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Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix, 8 Quart


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Fox Farm FX14100 Coco Loco Potting Mix, 2 Cubic Feet, Brown/A
Super Soil Organic Concentrate

If you are looking to grow cannabis, you have two main options: choose to go the hydroponic way or simply go the old school way of using soil. The latter is easier, but only if you get it right. You don’t just plant your weed on any soil — you choose soil that’s specifically designed to grow marijuana.

You see, growing weed starts right from the soil, and you have to get the texture, drainage, and water retention right. If you get soil that’s too tight, the roots will fail to develop properly. On the other hand, if you get soil without good drainage, the plants won’t have the much-needed oxygen, which means they die.

Potting soil processed by various firms comes with added nutrients, enhanced water retention capacity, and also excellent aeration, which is vital for the growth and development of these plants. Getting the right soil for your cannabis can mean the difference between a great harvest and total failure, and that’s why we have decided to cover the best nine soils for weed.

1.    Fox Farm FX14100 Coco Loco Potting Mix, 2 Cubic Feet, Brown/A

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 If you are looking for the best soil with water retention and sufficient nutrients for your weed to flourish, Coco Loco potting mix is the best deal you can land your hands on. This soil by Fox Farm can hold more than its weight in water and still drain better than you would expect. Much like many other plants, cannabis plants require a good supply of water and nutrients, and that’s why Coco Loco offers a sufficient quantity of the two with its sponge-like coir.

Coco Loco, which comes in two cubic feet, has lower humidity which by the way reduces the instances of attracting mold and the roots of your cannabis rotting. The insects are also less likely to disturb your flourishing marijuana. It is, however, good to note that Coco Loco is not sold in IN, MO, WI, FL, GA, HI, NH. The packaging of Coco Loco comes in 29.5 x 4.5 x 18.2 inches and weighs 40.2 pounds.

  • Contains some perlite for aeration
  • Has great water retention capabilities
  • Can be used as a good source of soil replacement
  • Could use a better amount of perlite
  • Could use better packaging
  • Substandard value

2.    Burpee Organic Premium Potting Mix, 8 Quart

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For exceptional growth and quality, marijuana Burpee organic growing mix comes heavily reinforced with burpee plant food so that your pot can have excellent vegetative growth, flowering, and for overall enriched flavor. This soil is the perfect choice for those who wish to raise their Pot in raised beds or containers. The growing mix automatically feeds the plants instantly while providing a slowed release for plant food, which can last for up to five months.

Burpee organic premium potting mix is formulated using coconut coir, which of course is a sustainable and a renewable resource too. This coir is excellent in maintaining high levels of water retention for vibrant and vegetative marijuana growth and herbs as well. Burpee Grow Mix is OMRI listed as a perfect organic use mixture. When packaged, Burpee potting ‘mix weighs 5.2 pounds and measures 4 x 16 x 12.6 inches. It is als0o the ideal blend for your Patio, lawn, and garden. This potting mix comes with a pH of 6.5.

  • Great water retention capacity
  • Made from sustainable and renewable coconut coir
  • OMRI listed for organic use
  • Small quantities
  • Could be a bit cheaper

3.    Espoma AP2 Organic Potting Mix, 2 Cubic Feet

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Only the best soil for weed comes in a vibrant balance of the best natural ingredients, and that’s what Espoma Organic potting mix is all about. This potting mix is made to enhance the growth of your Pot with its non-synthetic foods and nutrients. Growth mix that contains synthetic chemicals in them inhibits the growth of marijuana, resulting in low quality, and that’s why you should always go for only the best potting mixture like Espoma.

Espoma potting mix can be used for both your outdoor plants in your garden and patios and also for your indoor plants. For the best water-saving and retention, Espoma is enhanced using Myco-Toned formula, which is known to be a high-water saving formula. For the best experience, while growing marijuana in your Grow house, Espoma features a non-selective broad-spectrum control for both perennial and annual weeds trees and woody brush. You can expect this Grow mix in 2 cubic feet with the packaging dimensions of 33 x 20.5 x 5 inches and a total weight of 40.1 pounds.

  • Features Myco-Toned formula
  • Does not contain bugs or gnats
  • Does not provide synthetic foods and nutrients
  • Requires extra contents for growing tomatoes
  • Could last longer
  • Includes few wood chips

4.    Miracle-Gro Available 70551430 All-Purpose Garden Soil, 1 CF

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Looking for the best solution for stronger roots and more prominent, more glorious marijuana plants? Miracle-Gro all-purpose garden soil, which is made with Miracle-Grow for better Pot health and vegetative growth, is the key to a better result. This garden soil can be used for all your indoor marijuana grow house needs as well as other outdoor garden and potted plant needs. This potting soil continuously releases formula which helps your cannabis Sativa to get vital nutrients early as they grow and can continuously feed them for up to 90 days.

Miracle-Gro is the perfect solution for both perennial and annual plants and also could be a great addition to your vegetable garden for a more flourishing growth result. This Growth mix has a high-water retention capacity, which is a vital need for your Pot to flourish. The spongy like coir helps keep soil both aerated and also moisturized. The dimensions of the grow mix when packaged are 25 x 3.5 x 17 inches and weighs about 36.1 pounds.

  • High water retention capacity
  • Perfect for annual land Perennial crops
  • Continuously feeds your marijuana for three months
  • Could last a bit longer
  • Could be of better quality
  • Contains foreign contaminants

5.    Sun-Gro SUGRBG2 13020402 Black Gold Natural and Organic Soil, 2 Cubic Feet

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If you are looking for the best natural and organic potting soil for your marijuana, Sun Gro Black Gold Organic Soil is which comes reinforced with fertilizer will help your plants flourish. Sun-Gro is very loamy, making it a premium choice for most of the gardening activities. The Gro mix contains 100% organic base, which comprises screened earthworm castings and also Canadian sphagnum peat moss.

For the marijuana to flourish, the soil should be well aerated, and that’s why Sun Gro comes in a perlite and pumice blend for optimal aeration. The SunGro Organic Soil comes in 2-cubic feet and is OMRI listed for excellent water retention. When packaged, this grows mix comes in 29 x 17.5 x 19 inches and weighs about 25.2 pounds. The grow mix has an NPK rating of 0.05-0.0-0.0, which suggest that its contents are mainly Nitrogenous from the worms casting and humus.

  • OMRI listed
  • Contains 100% organic base from worm casting and humus
  • Promotes accelerated growth for the Marijuana
  • Could be cheaper
  • Contains bugs
  • Could be of better quality

6.    Super Soil Organic Concentrate

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Super soil organic is one of the best soils for weed, given its muscular organic strength. This soil features high-quality Bat Guano, Organic earthworm castings, Bone meal, Alfalfa mean, Fish Bone meal, Dolomite lime, Kelp meal, Azomite, Epsom salt, Aloe Vera, and Coconut water powder. This soil also contains numerous numbers of microorganisms which are responsible for enhanced nutrient content for accelerated growth of your Marijuana plant.

Super Soil is an excellent addition to your Marijuana grow house. All you need to do is add water to the plants, and the microorganism found in the soil will provide the earth and the roots with the necessary nutrients. Super soil Organic Concentrate is responsible for high quantity yields for your marijuana grow house. Five pounds of the ground can fill up 25 gallons containers. When packaged, this potting soil comes in 7 x 5 x 20 inches and weighs about 5.12 pounds.

  • Highly concentrated with living organisms
  • Contains Perlite for enhanced aeration
  • Light in weight
  • Comes with a strong odor
  • Could be of a greater quantity
  • Short life span

7.    FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil, 1.5 cu ft

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FoxFarm comes in l1.2 gallons and comes ready to use from the bag. FoxFarm Grow mix is best suited for marijuana. This FoxFarm potting soil is made from earthworm castings some micronutrients and also bats guano. This soil comes with a light texture with a weight of 11.2 pounds and is well-aerated thanks to the perlite, which is sufficient for the earth and plants alike. The pH of Ocean Forest ranges between 6.3 and 6.8 to allow for maximum uptake of fertilizer by the ground. This Organic mix does not call for nitrogenous fertilizers, but this Grow combination does go along with FoxFarm Big Bloom natural blend. The blend encourages strong branching of your marijuana and also sturdy, healthy growth.

This soil also contains composted forest humus, sphagnum peat moss and also sandy loam which are the reason for the light texture of FoxFarm. This Grow mix plays a crucial role during the seedling stage to the harvesting of your Marijuana. When packaged, this potting soil comes in 27.5 x 18.3 x 3.7 inches.

  • Optimum ph. for maximum fertilizer uptake
  • Very light in weight
  • Well aerated and accelerated plant growth
  • A little pricey
  • Could be of more quantity
  • Could use a little more perlite for aeration

8.    Royal Gold Mendo Mix 1.5 Cubic Ft

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Growing marijuana in dry areas calls for a potting mix with a high-water retention capacity, and that’s why Royal Gold Mendo which was initially developed in the dry areas outdoor conditions of California comes with an excellent water retention capacity. This potting mix is also heavily reinforced with organic nutrients to enhance the growth of your Marijuana. With Royal Gold, and you need not worry about mixing of different contents as it comes ready to use straight from the bag.

If you are looking for higher Pot yields, then you can be sure that this potting mix which has both bloom and veg enhancer supplements. However, for plants which take a more prolonged period, you will need to increase the feedings of complete nutrient. To improve water retention, mulching the top layer is not an option. This mix also works well with both clay and sandy soils. When used indoors, plants will need less frequent watering and feeding depending on the size. You can expect the potting mix to come in an overall weight of 59.8 pounds and a package of 26 x 18.5 x 5.5 inches.

  • Has an excellent water retention capacity
  • Fortified with bloom and veg enhancers
  • Compatible with both clay and sandy soils
  • Initially made for outdoors
  • Could be a little cheaper
  • Could be better for growth enhancement

9.    Miracle-Gro Expand ‘N Gro Potting Soil 0.67 CF

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Looking for an excellent substitute for your garden soil? How about Expand N’ Gro concentrated planting mix by MiracleGro which comes in 0.67 CF which can be used both in containers as well as on the ground. This concentrated planting mix can grow up to 3 times bigger plants compared to the usual native soil and can feed up to a whopping six months. When it comes to water retention capacity, you can expect 50% better water retention, contrary to the usual potting mix.

Marijuana needs well-aerated soil to flourish, and that’s why Expand N’ Grow expands three times whenever you add water and to make it even more impressive, this mix creates 90% more air space than native soil. So, you can be sure that this potting soil will be the best decision for your marijuana Grow house. For better results, it is recommended that you mix this potting mix with 4-6 inches of the native soil. The overall dimensions of this potting mix when packaged are 20 x 13 x 5 inches and weighs10.7 pounds.

  • Grows three times bigger plants than native soil
  • Great perlite content
  • Lasts about six months
  • Small mold contents
  • Instances of bugs
  • Dries out a little fast

How to Choose the Best Soil for Weed: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Type of Cannabis plant

There are two types of cannabis plants classified under how they flower: the Auto-flowering plants and the photoperiod cannabis plants. The latter depends on light to trigger its flowering stage while the previous one reaches its flowering stage automatically. The Auto-flowering plants thrive under light, low nutrient level, and airy soils. This automatically means that you go for the lighter soils if you have to get the best results.

Soils that contain three parts peat moss, three parts compost, 1-part wet vermiculite, and two parts wet perlite are the best potting soils for growing your auto-flowering Pot. So be sure to check for these ingredients in the potting soils of your choice.

Is the Soil pH of Your Potting Soil Correct?

Soil which contains water has a varying pH depending on the environment and other aspects like climate and human activities. Cannabis flourishes in slightly acidic soils of pH between 5.8 to 6.3. So, when you are choosing the best soil for your cannabis plants, keep in mind the pH level of the soil. Going slightly higher or lower than the recommended values will not kill the plant, but it will have negative impacts on the productivity of the plant leading to lower yields. So, make sure that you go for the soil that has a pH of 6.0.

Feel the Texture of the Potting Soil

Soil texture plays a crucial role in various ways, including water retention, aeration, and drainage. These textures come in clay, sand, silt and rock particles. The composition of the soil is affected by climate hence varies from place to place. The best combinations of soil 20% sand, 40% silt, and 40% clay form loamy soil, which is the best soil for plants to flourish. Soils that have more clay lead to poor drainage.

Exceeded sand soil quantities lead to poor moisture retention and excessive drainage and exceeded amounts of silt leads to poor drainage and aeration. All this will lead to weak or even stunted growth of your marijuana plant, which will affect your yields. So, as you select the best potting mix, be sure to check whether the soil is rich in organic matter.

Ingredients are also vital for your marijuana to flourish

Before you purchase potting soil, one of the most important factors you need to consider is the ingredients of the potting mix for Marijuana growth. Though the market may be flooded with a variety of options, having a glimpse of the right ingredients for your weed to flourish will lead you into getting the best potting soil.

Some of the best ingredients that are crucial for the flourishing of your weed include Bat Guano, Coco Coir, Pumice, Perlite, Fishmeal, Compost, Plant Food, Worm Castings, Glacier Rock Dust, Vermiculite, Sandy Loam Kelp, Peat Moss, Dolomite Lime, Mycorrhizae. Don’t expect that all soils will come with all these ingredients present in them. Though some will come will all of them, most of the potting soils will come with different ingredients. These soils will normally be used direct from the bag with some being used for starters and others for bloom and veg. for others, you may be required first to grow your plants in the original soil and after that sprouting, transfer them to the potting mix in the container. Most of these soils are versatile and can be used in the greenhouse, pots, containers, and even in hydroponics.

Do You need to Check the Soil Composition?

The answer is yes!

The best soil for weed is that whose composition includes living organisms, minerals, water, organic material, and also air. All these ingredients form the soil composition making it ideal for plant growth. Organic composition in the soil help strengthen the cannabis plants while the minerals play a vital role in enhancing the proper growth while providing the soil with chlorophyll, water, and proteins. Crops need air much like every living organism.

Whether its oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, or even water vapor, they all contribute towards the health of your Pot. Water and microorganisms in the soil also contribute towards the great health of the cannabis plants.

Soil supplements enhanced growth

For the cannabis plants to flourish, most of the potting soils need to be enhanced with supplements. Most of these potted soils only support the plants during their early days of the growing period after which they become depleted. Beyond this point, it becomes imperative to add supplements to the soil to enhance the existing nutrients for the benefit of your Marijuana. Be it organic matter or whichever other ingredients your preferred soil lacks, you can always top-up.

What Color is Your Potting Soil?

Examine the color of the potting soil to tell whether it is good for your Pot or not. The best soil for weed should be dark, given its rich nutrient content contrary to the pale, crumbly sandy soil. Remember that the right moisture is key to a healthy marijuana plant and so the pale sandy soil could mean it is deprived off moisture.

Last-minute check-ups

Be sure to check the potting soil of your choice before taking it home. The soil packaging should indicate the organic matter content so that you don’t end up purchasing soil with the wrong balance of the required nutrients. Remember that some of these soils may contain chemicals which, instead of doing good to your Marijuana, end up harming them or even worse, killing them. Use your hands to feel the texture of the soil. How do you know the soil is any good for your Pot? when you fold your palm, the soil should form into a ball and after that crumble after you release your palm. What we can conclude from this is that the soil is fluffy, airy, light, and is perfect for your cannabis plant.


With the right type of potting soil, growing Pot will be a walk in the park. Remember that Pot flourishes given the right balance of nutrients generated from microorganisms, the right supplements, texture, aeration, water retention capacity, drainage, and even color. All these are determined by the ration of the types of soils as mentioned earlier to form a loamy soil. Checking your potting soil to make sure it meets all the requirements is vital if you have to heighten your marijuana yields.