to look at is the design. As far as that’s concerned, the Vaporite Pearl Vaporizer is a long and slim e-cig, built to deliver clouds awesome vapor and fit in your purse or bug. It doesn’t look like many of the other vaporizers on the market mainly because half of it is a transparent water percolator. When your priority is the quality build, then this is definitely a must-have.

In addition to the great design, this vaporizer is easy to use. It works with both oil and waxy concentrates. Take a fully charged device,  turn it on, and watch for flashing LED lights, which indicate the vaporizer is ready to use. When you are sure, remove the clearomizer, invert it, and fill it with oil or wax. Once you reattach the clearomizer, press the on button and start inhaling. It’s that simple!

  • Has an LED light that indicates when it is time to recharge
  • Easy to fill with either oil or wax
  • Has a long-lasting lithium-ion battery
  • Has a fragile ceramic heating coil
  • The titanite may only serve as a way of checking the temperature

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Cloud V Platinum Vape Pen

The Cloud V Platinum Vape Pen is an improvement of the older Cloud V Classic. It is meant for use with both the oils and wax dabs. Thanks to the lightning atomizer, the vape pen turns the dab wax or oil into vapor quickly enough. The element is made of 9 coils, which are wrapped tightly around a fiber wick. That makes it a very efficient vaporizer, indeed.

Additionally, Cloud V Platinum Vape Pen is easy to use. You can use it when fully charged or while charging. All you need to do is press down the button for 10 seconds or more before loading or using this vape pen. Once the atomizer is broken in, load the device with weed concentrates, and you are good to go. It is, however, recommended that you melt down the concentrates a little bit. After refilling, press the button and inhale.

  • Has an efficient vaporizer that does not allow for the wastage of material
  • A fully charged battery lasts for long enough
  • The mouthpiece has replaceable tips
  • The price is slightly higher than that of the previous version
  • The device could disintegrate in your pocket

Cloud V Platinum Vape Pen Video Review

Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen Vaporizer

If you are looking for a device that delivers an infinitely high-quality vapor, then Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen Vaporizer will definitely come in handy. It has a receded coil atomizer which sits at the chamber’s bottom for the proper heating of oil concentrates. So, the oil that might have dripped down is quickly converted into the vapor you are looking for. The weed vape pen will maintain the flavor of the vapor, given the low temperatures at which it works.

This is one of the vape pens you will find to be easy to use. The first thing you need to do is apply wax dabs or pour some oil on the heating coil. Press down the button and put your lips on the mouthpiece. Inhale the vapor to the levels you want. Its vapor is just incredibly nice! Unlike other devices, you don’t have to wait for the vape pen to heat up. It gets to work pronto.

  • Has a high-quality titanium atomizer
  • Allows for both the short and long draws
  • The battery is strong enough to last for between 200 and 300 draws
  • The price is a little bit higher for most people
  • The vapor may turn too hot when you press down the button for the full 10 minutes

Dr. Dabber Ghost Pen Video Review

Kandypens Galaxy Vaporizer

Many vapers appreciate the potency of the vapor produced from concentrates. That’s why vape pens that rely on wax dabs are becoming popular. The Kandypens Galaxy Vaporizer goes a notch higher in providing the highest quality of vapor. All these thanks to the high-quality atomizer and variable temperature control.

The Kandypens Galaxy Vaporizer comes with a responsive battery. By choosing between the different temperature settings, you can either prolong or shorten the battery time. It charges for between 2 and 3 hours. When fully charged, the battery will keep you vaping for the whole day.

  • Produces a sizeable, smooth, and tasty cloud of vapor
  • Very minimal draw resistance
  • The temperature settings are very flexible
  • Costlier than other brands
  • The temperature is color-coded in a confusing way

Kandypens Galaxy Video Review

Choosing the Best Weed Vape Pens – The Ultimate Buying Guide

With the increased need for quality vaping devices to vape weed, a number of companies have developed vape pens to enhance the experience of vapers. As such, there are so many brands and models of vape pens that settling on one might prove problematic.

How do you get the best vape pen? Where do you even begin? Well, the purpose of this buying guide is to help you get the best vape pen using. Keep the tips below in mind to ensure you get a worthwhile deal:

What’s Your Budget?

Now, let’s begin with the budget, considering that these little devices come with different price tags, which affect the quality greatly.

Before buying a vape pen, you have to be clear on just how much money you are willing to spend on it. Prices can range between $50 and $500. New vapers are advised to try the cheaper models and move up progressively with time because the features usually advance with the price. If you want to stick with vape pens from a particular company, the price shouldn’t be a big issue. In that case, brand loyalty prevails.

How Long Is The Preparation Time?

When using a vaporizer, one of the aspects that will make you like or reject a particular model is the preparation time. Heating time ranges from a few minutes to an hour. If you choose a vaporizer with a ceramic heating element, you should expect to wait for long before it heats up. The kind of heating time you pick depends on your lifestyle. Don’t compromise!

Size and Portability

Yes, vape pens are generally built to be small and portable, but you can’t ignore the fact that you will come across some that are more compact than others. Some vapers prefer to carry their devices in their pockets. Others may want something bigger. You will find some slim, long options, and smaller vape pens that can easily fit in your shirt pocket.  But don’t stress yourself over this as portable vaporizers are characteristically convenient. The only issue is that some of them require longer preparation times. If you like using your vape pen on-the-go, pick highly portable one.

What’s the heat type?

There are two types of heating systems used in vaporizers, namely conduction, and convection. Conduction method relies on heating elements to vaporize the oil or concentrate. In most cases, vape pens rely on the heat conduction method, which is the reason they can be so small. The good thing with conduction vaporizers is that they are less expensive.

The second heating method is known as “convection.” These types of vaporizers are the most efficient, given their ability for even heating and precise temperature control. The oil, dry herbs or concentrates are heated using the warm air. These vaporizers provide the best-flavored vapor, anywhere.

The Draw Method

You may choose between any of the two draw methods for vaporizers. For the vape pens, the direct draw method is the most common. Through this method, you get to suck the vapor through a whip, step, or tube. The vapor is usually great-testing. Then there is the balloon draw method, which is easier to use, only that the balloon method may not give you the best flavor.

Does It Have Any Temperature Regulators?

There are several vaporizers which minimize combustion through the integrated temperature controls. Depending on the model, a vaporizer may either have a dial or digital display temperature control. It is not easy to say which temperature controls work better than the others. Thus, it is important for buyers to read customer reviews before investing in a vaporizer. The good thing with vaporizers with temperature controls is that they help regulate the vapor draws.

What’s The Source of Power?

Vaporizers may either be electric or flame-powered. Narrowing down to vape pens, these devices have rechargeable batteries. These models differ in terms of the time it takes to have the battery fully charged. In most cases, they can be charged from a mains socket or USB port. Other vape pens have replaceable batteries, which require changing frequently.

Does It Have A Warranty?

No matter how strong the construction is, any vaporizer is likely to have issues in the future. That’s why it is necessary that you buy a device with a warranty. While some have limited warranties, others guarantee the quality of their devices for a lifetime. Also, ensure you only buy your vaporizer from a reputable online or brick-and-mortar store.


Very well! After reading the reviews and the buying guide above, you should find it extremely easy choosing a vape pen that will serve your needs. The models discussed above differ in terms of price and functionality. If you cannot choose one straight away, then read the buying guide to know the things to look for before making a final decision. Where the price of the vape pen is not an issue, don’t compromise on the other aspects. Make sure you choose a vape pen that’s going to serve you in the best possible way for a long time to come. Happy vaping, folks!