Weed lovers, here are some great news for you! Thanks to technology, you can now use a vape pen and switch from smoking weed to vaping it, and at the end of it, save your lungs. Vape pens are more like e-cigarettes, but they come with vast improvements in both style and performance, allowing you to vape weed while on the go.

Just as the name suggests, vape pens are small, pen-like devices, designed to vape weed. They combine a good number of simple features for the best performance. These devices feature adjustable settings such as voltage and temperature control to allow you to vape just the right amount of cannabis. And don’t be fooled by their small size — the devices are hard-hitting, yet very user-friendly.

Looking to purchase the best vape pen to help you enjoy weed? We got you! We have done all the hard work for you, researching far and wide to find you some great options to get you high We have included best E-liquids vape pens, best dry herb vape pens, and best vape pens for wax/oil. If you are still not sure which vape pen is a perfect match, don’t hesitate to read our buying guide for some tips that will help you in the shopping process.

Let’s begin our list with E-liquids vape pens

Best E-liquids Vape Pens

VaporFi Vaio GO – Best High-end e-liquid Vape Pen

If you like a vape pen with a cool design, then VaporFi Viao GO is something worth mentioning. This sleek pen is not only well designed but also impressively flexible. Because of its interchangeable atomizer feature and the two coil options, this vape pen can easily please either mouth- to- lung or direct lung hitters. The production of vapor and flavor on it is simply the best.

The Vapor Viao Go Vape Kit features a pen-like design, with an integrated battery which has a capacity of up to 2000mAh. The mod also has an internal tank that holds 3ml of e-juice. The airflow in this tank is adjustable and refilling, and replacing the coil is easy with a childproof mechanism.

Interestingly, these vape pens come in six cool color options designed in beautiful little details to add on to your ultimate vaping experience.

  •   Has two coils for different styles
  •   The 2000mAh battery guarantees an extended vaping time
  •   The coil produces an excellent smooth vapor that is full of flavor
  •   Fingers might get super sticky when you are refilling.
  •   The MTL coil is not perfectly built
  •   The fill line is not very visible

VaporFi Vaio GO Video Review

SMOK Stick V8

SMOK is undoubtedly a leader in the vaping industry and has continuously continued to produce successful vaping tanks one after the other. The latest starter pen being the Stick V8. With its 3000mAp capacity and a 20amps discharge capability, this stylish baby gives the user a top-notch experience. The SMOK Stick is super famous for its big tank TFV8 which has a 5ml capacity which amazingly shares all the coils.

When the tank is used together with the M2 coil head, it brings a super smooth, flavorful vapor. Although the V8 has a beginner vibe with its simple and convenient refill options, it definitely is a beast when it comes to blowing up massive clouds. It, therefore, prides itself as a favorite when it comes to the everyday vaping experience.

I cannot keep calm when it comes to color options. The Stick V8 comes in a wide range of colors that are worth writing home about. From chic to solid shades, everyone will have something to smile about. This vape pen is sleek and compact and will definitely put some big mods to shame. And furthermore, it is quite affordable.

  •   The built-in 3000mAh battery capacity is extremely powerful and durable
  •   Has an intelligent battery life indicator
  •   Has multi-low resistance protection with an adjustable airflow system
  •   Not ideal for mouth-to-lung inhaling
  •   Lacks power regulation
  •   Can have decreased vapor production as the battery degrades.

SMOK Stick V8 Video Review

HALO TRITON II – Best for Beginners

If you are a newbie to modern vaping, say hello to the HALO TRITON II vape pen from Halo Cigs. As a beginner, you will avoid the daunting experience that comes in trying new vapes, go for this baby. The HALO TRITON II gives an out of the box ready to use. What more to love about this vape pen is that it is streamlined flawlessly. It gives a contrast of basic while the design itself is far from basic.

The Triton II comes in a durable case inclusive of a spring-loaded cover that prevents the contents from spilling out when the box is opened. Since it’s designed for the starter, the only thing you will need to do is charge it for just two hours, and you are ready to go. The tank on this pen is clear with measurement markings to help you decide on the amount of juice to pour. And on top of that, the automizers are raised to avoid spillage.

It’s worth mentioning that this pen has two 700mAh batteries with separate threads that will give you vaping options. Cool for a retail price? Yes, definitely. Since this pen is a mouth-to-lung, you will not use a lot of energy to vape. If you love sleek pens, then Triton II is your best bet.

  •   Versatile atomizer that can be exchanged with different cartomizers
  •   Out of the box use with a straightforward manual
  •   Comes with two batteries
  •   Cannot compete with dual battery mods
  •   It does not have an adjustable voltage
  •   It has a short coverage period


 Joyetech EGO One Mini Starter Kit

When you talk of an entry-level vape pen, think Joyetech’s Ego One series. If you want to finally make that leap from E-cigs to mods, this vape pen is your go-to.  Even though the Ego One is tiny and compact, it is very powerful. It uses very little capacity tank together with a sub-ohm to supply vapor faster while fueling each inhales with enough flavor. In fact, it has a mini CL that enhances flavor while at the same time moderating vapor production.

The Ego One Mini has a solid 850mAh battery and 1.8ml capacity and measures 109. 7mm. Therefore, its rather small but offers steady vaping. This little vape pen has a 1-ohm atomizer head that is rather different in terms of a lung hit. However, it has been engineered to magnificently duplicate the mouth-to-lung experience.

The Ego One is a perfect vaporizer for a beginner but also perfect for a back-up for an advanced vapor. This vape pen has a well-designed clean, professional look, and it’s surprisingly cheap.

  •   Tiny and lightweight with a nice design
  •   Has impressive mouth-to-lung or just direct-to-lung inhales
  •   Durable yet affordable
  •   Has a very small battery
  •   Small tank hence limited in terms of filling
  •   Does not come in a wide range of colors

 Joyetech EGO One Mini Video Review

PAX ERA  – Best for pre-filled concentrates

The PAX ERA is a vape pen from the Pax Labs. From the name itself you can immediately realize that it is a game-changer in the vaping era. This tiny device is perfect for its magical THC oils, or if you may like, weed-infused e-liquid. The Pax Era not only stands out from the crowd; it has also set the bar high. It has a fun, quirky puff, and the system couldn’t be easier. What will surprise you about this device is that the performance is quite impressive.

The PAX vape pen has insane features from the Bluetooth with the LED lighting that changes with the hand movements to the games that change when you flip over the pen. What’s also cool is that if you want to turn this vape pen, all you have to do is tap it on the hand. If you want an innovative yet safe weed vaporizer, then The PAX is for you. In fact, it is built from food polycarbonates.

The cylinder is pre-filled with THC oil, a cannabis-infused e-liquid which is available in a variety of strength, strains, and flavors. Besides, the pods are disposable. The battery can last for an hour and a half, and interestingly you can charge it with a USB cable.

  •   It’s a user-friendly cannabis vape pen that is fun to use
  •   Lightweight and portable
  •   Has adjustable temperature
  •   Quite pricey
  •   Non-refillable pods
  •   Only available in Colorado and California

PAX ERA Video Review


The iJust mini is the latest vape pen by Eleaf that features an impressive 2600mAh mod with a sub-ohm tank. This vape pen has a tank capacity of 5.5ml and can fire 30-80W on the available 0.3ohm coil. You will love this tank as it is compatible with other coils like Triton, Melo, Atlantis & the Silo Beast.

The battery 2600mAh is 22mm x81mm in size, and there is no doubt that it’s super powerful. If you like a no-fuss, easy vaping, you will love the iJust 2 Mini because both the battery and the tank provide a perfect combo. If you are a moderate vaper, then the battery will last you for the best part of the day.

The iJust two mini is perfect does not have an adjustable wattage system; infact, it acts like a typical mechanical mod. So, if you really don’t like to keep adjusting the wattages, then this vape pen is great for you. The iJust two mini kits are relatively cheap, therefore giving you good value for your dollar.

  •   Has an impressive flavor
  •   Versatile and compatible with other coils
  •   Relatively cheap
  •   Has a non- adjustable airflow
  •   The holes are really small which makes refilling quite messy
  •   The top cap has a complicated design


Best Dry Herb Vape Pens

DaVinci IQ – Best High End

If you are looking for a new portable dry herb vaporizer, think no further than the DaVinci IQ.  This beauty is rich in design and has some awesome features. You will love this intelligent upgraded version for a god number of reasons; The IQ vaporizer has a 360 degrees heating capability with 18650 batteries that are interchangeable.

The battery charges for about 3 hours but when fully charged, you can vape for a good number of hours. The IQ has a super cool feedback option, that alerts you when the pen is charged and ready to use. It also shuts off automatically. The mouthpiece provides heightened purity levels, which allow you to experience the purest flavor possible.

Since the IQ vape pen is on top of its game when it comes to technology, you will be able to download an app which you can pair with the vape via Bluetooth. This vape pen has an oven that holds about 0.3g of purely grounded weed. Impressive, right?

  •   Beautiful with an easy feel on the hand
  •   Has a cool haptic feedback feature
  •   Has interchangeable 18650 batteries
  •   Can get very hot at the highest temperatures
  •   Very slow charge time
  •   Very pricey

DaVinci IQ Video Review


The VaporFi Orbit is not just your standard vape pen — it is one of the favorites in the dry herb category or if you’re not particularly a modest weed user. This vape pen is quite stealthy in terms of performance. With its cool design, you will love how good it feels in the hands. The mouthpiece is made of silicone as opposed to a metal, which is a conductor.

If you like a simple operation feature, you will love this baby as with just one button. You can control all the functions. This pen is super sleek and easy to use.  You can adjust different heat mods using the one-button feature.

It has a solid battery capacity of 2200mAh and takes only a few seconds to fire clean heat. From such a small device, you will be able to enjoy top quality vapor, which is cooler and sweeter. The battery will offer you for performance for a good number of hours without any overheating problems. The oven is impressively big, and you can be able to pack up to 1.7ml of dry herb. The VaporFi Orbit is sleek and comes in two colors; black and red.

  •   Sleek design and easy to use
  •   Offers a rich, smooth pure flavor
  •   Has a nice finish and an easy, steady feel in the hands
  •   Has only two baking temperature settings, medium and hot
  •   Comes in only two-color options
  •   Slightly expensive

VAPORFI Video Review

Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer – Best for Heavy Duty Vapors

If you are an advanced vapor, and you are looking for a cool vape pen for your dry herbs, then the Khan vaporizer should be your new purchase. Just looking at this vape pen, you can easily guess what it’s about. The cool snake decoration represents the way the vapor slithers up the chamber.

This beautiful device has an LED display and a small button that allows precise control of temperature. Despite its small structure, the Khan fire high temperatures ranging between 302F- 464F which is impressively high. What’s amazing is that even with the 2200mAh battery capacity, it can reach a high temperature of 463F.

You will love the durable aluminum housing with either a golden or silver plated snake. The Khan vaporizer comes in two distinctive colors; thunder red with and onyx black.

  •   Easy manual with an LED screen display
  •   Temperatures can reach a high of 463F therefore perfect for heavy-duty use
  •   Has a durable aluminum housing
  •   The temperature control is tedious and somewhat frustrating
  •   Pressing the buttons continuously can turn off the device
  •   Only available in two colors

Khan Dry Herb Vaporizer Video Review

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Kit – Best Mid-Range Vape Pen

The V2 Pro Series 7 is a small portable gadget that can easily fit in your pockets. It’s a 3-in-1 unit with different category cartridges for loose leaf, oil, and e-liquid. This vape pen comes with a magnetic USB charger, magnetic E-liquid, and a loose-leaf cartridges. The V2 Pro Series 7 will come packaged with three bottles of E-liquid juice. You can choose the flavors and the nicotine percentage. Cool, right?

This cool gadget is known for its epic cloud production. In fact, it’s quite popular in vaping among friends and in parties. If you like to hit a hard weed vape with ease, then this is the right vape pen for you. The V2 is quite flexible in vaporizing a wide variety of mediums.

This vaporizer has a smart technology that will tell you whether it’s heating dry herbs, liquids, or tobacco. It heats the contents to perfection giving smooth hits. The V2 Pro Series 7 comes in a beautiful sleek black color.

  •   Versatile; supports loose leaf, e-liquid, and oil
  •   Has an internal 1800mAh battery
  •   It’s magnetic therefore makes the charging effortless
  •   The coils are not replaceable, so you need to buy a whole new unit
  •   Airflow can be somehow restricted
  •   The top coil design can cause issues with higher- VG liquids

V2 Pro Series 7 Vaporizer Video Review

Atmos JUMP – Best Affordable Dry Herb Vape Pen

Atmost Jump is a well- constructed latest innovation vape pen by AtmostRX. This conventional vape pen is shaped exactly like a pen giving it extreme portability. If you are on a budget and technically want to jump around the dry herb vaping. Then this cool gadget will come in handy.

It features a 1200mAh battery with a temperature setting unit. The Jump is an affordable yet durable vape pen. Its housing is made from carbon material. If you are into hiking and would love to take your magical dry herb vaping with you, then this tough built should be your companion. It can survive a hard fall, and the bright color makes it visible as well.

The Jump is a simple gadget to operate, and anybody can operate it with ease. Because this vape pen has two parts, cleaning the herb compartment is super easy and fast. The single temperature setting will make your device heat up pretty fast. The shape of the pen allows even distribution of heat; therefore, the body will not have unnecessary heating.

  •   Conventional and affordable vape pen
  •   Durable, easy to use and maintain
  •   The heating systems eliminate the risks of combustion
  •   Battery takes too long to charge fully
  •   The vapor produced is a little thin
  •   Has only one temperature setting

Atmos JUMP Video Review

Best Vape Pens for Wax /Oils

4-IN-1 MULTI VAPE – Best all in 1 Vape Pens

If you are looking to get a multi-purpose vape pen, then look no further than the 4-in-1 Multi Vape pen. With this gadget, you can be able to use with the medicated oils, e-liquids, wax and concentrates as well as dry herbs. This is an excellent vape pen that will give you vaping options and save your cash well.

The starter kit features two sets of long-lasting 1100mAh battery and multiple atomizers for the different vaping options. Amazingly, this vape pen is compatible with the majority of the vape devices. Because the battery is 510 threaded, you will need a 510 charger that screws with ease. This pen is very extremely versatile.

  •   Great value for money
  •   The battery lasts for a good number of hours even with frequent use
  •   Versatile vape pen
  •   A little bit complicated especially for dry herb vape
  •   The vape quality is not the best one
  •   You can easily destroy the 510 battery if you use too much force

4-IN-1 MULTI VAPE Video Review

KandyPens ASAP Rocky Vape Pen

The KandyPens are extremely sophisticated vape pens that are worth writing home about.  They originate from a collaboration between KandyPens and the rapper, ASAP Rocky. From this dynamic collabo, you definitely expect a dope vaporizer that produces high-quality vapor.

This baby has a wood grain finish and a gold trim mouthpiece that gives it a class of its own. The KandyPens ASAP Rocky pen has two wax atomizers that allow you to switch out different extracts. This vape pen is 510 threaded and allows you to attach the THC and the CBD cartridges with ease.

The ASAP Rocky vape pen has a 650mAh battery that is perfect for casual vapors. It can go for a few days without dying out, and when it does, it takes you just an hour to fully charge it. And amazingly the battery has a lifetime warranty. The KandyPens ASAP Rocky vape pen oozes sleekness, sexiness, and power — all in one!

  •   Quality with a sophisticated appeal
  •   Delivers delicious and smooth hits
  •   Has preset temps that are optimized according to the specific vapor profiles
  •   Quite pricy
  •   Small battery capacity
  •   Not ideal for frugal vapors

KandyPens ASAP Rocky Video

Atmos Kiln – Best Mid-Range Vape Pen

If you are looking for a homely mid-range vaporizer that is best for blowing your THC or wax, then the Atmos Kiln is your best bet. This pen is pretty unique in its built. It has a ceramic disc coil, and the whole housing is made of a disc as well. Pretty awesome cool built for a Kiln, right?

If you would like to vape on the go, then this pen will be ideal for you because of it’s portable and compact. The ceramic disc atomizers hit up pretty fast making, which is good for getting a quick hit. Besides, the Kiln is heat resistance enabling you to have a comfortable vaping session.

The heating chamber produces excellent flavor without burning the wax. Because of that, the chamber will not blacken out and will maintain a clean taste. You can clean it pretty fast. It comes in pure white color.

  •   Produces excellent vapor quality in terms of smoothness and flavor
  •   Heats up quickly producing more vapor
  •   Stays cool making it comfortable to touch
  •   The shape of the pen is not aesthetically appealing
  •   The chamber is pretty small therefore can load small amounts of concentrate
  •   Intense heating causes the oil concentrates to splatter, making it the white exterior messy

Atms Kiln Video Review


The Orb 4 pen is one of the best vape pens on the market today. This pen is sleek in design and comes in Gold, Black, and Chrome finishes. The Orb 4 attachment is made up of stainless steel material. It’s easy on the hand, and opening and closing Is just a breeze, to say the least.

This pen has an adjustable airflow which will allow you to vape with ease. The SOURCE Orb 4 kit comes with a battery, mouthpiece and atomizer attachment, and six atomizers. This vape pen features 700mAh on 14500 removable batteries. It is, therefore, ideal for casual smokers.

If you are a discrete vaper, then you will find this wax vape pen ideal. It looks like just a normal e-juice vaping pen. Nobody will even suspect that you have some magical oils hits in there. Cleaning and maintaining this pen is pretty easy.

  •   High-quality material that offers quality vapor
  •   Comes with six atomizers
  •   Easy to use making refilling quite easy
  •   It’s a bit heavy making it less portable
  •   It’s pricey
  •   It has five air holes which allows too much airflow

SOURCE Orb 4 Video Review

Dr. Dabber Light – Best Affordable Wax/Oil Vape Pen

If you are a light vaper, then you will love this lightweight and sleep vape pen. It’s the most discreet wax/oil pen out there. You can literary carry it everywhere and vape on the go. The Dr. Dabber Light atomizer is made of titanium coil, which makes it such a great performer. You will love the consistency and the power that comes with his vapor.

The Light heats up pretty fast, allowing you to get a quick hit. Interestingly, the mouthpiece is tapered to for low draw resistant. It will not get hot to the tough as well. The flavor you get from this pen is amazingly good. You will enjoy a smooth and clean flavor throughout your vaping session.

Because this vape pen is for light use, with just vaping on demand, you will enjoy a few days of battery service.  But once the battery is dead, the recharge takes less than an hour to charge fully. On top of that this vape pen is pretty affordable.

  •   Impressive flavor quality
  •   Quite affordable
  •   Very easy to use and maintain
  •   Has only one voltage setting
  •   The atomizers need replacing frequently
  •   The fire button produces too far out

Dr. Dabber Light Video Review

Choosing the Best Vape Pens: The Ultimate Buying Guide

To avoid inhaling harmful smoke from weed, people are increasingly adopting vaping. For that, they need vape pens, which are electronic devices that heat a cartridge or vape tank to produce vapor. The vapor is then inhaled. Vape pens are usually battery-powered, rechargeable, and pocket-sized devices that make it easier for people to consume their favorite weed.

While the vapor is more efficient than smoke, not all vape pens are the same. That’s why choosing the right vape pen is an exercise that you should carefully undertake. The following are some of the factors to consider when buying vape pens.

The Type of Vape Pen

Vape pens exist in different types. The most common ones are E-liquid vape pens, dry herb vape pens, wax/oil vape pens. While they were originally created for use in vaping nicotine, many are currently being used with CBD or THC oil, with more specialized options being released by manufacturers. You can buy one depending on the vaping material it is meant for. Also, vape pens can be categorized according to the kind of activation they use. The first kind is the one activated when you draw from the mouthpiece. If you don’t like that, then you might want to buy a vape pen activated by a button. So, which one best work for you?

Does It Use A Tank Or Cartridge?

Vape pens are either composed of refillable tanks or detachable cartridges. If the kind of vaporizer liquid you use can be bought separately, then you need a refillable vape pen. Otherwise, you may opt for the cartridge operated vape pens. These rely on cartridges, which are bought separately and which must be replaced once exhausted. If you choose to buy a tank vape pen, you need to consider the material from which the tank is made. It can either be stainless steel, plastic, or glass. Of these, glass is the best since it is possible to see the liquid level.

What Type Of Battery Does It Use and How long Does it Last?

Vape pens rely on rechargeable lithium-ion batteries for power to the heating element. These batteries come in different types and sizes. You will either have to choose between button, cylindrical, and rectangular batteries. Some are large while the rest are small. Depending on what you prefer, you are free to choose a battery that best works for you. In fact, there are a number of vape pens for which batteries are interchangeable.

However, the most important aspect to look at is the battery capacity. For some vape pens, the battery only lasts a few hours. Other high capacity batteries may last for as long as a week. So, if you do most of your vaping at home, get a vape pen with a battery that lasts only a few hours. However, when going off-grid, you need a vape pen with a much higher capacity.

Is the Vape Pen USB Chargeable?

Vape pens are charged in different ways. Some require you to directly plug into a mains source of power while others may use a USB charger. If you use your vape pen mainly at home, having it charged from a mains electricity socket is great. However, if you are always on the move, then you may want to buy a USB chargeable vape pen. That way, you will be in a position to have your vape pen charged almost on demand. You can plugin into your computer or laptop and have the device charged. The third kind of charger is the one you can plug into your car cigarette lighter.

Does The Vape Pen Come With Additional Accessories?

As a vaper, you will require several accessories to go with your vape pen. That includes vape bands, spare batteries, chargers, herb grinders, and mouthpieces. The purpose of vape bands is to prevent damage to the glass tanks when you drop the vape pen. Spare batteries are necessary for individuals who do not want to get caught with a malfunctioning source of power. If you rely on dry herbs, make sure the package contains herb grinders.  Don’t forget the mouthpiece.

What Is Your Budget?

Just how much are you willing to spend? The answer to that question will point you to the right vape pen. You may pick several vape pens that fall within your price range. After that, you may compare them in terms of other factors. Once the features match with your budget, go ahead and buy. You will be surprised how affordable vape pens can be. The lower-priced ones are sold from as low as $20. They are best for use on-the-go and rely on conduction heating. In the priciest category, you will find units going for anything between $75 and $200.


Now you have suggestions on the best vaping pens out there in the market. Luckily for you, this review will give you hustle free experience when it comes to buying the best vaporizer for your vaping category. All these vape pens are unique in their own ways and vary in terms of functionality and prices. It is important to know that you will only get maximum quality when you use the extracts meant for specific vape pens. With that in mind have fun shopping and keep vaping on!