Wax Pens have become a favorite among cannabis users, and for a good reason. Yes, they might look small and sleek, but we can assure you that these little devices really worth it for that much-needed highness. No harsh smoke that could destroy your lungs; no burnt seeds; and no more smell of cannabis on your hair and clothes! Amazing, right?

Gone are the days when people would fill bongs or bowls to smoke weed. Nowadays, wax pens have become very convenient as they allow you to vape weed without using combustion. They use wax concentrates, unlike other vaporizers that use liquid oils.

If you are looking for the best wax pens on the market, you are lucky because we have done all the hard work for you. We have searched far and wide, narrowing down some great options that will guarantee high-quality vape.

KandyPens Crystal 

KandyPens Crystal was awarded 2019’s best Dab pen by Vaping 360 and also by the Vape Critic. This wax pen comes in an ultra-compact design with a total length of 10cm only. This Dab pen features a durable medical-grade stainless steel body which is also Electro-plated. The atomizer is crafted using the easy to clean quartz crystal glass. Did you know that the quartz crystal atomizer enhances the flavor of the wax concentrate?

KandyPens Crustal comes with a variable voltage battery (2.6V, 3.0V, 3.6V, 4.2V) and also two sets of click sesh mode features. The device also features a super powerful 900mAh sub-ohm battery to keep you going throughout the session uninterrupted. The mouthpiece of this masterpiece comes in an all-glass material with an enhanced splash-guard. When it comes to charging, you can expect a micro-USB passthrough, and you also get a lifetime warranty. Gifts like ISO snap caps, a black protective pouch made of velvet and even an applicator tool are also included.

  •   Comes with a lifetime warranty
  •   Features a compact design for easy storage
  •   Features durable medical-grade stainless steel body
  •   Very pricey
  •   Could feature a better atomizer
  •   Could have a stronger battery

KandyPens Crystal  Video Review

Rokin Cyclone 

Rokin Cylone which comes with a dual atomizer, ceramic and quartz delivers amazingly high clouds. This beauty comes with a large battery of 720mAh. This means that you don’t have to worry about the battery going low unceremoniously. The design of the wax pen features a tapered mouthpiece contrary to the hourglass design featured in most of the vape pens. Rokin has deep chambers which can accommodate more wax.

This device is both compact and also very small, making it very portable. Discretion is not an issue. The device also features a rose gold finish which makes it stand out. The body of the wax pen is made of sturdy aluminum with the mouthpiece coming in a ceramic make. This keeps the device cool for a longer period. As is the case for ceramic atomizers, this device is effortless to clean. For a denser vapor, use the dual quartz coil, though you may not get the same quality of cloud. Did we mention that wax pen comes with four presets which gives you more temperature control including 3.2V, 3.6V, 3.9V, and 4.2V?

  •   Features dual ceramic and quartz atomizers
  •   Features enhanced vapor quality
  •   Features a long battery life
  •   Takes long to charge
  •   Could use a more powerful battery
  •   Could use a variety of colors

Rokin Cyclone Video Review

Herb-e Seven by MigVapor

This is one of the most economical vaping pens which comes with three temperature settings. This dry herb vaporizer comes in a small form with a sleek and aesthetically pleasing design. The body features round edges and can fit inside any pocket. The mouthpiece is made of plastic and comes off the body easily. The heating chamber also comes off when the sides of the device are pressed gently. The chamber is metallic with a ceramic coating in the interior. Kenthal wire coils are also ceramic coated.

The device features an alien logo which features two happy and angry mode. The blissful mode takes approximately 15 flashes to warm up and is then ready for use. With the angry mode, the alien logo lights red and is accessed by long-pressing the vaporizer for 5 seconds. The three temperature presets that come with this device include green – 3.0V, red – 3.7V, and blue – 3.4V. This device comes with a 1200mAh battery. The charging time of the battery is 1 to two hours with a micro USB port.

  • Lightweight
  • Great battery life
  • Features a detachable heating chamber
  • Not resistant to water drops
  • Could use a better build quality
  • Could be a little discreet

Herb-e Seven Video Review

PCKT One Plus

PCKT One Plus wax pen comes with a built-in 660mAh battery to keep you going on a single charge. The battery takes about 45 minutes to charge. The device charges through a micro USB. The device is compatible with a variety of CBD oil cartridges as well as weed oil pens.  This pen features a sleek design with dimensions of 3.54″ in height, 1.65″ in width, and 0.94″ in depth. The device is very light in weight with a total weight of 90 grams. It slips into your pocket perfectly well.

PCKT One Plus features three power settings which range between 3.7 to 5.1 watts. The device is activated through a draw with some of the carts requiring firing through the one button. The device also features a one-button LED interface. The device is switched on and off with five clicks with a one-click to check the battery life, and two clicks to help you toggle through different power modes and long-pressing activating the preheat mode.

  •   Fast charge in 45 minutes
  •   Compatible with most oil cartridges
  •   Consistent performance
  •   Heavy and robust
  •   Features draw activation
  •   Could be a bit cheaper

PCKT One Plus Video Review

HVT Saionara 

Saionara, one of the best wax pens on the market comes to you with switchable coils like Titanium quartz coils or even mini-nails delivering a very relaxed hit. The Kenthal coils measure up to 4mm and build with durability in mind. The Kenthal coils achieve massive hits that go deep within. The body of the device is made of pure stainless steel or titanium, making them super durable. The HVT Saionara is very easy to clean. The coils can last up to 2 years with the heavy users getting half of the lifespan.

The device’s extracts are loaded by hand. The device is straightforward to operate and comes with a splash guard for protection against oil splash. The mouthpiece is detachable. Adjusting the airflow for different hits, rotate the base of the device. The device is bought together with EzSai battery or attached to a standard box mod. Saionara is 510 threaded making compatible with most sub-ohm box mods. The device comes with a Kenthal atomizer but does not include oil and a box mod.

  •   Compatible with almost all box mods
  •   Durable titanium and stainless-steel body
  •   Optional coil styles
  •   Does not come with prefilled cartridges
  •   Pricey
  •   Could use a better battery pack

 HVT Saionara Video Review

Utillian 5

Utillian wax pen comes in two colors, white and silver, and four heat settings. The heat settings range between 2.2v, 2.4v, 2.6v, and 2.8v. Utillian 5 comes with a high-power battery 1050mAh which turns the device on with just five clicks. The mouthpiece is removable where the wax is loaded directly to the coil.

The performance of the Utillian is entirely dependent on the coils used. If you choose to go for larger loads, then the triple titanium coils will do you a great deal producing face melting clouds. For smaller loads and better flavors, the 4mm Kenthal coil will do justice to the wax pen. Utillian wax pen features a terrific body made from stainless steel while the atomizers featuring black ceramic rods made from titanium contrary to the natural quartz. The ceramic rods are porous. This helps the wax soak in for better results. This is an excellent kit for beginners and pros alike. The device is very discreet and won’t gather any unwanted attention.

  •   4 heat setting
  •   Large battery capacity
  •   Features ceramic/triple titanium atomizers
  •   Pricey
  •   The battery takes long to charge
  •   Not waterproof

Utillian 5 Video Review

G Pen Nova 

G Pen Nova is a concentrate-only wax pen which works well with dry herbs, which comes with a ceramic bowl associated with very smooth and flavorful vapor. This model features higher preset voltages and also augmented airflow. The device has a stainless-steel dub tool integrated into the detachable mouthpiece.

G pen is 510 threaded and therefore can be used as a battery for THC and CBD cartridges hence a very versatile device. The kit consists of a charging cable and the Nova itself. The Nova features a charcoal grey color, but the mouthpiece features the design G Pen vapes. The device features a minimalistic design with only about 4 inches in height. Cleaning the chamber is a walk in the park. Just wipe it with a cotton swab or soak it in isopropyl alcohol. The battery of the device has a capacity of 300mAh but can still last you a day of vaping without a recharge. You can expect delicious and smooth hits regardless of the voltage setting.

  •   Integrated Dab tool
  •   Affordable
  •   Low draw resistance
  •   Small coil
  •   Does not accommodate dry herbs
  •   Small battery capacity

G Pen Nova Video Review

Linx Blaze

Linx Blaze wax pen features two different atomizers, the quartz atomizer and also Ceramic Atomizer which are all 510 threaded. The device has deep atomizer bowls which make it very easy to load the wax. Blaze also features an auto shut-off feature which we are sure will impress you. The quartz atomizer is reminiscent of a bowl, making it not only easier to load but also very easy to clean. The ceramic atomizer, on the other hand, does not feature a coil but heats up very fast and is as comfortable to load and clean as the quartz atomizer.

Blaze is only four inches tall with a very sleek design making it very discreet and also portable. The glass mouthpiece features a magnetic cap to protect it. The glass mouthpiece is particularly helpful in maintaining the vapor, both fresh and pure. The build features a stainless-steel metal with a shiny, vibrant, exquisite finish. The device is not only easy to use but also comes with a case for storing every single piece. The single button makes operating it easy.

  •   Flavorful vapor
  •   Low draw resistance
  •   Glass mouthpiece
  •   Thin and wispy vapor
  •   Long recharge duration
  •   Inconsistent vapors

Linx Blaze Video Review

Dr. Dabber Light 

Dr. Dabber light happens to be a concentrate and wax pen, which functions with a single button. The Dabber pen is very light and comes with a battery of 650mAh capacity. The device is an integration of various parts including the cell, atomizer and sleeve, and the mouthpiece. The device comes with an extra atomizer, a loading tool, and blue silicone ball for storing the solid extracts. Dr. light features a minimalistic design for utmost discretion and features Dr. Dabber LED logo at the tip. The mouthpiece of this device is made of plastic and features a wide bore where the vapor escapes. The pen has a sufficient airflow with a coil that heats up instantaneously.

This device uses five clicks to activate it. To activate the coil, one has to press the switch. The appliance produces deep clouds, although the clouds are much smaller compared to other wax pens. Cleaning the atomizer involves soaking the atomizer in isopropyl alcohol for around 30 minutes. However, use the cotton swabs to clean the walls of the chamber.

  •   Portable size
  •   Easy to use
  •   Back up atomizer
  •   Small clouds
  •   Small capacity chambers
  •   Short warranty

Dr. Dabber Light Video Review

Focus Vape Tourist

The tourist vaporizer comes in a dual-purpose mode meaning it can support both the dry herbs and also concentrates. This vaporizer offers excellent results in both the dry herbs and concentrates. Since the tourist comes with two attachments for each of the methods, this device can achieve unique and nourishing sessions.

When it comes to temperatures, the herb attachment can work with temperatures between 90c-240c while the concentrate works with 260c-450c. For thinner and flavorful clouds, lower temperatures work well with herbs going for 180c-190c and wax at 260c-300c. for thicker clouds, use higher temperatures. The water filter does well to improve the overall quality of the clouds. The Tourist produces a very exquisite flavor for both the dry herbs and wax. Focus V features a 18650 battery for running the tourist which lasts for about an hour. The device is easy to use and clean and is also portable and discreet.

  •   Dual-purpose with support for dry herbs and concentrates
  •   Features anodized aluminum body
  •   2500mAh battery capacity
  •   Small chambers
  •   Takes long to charge
  •   pricy

Focus Vape Tourist Video Review

KandyPens RUBI 

KandyPens Rubi was awarded as the Best Oil Vape of 2018 by Vape Guide making it one of the best wax pens in the industry. This wax pen features an OCELL Ceramic Coil technology which we all know can accommodate a lot of wax for longer sessions and also better clouds. The unit can house CBD oils, THC and wax. The device is very lightweight and suitable for loading while on the go.

The device comes with an open-pod system whereby the cartridges are refillable. You can open the cartridge and refill using your liquid. Rubi features ceramic coil a heating element and also Japanese cotton engulfing the coil.  You can easily charge the device through a USB for approximately 30 minutes. The battery comes with a lifetime warranty. The device features an 8-second auto-shutdown for conserving the battery when not in use.

  •   No spit back on the mouthpiece
  •   No leaking from the pods
  •   Open pod system
  •   Small battery capacity
  •   Short sessions
  •   Could use a much better design

KandyPens RUBI Video Review

Lynx Hypnos Zero

Hypnos Zero features a ceramic chamber atomizer which delivers exceptional clouds and very flavorful taste. The vape comes with a glass mouthpiece which keeps the clouds pure and fresh. The ceramic atomizer heats up instantly and is very useful when it comes to vaporization, leaving less waste behind. The design of the Hypnos keeps the coil enclosed makes it easy to load and clean the atomizer while increasing its lifespan.

The device is tiny and discreet, and measures about 10cm together with the mouthpiece attached and packs tremendous power. Hypnos comes with four heating settings as well as a five click lock function. Hypnos has a one-year warranty, which is considerably shorter than expected. The item takes a short time to preheat and load. Hypnos is straightforward to use thanks to its four airways, which also prevent the oils from clogging. Hypnos runs on a 510 threaded battery taking after the Ego style. The battery can run the device for a day and takes up to 2 hours to charge on a USB charger.

  •   Minimal Reclaim
  •   Low Maintenance
  •   Very discreet
  •   Small capacity
  •   Smaller vape clouds
  •   does not feature manual locking

Hypnos Zero Video Review

Yocan Magneto

Yocan Magneto serves both as a concentrate’s vaporizer and also a wax pen which functions with a single button. This wax pen has a battery of 1100mAh capacity that powers up this vape. The device also comes with a USB charging port at the front part. Yocan also features a multi-phase ceramic coil which initially melts the concentrates before vaporizing them. The multilayered coil features two elements which are stacked together, which delivers efficient vapor. The device heats up instantly when the button is pressed.

Yocan features a threadless design in all its parts other than the 510 threads found between the battery and the atomizer. The device has magnetic connections to connect the different parts. This vape consists of the atomizer tube on the top part, Magnetic coil cap and pick tool, the ceramic coil, Base, battery and the silicon jar at the bottom. The device features a sleek and miniature design with an overall length of 12cm (4.4inches) with a diameter of 1.9cm. It is also super light and can easily slip into your pockets.

  •   510 thread
  •   The battery supports other Yocan coil atomizers
  •   Long-lasting battery
  •   The cupped interior can cause the wax to get stuck
  •   Bad flavor due to the wax getting in contact with the coil
  •   No power/temperature regulation setting

Yocan Magneto Video Review

Mig Vapor WASP

The Wasp wax air dab vaporizer features a compact and portable design which comes in two colors, black, and silver. It comes with a 900mAh battery which takes 1-2 hours of charging time before its ready for the next session. Mig Vapor’s Wasp comes in a discreet portable build and comes relatively cheap making it a great start for beginners. The device takes 2-3 seconds to reach maximum heat and use the carborundum coil made of 316 stainless wire to deliver tasty cool vapors.

The Wasp can reach up to 455 degrees Fahrenheit an ideal temperature for waxes.  The design features a Pyrex glass mouthpiece for ease of cleaning and also keeping the vapors fresh and original. The Wasp is straightforward to use, and the Pyrex mouthpiece is also scratch-resistant. On purchase, the device comes with a few accessories including the battery, a carborundum coil, dab tool, USB wireless charger, and the user manual.

  •   510 threaded
  •   Can reach high temperatures for smooth sessions
  •   Fast heating time
  •   Small battery capacity
  •   Could use a larger chamber
  •   Short warranty policy meaning lower quality model

Mig Vapor WASP Video Review

KandyPens Prism

KandyPens is used for both Wax and Concentrates. The pen comes with a small ceramic cavity that can only hold enough material for a few puffs. This wax pen features a quality build of electroplated stainless steel. The vaporizer stands at 4inches tall, making it very discreet and portable. It can easily slip into your pockets. The device has a resin mouthpiece reinforced with a splash-guard screen which keeps the wax where t belongs without any drawbacks.

The Prism features a sub-ohm battery with a total capacity of 320mAh that powers the low power consuming ceramic atomizer. The ceramic coil comes in a minimal design which cannot handle large amounts of material. It also delivers delicious, smooth flavors owing to its coil-less atomizer. This coil-less atomizer is very efficient, meaning you spend way less material for a more enhanced session. The second atomizer included in the package is a dual quartz coil which features a titanium wire heating element.

  •   Features two atomizers all which are easy to swap out
  •   Durable stainless body
  •   Two options for the coils
  •   Features a small ceramic chamber so fewer sessions
  •   Low battery capacity
  •   Could use a better design

KandyPens Prism Video Review

The Pax Era 

The Pax Era can only vaporize preloaded THC cartridges. Pax Era features an elegant chic design yet very small and compact. Its miniature size makes it very discreet and portable and is probably the smallest device in the market. The Era features only two components, the battery, and the cartridge. The device does not have a button for operating it.

The Era comes with four temperature settings, which can be customized using a smartphone app. The settings include low-520, medium-610, medium-high-700 and high-790℉. The lower settings give off better flavors, while the higher ones give you thicker clouds. The vapor is out of this world given the favorable temperatures for vaping the E-Liquids. For the pods, you can select different percentages of CBD and THC. You can use the smartphone app to gain full temperature control. The Era includes a child lock that can be set using the app. The battery capacity featured by Era is 240mAh, which is very disappointing. The device is effortless to clean.

  •   Smartphone app for control
  •   Features 4 temperatures settings
  •   Child lock for protection
  •   Low battery capacity
  •   Does not come with cartridges
  •   Pods only filled by one company

The Pax Era Video Review

Brain Fogger  

Brain fogger is a concentrates vaporizer tank. The tank comes in somewhat a robust size though the atomizer manages to work the concentrates. Depending on the type of concentrate, the tank produces splendid clouds with an exquisite flavor. The device features a double coil which using a reversed stack coil design. This is where the wax is melted o the upper coil and vaporized in the lower coil.

The Brain fogger is very easy to use, making it the best vaporizer for any level of users. The vaporizer has high-intensity clouds, which are the main catch for this device. The device is made of stainless steel, which is a durable material. The device weighs 78.3 grams and measures around 8.58mm. The devices features replaceable coils gives the user great draws at 15-25watts. The fogger is very easy to assemble and maintain. Fogger uses a 510-gold plated connection.

  •   Powerful hit
  •   Great flavors
  •   Gold plated 510 pins
  •   No adjustable airflow
  •   Robust
  •   not very discreet

Brain Fogger Video Review

Choosing the Best Wax Pens —the Ultimate Buying Guide

There being so many brands of wax pens in the market, it almost becomes impossible knowing which one to go for. We all have different ways of vaping and look for different experiences, but the factors all come down to the same thing. The quality of the wax pen, lifespan, design, and so forth. Knowing what exactly to look for in your wax pen will help make this exercise easier for you.  So, let’s dive in.


If you are looking into something cheap, we would suggest otherwise. Why? Cheap wax pens are precisely that! They are inexpensive and will only serve so long until you end up back into your pockets for yet another. Let’s probe much more profoundly. Coils come in different materials, quartz, ceramics, and also Silica. The quartz atomizers deliver a robust flavor and are very easy to clean; sadly, they won’t last you long.

You probably won’t find newer generations of wax pens with silica wicks and if you do, then all hands-on deck with elbow grease. They are just not the easiest when it comes to cleaning them. If the flavor is your thing, then this is probably not the best idea for you. However, looking at the ceramic atomizers, you can expect an evenly burn THC and also cook flavors are a thing of the past. You can also expect your wax pen to last long enough to make you a pro in the game.  To sum it all, the best wax pens come with ceramic atomizers.


Wax pens like the name suggest are reminiscent of a pen. This means they should be small enough and lightweight. You should be in a position to slip it into your pocket, purse, backpack, or whichever another convenient place to store. If not so, then there’s not much meaning in acquiring one. The best wax pens should come in the same size as a pen, and for more discretion, they should fit perfectly well in your hands without being revealed to the rest of the world.

Ease of Use

The simplest wax pens come with a simple push-button for igniting the process. However, needs precede the simplicity of the device and for those looking for more control over the process will have the advantage of doing so with wax pens that come with programmable presets. Some can set the temperatures to precise levels. Because of the difference in the user experience, starter kits for the novices and single devices for the experienced users are all available in the market. Regardless of the preference, the device should be straightforward to use.

Battery Life and charging

The most common battery capacities for wax pens range between 360mAh and 1600mAh. The type of wax pen will determine the nature and power of the batteries it comes with. For example, dual quartz and also quad quartz atomizers come with much larger batteries because of their high-power requirement. Again, battery life is determined by the level of temperature required for vaping.  If the wax pen runs on low temperatures, then it does not need much power and if vice versa, then more battery power is required. Some of the wax pens with the best batteries fall under the Yocan series with excellent heat capabilities, functionality, and overall quality.


Most, if not all, wax pens come with a warrant policy attached. Some come with extended warranty policies why, by the way, is a good indicator that the wax pen is well crafted and that the manufacturer expects the device to last. However, as is always the case, some of the dab pens do also come with short warrant policies which don’t always bring a good sign. Even though short warranties are not still an indicator that the corners could have been cut, it is a guarantee to the user that in the event problems arise, there’s no one to turn to.


Regardless of the product being discussed, be it a wax pen or even a vape juice, the budget always precedes most of the factors. The budget is the one that dictates the quality of a product. With that in mind, going for an excessively cheap wax pen may end up being a significant loss. At times cheap wax pens come with unsatisfactory features and end up sitting by the kitchen window all through the summer and winter. Of course, that is money wasted. Always be keen to consider the best price, and whenever there are cheaper options, don’t be lured into the direction. The more expensive wax pens most often come with more excellent features and are usually less likely to cause you problems. That is the best move you will always make lest you come to regret it later on.


Choosing a wax pen doesn’t have to be rocket science. All you need to know is the nitty-gritty that makes the wax pens deliver exceptional vaping sessions. These include battery capacity, temperature control settings, the material of the coils, chambers, and atomizers, the mouthpiece design, and finally, the overall build of the vaporizer. Just be sure to keep in mind the few points we have covered, and you will be well on your way with the best wax pen for your needs.