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Golden Gate Grinders #1 Best Herb Grinder 2.5 Inch 4-piece Anodized Aluminum


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iRainy [5 Piece] Spice Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher, 2.1 Inch, Metal Black
Blue Mandala 4 Piece Zinc Titanium Metal Herb Grinder 2.5" Vintage Grinder

Weed grinders have been a real lifesaver to weed lovers. You see, back then when these small tools were not invented yet, some people used scissors to grind weed for smoking. Others used their fingers but got unsatisfactory results.

Now, enter the age of weed grinders and everything has been made to be so much easier – and fun.  In definition, these are basically small devices that are designed with tiny teeth to grind marijuana into small particles. They have made enjoying cannabis a worthwhile endeavor. The good thing with these grinders is that they can grind other herbs as well, including tobacco. Some come with just a single compartment, whereas others come with as many as three compartments. Some are made from premium acrylic, others from simple wood or metal.

If you want to vaporize fine, grind weed or any other herb, you are right to search for the best weed grinders. To help you in your quest, we have done the hard job on your behalf, researching a wide range of weed grinders. It’s time you enjoyed the best of the herb!

1. Kozo Best Herb Grinder (Upgraded Version). Large 4-Piece, 2.5-Inch Black Aluminum

Total Reviews -23548
Review Score -4.8
Item is on SALE !!! 38% discount will save $12.00 (38%)

Price History

What Kozo has done to this weed grinder is to introduce new features to make the grinding experience even better. Case in point is the brand new detachable mesh screen which holds even more ground weed while maintaining its stability. It is not possible to grind more weed at a go without spilling it when you open the top of the device. Additionally, it has sharp teeth which make grinding easy while producing a fluffy consistency. Whether you are smoking or vaping the weed, the resultant powdery substance is easy to work with.

The grinder features a magnetic lid which holds tightly in place even when tilted. It is made of durable material which won’t break even when accidentally dropped. You should, therefore, expect to still have this grinder for a long time to come.

  •         Available at an affordable price
  •         Features sharp teeth for easy grinding
  •         Easy to clean
  •         The ground herbs tend to build up in the upper part
  •         Jagged-edges may hurt hands

2. iRainy (5-Piece) Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher, 2.1-Inch, Metal Black

Total Reviews -14928
Review Score -4.6

Price History

Do you really care about how your weed grinder is built? If you only prioritize on the quality, then you should definitely try this particular device. Made of a solid zinc alloy, this grinder is highly-durable. If you need a device to serve you for a long time to come, this is definitely it. The fact that it features the ring design makes it even more durable.

The 5-piece design is uniquely easy to use and clean. In addition to the easily detachable 5 pieces, the device has four distinct chambers. The ground weed is channeled through two mesh screens for a finer powder collecting on the scraper. Additionally, the weed you get from this device will be of the greatest taste ever.

  •         Has multiple compartments
  •         Produces high-quality powder
  •         Easy to clean
  •         A little too big to easily carry

3. Blue Mandala 4-Piece Zinc Titanium Metal Herb Grinder 2.5-Inch

Total Reviews -0
Review Score -0

Price History

Ever wished for a grinder that cannot stain, chip or corrode? Well, that’s what the Blue Mandala 4-Piece Zinc Titanium Metal Herb Grinder is designed to offer. The device is made of galvanized steel rod that’s then anodized and zinc-coated for a durable finish. But that doesn’t necessarily mean it is hard to use. If anything, the CNC machined device makes the grinding smooth, quick, and easy. The resultant weed is smoother and with great consistency.

If you appreciate beautifully designed things, this device is bound to wow you. It is a colorful grinder with a polyurethane-coated outer surface. Hence it is non-fade, scratch-proof, and water-proof. That only adds to the fact that this is an infinitely durable weed grinder. This 4-piece grinder has a higher capacity than similar items on the market. It measures 2.5 inches wide and 1.75 inches high. That makes it small enough to carry in your pocket.

  •         Has a smooth, polished, and durable finish
  •         It is easy to use
  •         Lightweight and has a large capacity
  •         Has some pesky holes in the top chamber
  •         The metallic frame feels cheap

4. 4-Piece 2.5” Aluminum Lightning Pattern Clear Top Herb Grinder

Total Reviews -3157
Review Score -4.6

Price History

The popularity of this weed grinder could be the reason it features in the exclusive Amazon’s Choice. It is a 4-piece, sturdy grinder. Made of Aluminum, it is not like the other grinders which are likely to fall apart when dropped accidentally. As such, you can expect it to last for many years to come, saving you a lot of money when it comes to replacement costs.

Besides, it is a sizeable grinder with which you can crush a large quantity of weed. You can be sure to get a smooth consistency from this sharp-toothed grinder. It is not like the other weed grinders which have opaque tops. The glass top of this device makes it possible to see what’s happening to the weed as you grind it. The package includes cleaning or maintenance tools, so you don’t have to worry about buying others separately.

  •         Its large capacity means it can take a lot of weed
  •         Has sharp teeth for fast grinding
  •         The package includes cleaning/maintenance tools
  •         Not suitable for use with weed stems
  •         Specks of weed might get stuck at the top

5. Golden Gate Grinders #1 Best Grinder 2.5-Inch 4-Piece Anodized Aluminum

Total Reviews -8588
Review Score -4.7

Price History

There is a misconception that aluminum weed grinders are less durable than those made of other metals. The Golden Gate grinder is made of extra-strong aircraft-grade aluminum, which is why you should expect it to last for a long time to come. That’s in addition to the black anodized scratch-resistant finish. Apart from being long-lasting, the weed grinder resists peeling, flaking, and smudge marks. Thus, it is easy-to-maintain, at least on the outside.

It comes with sharp diamond teeth for effortless shredding and efficient grinding. The operating mechanism is a poly O-ring, which grinds smoothly with very minimal friction. Thus, you will be able to get a smooth consistency in terms of the fine pollen slipping through the stainless steel screen. When enough of it has piled up, you can scoop it using the included pollen scraper.

  •         Has an outstanding built quality
  •         Easy to use and maintain
  •         The sharp teeth ensure the production of a smooth consistency every time
  •         A little costlier than other weed grinders
  •         The chambers are prone to over-tightening

6. MAGICAL BUTTER MB2E Botanical Extractor Machine

$200.05 ($200.05 / Count)
Total Reviews -0
Review Score -4.5

Price History

Just the way you process other botanical products, you need a reliable device to grind your weed. Since it is electrical, the MAGICAL BUTTER MB2E Botanical Extractor Machine is easy to operate. At the touch of a button, you will be able to quickly process your weed. It is controlled by a microprocessor to ensure what comes out is great-tasting. In short, you get the authentic aroma of weed no matter the base oil you choose.

One thing that worries most users of weed grinders is the ease of cleaning. For the manually-operated devices, you have to open inside to get rid of any dirt. For this particular device, you can set the automatic cleaning cycles in intervals of 1, 2, 4, or 8 hours.

  •         Grinding using this device is as easy as pressing a button
  •         Not just a grinder, but a processor of weed oils and other products
  •         Comes with a recipe book, filter, and silicone gloves
  •         Costlier than similar devices
  •         Warranty doesn’t work if you buy from a wholesaler

7. Tree of Life Etched Titanium Grinder 4-Piece with Pollen Catcher Original Art 2.5” 63mm

Total Reviews -716
Review Score -4.7

Price History

This is one of the few weed grinders that’s made from galvanized stainless steel rod. That gives it a basically indestructible and characteristically strong build. The steel is zinc-coated and anodized to make it attractive and durable. Thus, the grinder is hard to chip, stain, or corrode. CNC machining ensures you get a device that’s easy-to-use when grinding. It works quickly and produces a smooth consistency.

Since it is a premium grinder, you will use less weed with it. This is a two-in-one grinder. When you remove the middle-screen section, you can grind your weed. By twisting it back together, it becomes a compact 3-piece grinder with extra storage. Measuring 2.5 inches wide by 2.0 inches tall, this device is easy to carry in your pocket. It is not possible to find such a quality design in another device.

  •         Built to be strong and durable
  •         Has sharp, sturdy teeth for fast grinding
  •         Easy to use
  •         The weight might be a drawback
  •         The magnet at the top is not super-strong
  •         Has wide holes at the top, through which buds slip through

8. Grinder – 4 Pieces Zinc Alloy Pollen Rainbow Grinders

Total Reviews -6583
Review Score -4.7

Price History

Whatever weed grinder you use, it is always good when you get smooth, consistent results. With its poly O-ring design, this device has sharp teeth which produce low friction. In essence, you do not have to use too much force to get the grinding done. The weed you get from this grinder is always ready for use. No need for further processing.

Another pleasant thing about this grinder is its small, compact design. Measuring 52 mm by 42 mm, it is small enough to carry even in your own pocket. The outer surface is smooth, polished, and features iridescent colors of the rainbow. So, it is not just highly functional but also beautiful to behold. It is one of those items you would want to show off to your friends and family. Since it is made to be strong, you can expect to use it for a long time to come.

  •         Has a beautiful design
  •         A lot of sharp teeth
  •         The package includes a spatula
  •         May not hold too much of your herbs
  •         Quite difficult to get herbs out

9. 2” Spice Herb Grinder, Vancens 4-in-1 Grinder with Pollen Scraper

Total Reviews -342
Review Score -4.4
Item is on SALE !!! 46% discount will save $6.01

Price History

One thing you will like about the Vancens Grinder is its sharp teeth which efficiently grind your weed for a smooth consistency. The friction is just enough to give you the results you want. Besides, the metal teeth and durable. The poly O-ring design makes this weed grinder extremely easy-to-use. Additionally, its size makes this weed grinder small enough to fit in the pocket. Thus, you can carry it with you virtually anywhere you go. No need to worry about using weed only when at home.

The zinc alloy from which the grinder is made is a harmless material with the ability to protect your health. That’s in addition to being strong and corrosion-resistant. Since it is made to last, this weed grinder comes with a 100 percent customer satisfaction guarantee. If you have an issue, all you have to do is contact the Vancens customer service department. Nothing beats that!

  •         Small and easy to carry
  •         More affordable than comparable items
  •         Features magnetic caps on both ends to prevent unnecessary spillage
  •         Virtually no con for this weed grinder

10. Mamba Electric Weed Grinder

Total Reviews -0
Review Score -2.6

Price History

Down with manual weed grinders up with electric ones. The Mamba Electric Weed Grinder operates on 6-volt battery power or 4 1.5-volt AA batteries. Even though manual grinders with sharp teeth work faster, this device is faster. That’s thanks to its 0.6A motor. You can use it with just one hand. One thing about this weed grinder is that it never jams. It produces a smoothly consistent grind, whether on dry, oily or wet marijuana leaves.

It features a forward/reverse switch so that you can easily grind in both directions. That’s makes it easier for you to get rid of clogging. All you need to do is to turn the grinder in the other direction, and the clogging materials will be removed. If it was a manual grinder, you have been forced to open it up to remove any clogging materials. Additionally, this grinder rarely allows for spills, given its ability to deliver the final product directly into vaporizers.

  •         Faster than manually-operated weed grinders
  •         The reverse switch ensures it doesn’t jam
  •         Great for use with dry herbs
  •         Has a small design that doesn’t hold lots of weed
  •         You have to replace the AA batteries every time they get depleted
  •         Prone to falling apart while grinding

11. 9TO5 GRINDERS 5-Piece Premium Herb Grinder with Pollen Catcher & Deep Oversized Window Chamber

Total Reviews -699
Review Score -4.4

Price History

One of the biggest fears among the users of weed grinders is part of the device ending up in the final product. With the 9TO5 GRINDERS, you don’t have to worry about that. It has chemically-bathed and anodized aluminum parts to ensure they don’t get ground and end up in your weed powder. It comes with an easy-to-remove stainless steel sifting screen. That makes it infinitely easy to clean. Basically, you can trust this device to be safe for your health.

On top of that, this weed grinder is indestructible. Its basic material is military-grade aluminum. Thanks to the razor-sharp diamond teeth, the device can grind loads of weed to a smooth consistency. It is small enough to fit into your hands. Talk about a small, compact weed grinder with a high weed processing ability.

  •         Has sharp, diamond-shaped teeth for fine grinding
  •         The threads hold in place during the screwing/unscrewing process
  •         Has a see-through glass area
  •         Allows the herbs to slip through several nooks and crannies
  •         May prove hard to turn after a short time of use

Choosing the Best Weed Grinders: The Ultimate Buying Guide

For you to get the best quality of marijuana, you need an efficient grinder. Apart from having a highly potent mix of dry herbs, you will also get the best aroma and flavor when you finally get to smoke or vape the weed. Another thing about grinding weed is that it makes it versatile in the way you can use it. Not forgetting the time you will save when the time to vape comes. But just how do you buy the best weed grinders? Here are a few questions you need to answer:

What Type Of Weed Grinder Do I Need?

Weed grinders are commonly categorized according to the number of pieces a kit holds. As such, you are likely to find two-piece, three-piece, or four-piece grinders. Two-piece grinders may also be referred to as “one-compartment grinders.” It is a simple grinder with only one compartment for grinding and retrieving the weed. The three-piece grinder has an extra compartment. In the top compartment, the weed to be ground is placed, ground and then retrieved from the bottom one. The last is the four-piece grinder, which is so advanced that it can collect pollen and kief.

What Material Is The Weed Grinder Made Of?

In terms of material, wood grinders can be made of wood, metal, or acrylic. This is the material used to make the outer covering of the grinder. Wood is more costly than the other types of materials, given that it is hard to mass produce. Finding a wooden grinder is, however, not easy. Even when you find one, it is likely to have only one compartment.

When made of metal, it is likely to be either titanium or aluminum. Whichever you choose, you will get a very safe grinder. If wood or metal grinders aren’t appealing, then you might as well try the acrylic ones. Even though affordable, they are highly functional — only that they are prone to breakage.

Do The Grinder Teeth Matter?

Every weed grinder has teeth. The kind of teeth it has determines how efficient the grinder will be. The best way to evaluate this aspect of a grinder is by looking at the number of teeth it has. Grinders with the highest number of teeth are usually the best for grinding more weed in the shortest time possible. So pick a grinder with 50 teeth or more. Also, check for the shape and spacing of the teeth. Evenly spaced teeth are the best when it comes to providing consistent grinds.

What’s The Best Size of Grinder?

Weed grinders are available in different shapes and sizes. The size you choose will depend on your needs and preferences. If discretion and portability are the qualities you consider important, in a weed grinder, then buy one that’s small in size. However, if that’s not an issue, then buy either the medium-sized or large-sized grinders. Small-sized grinders have diameters of up to 2 inches while their medium-sized counterparts are up to 3 inches. The largest grinders have a maximum diameter of 3.75 inches.

What Are The Reviews Saying About It?

There are several reviews on weed grinders available online. Before settling down on a particular device, first, go through all the available reviews. It could be those written by authority websites like this one or the ones left behind by previous users of the weed grinder. Check the pros and cons of several devices before settling down on one.

How Versatile Is The Weed Grinder?

The fact that it is a grinder does not mean that it cannot also be used to store the grinds. If you find a weed grinder with a storage container, buy it. It will save you the hassle of having to retrieve the weed into a separate container even as you are busy grinding. You can be sure of the safety as well as the freshness of the weed when you finally get to use it.

How Is The Grinder Powered?

Advances in technology have ensured the development of weed grinders that are powered by batteries. Compared to their manual counterparts, electric grinders usually grind finely. The only issue with them is the high price tag. Given the mortars and other moving parts, electric weed grinders may not last long.

What’s The Price of the Grinder?

It goes without saying that price is the most important consideration when buying a weed grinder. If you are constrained in terms of your budget, you may end up with a less-than-satisfactory grinder. The more affordable weed grinders cost $50 or thereabout. If you buy these, be ready to make a replacement within only a short time. However, grinders that sell for $100 or more usually last longer than the cheaper ones. However, don’t stop at a price. Look also at the other factors to know if you have found the right device.


Now that you have read the reviews above together with the buying guide, which of these weed grinders do you wish to buy? In the final analysis, the type of grinder you buy should be one with the features you are looking for. It might be manual or electric, but factors such as grinding speed and type of consistency are important. The ability to retain the original flavor of weed is also important. So, what are you waiting for? Pick one and stick to it!