Have you ever wondered why some gardens look healthy while others do not? It takes more than just planting and watering your garden to have good results. Let’s us consider two scenarios:

Imagine you are looking to try a new crop, say cannabis growing, but you have no idea what soil is best for your venture. And no, you have no time for trial and error.

This about this, too: you have a passion for gardening. You spend a lot of your time and money on your new, exotic fruit and vegetable garden. Imagine toiling hard because you want to see healthy and beautiful looking plants. As much as this garden is your baby, no amount of nurturing is working.

In these two scenarios, the basic step you need to take is to find out if your soil is healthy for the type of seeds you want to plant. Therefore, you need to get the best pH tester for the soil to ensure you do it right the first time. An excellent device will not only test the pH of the soil but also the moisture content, letting you know if your plant will grow to maturation or not.

We have outlined ten best pH testers in the market to guide you to have that dream garden. Let’s have a look:

ХLUX Soil Tester Meter, 3-in-1 Test Kit

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If you are a gardener and you are looking for the best pH tester for your indoor or even outdoor garden, then check out the 3-in-1 XLUX soil tester. This product is especially good because it can test soil pH, moisture, and even light under one. You will know when to water, change the soil pH, and also check if the lighting is right.

It is not only limited to testing soil for farm plants; it comes in handy for herbs like cannabis. The benefit of this tester is that it does not need a battery and its super simple to operate. With a simple display meter feature, you will no longer use guesswork when it comes to your plants. And the cherry on top is that it comes with an 18 months replacement warranty.

  •         It’s a 3- in- 1 tester
  •         Simple to operate and read
  •         Comes with an attractive price and warranty
  •         Probe is fragile and needs extra care
  •         Moisture meter can be inaccurate sometimes
  •         Probe is thick and could damage small plants

Sonkir Soil pH Meter, MS02 3-in 1 Soil Moisture/ Light/ pH Tester

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This is a convenient and upgraded soil tester with a unique design. Be it an indoor, vegetable, and fruit garden; this product will come in handy. It has an upgraded 3-in-1 one testing function for pH, light, and moisture. And on top of that, the testing is super-fast and gives accurate readings as it has a premium double detection technology.

Despite it being big, you will find this tester light and easy to carry around for both your indoor and outdoor garden. Besides, it does not require a battery or any other energy source to operate. You will love this scientific monitoring kit that comes with a super amazing after-sale service and 12-month replacement warranty.

  •         Practical, convenient and user-friendly
  •         Light sensor feature is on top facing the sun directly for an accurate reading
  •         Can be used straight out of the box, does not need a battery for energy.
  •         Might be too big for testing on small pots
  •         Might have inaccuracy on the pH meter
  •         Bends too easily

General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

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If you are a cannabis grower, you know how important pH testing is. For stimulating the growth of your plants, you will require a pH level of 6.4. Therefore, if you plan to grow the plants in a hydroponic environment, this is the ideal kit to invest in. It will not only allow you to monitor but also control the pH.

General Hydroponics comes in a package that includes a pH down solution for acidity, alkalinity, and a testing solution. This allows for proper control of the levels. You will not watch your high-value plants suffer because they cannot take in the proper nutrients. To get the desired results, you need to replace the solution often.

  •         Effective and reliable for hydroponics systems
  •         Comes in a complete package that can be used in plants, science projects, and even fish tanks
  •         It’s easy to use
  •         pH solution a little weak so you might have to use large amounts to adjust
  •         Needs extra care to avoid leakage
  •         Kit lacks instruction for beginners to work with

Kelway Soil pH and Moisture Meter

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We all know how useless it is planting on soil with the wrong pH level. You will be wasting both your time and money. As a gardener, you need a simple and reliable tester. That’s where Kelway Soil pH and Moisture meter comes in handy. You will not waste time taking your soil for lab testing as device gives results within minutes.

The benefit of using Kelway is that it offers more reliable results, especially on acidic soil as compared to using a litmus paper. This tester is handy, and it does not need any batteries, electrical power, chemicals, and distilled to operate. Many readings can be taken over a large area. If you care about durability, then invest in this tester because you can use it for many years. It comes in a nice leather case with a belt hoop.

  •         Reliable, efficient yet durable
  •         Impressive quality and accurate
  •         Works well and saves time as the reading is super-fast
  •         A bit expensive
  •         A bit technical for just a simple garden
  •         Need a special conditioning film to clean the plates

JENCO Digital pH Temperature Meter & High Accuracy Water Quality Tester

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Established in 1973, and launched as the first portable pH tester meter, JENCO has become a household name. Because it is multifunctional, you can use it to test drinking water, pools, aquariums, and hydroponic systems. It comes in a rugged design with a user-friendly temperature meter.

The best thing about this tester is that you can get results at the snap of the finger. More so, the quality is great with impressive accuracy and resolution. If you love working with a tool with cool specs, then JENCO Meter is ideal for you. It is digital with a clear LCD display meter via Bluetooth. Anybody can use it as it is not complex at all. It comes with a free calibration pack and 4LR44 batteries.

  •         Simple and easy to use
  •         Both waterproof and dust-proof
  •         Multifunctional and offers value for money
  •         Display is via Bluetooth app which can be a bit difficult to power on
  •         Made from plastic which looks cheap
  •         Comes with chunks of instruction that is too much to digest

Luster Leaf 1612 Rapitest pH Soil Tester

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You have your own cannabis garden, you toil hard on it, but for some reason, you are not getting the best yields. Maybe you have planted on inhabitable grounds. To make sure you get to the bottom of this, you need a reliable soil tester. That’s where Luster Leaf 1612 Rapitest comes in handy.

With a simple push of the button, you will get your results. Preferably, a series of 10 tests will be done to get an accurate result. Then just compare the results to those in the booklets, and you can get simple advice for your plants. To achieve the optimal results, follow the recommendations, and adjust your soil accordingly. This soil tester is easy to use, making it great for both beginners and experienced farmers.

  •         It’s an easy DIY home soil test kit
  •         Gives all the information needed in terms of pH, N, P, and K in the soil
  •         Can be used on almost all plants
  •         pH reading might not go high enough
  •         Only a few capsules are included, and replacements might not be cheap
  •         The testing process is a bit tedious

Jellas Soil pH Meter 3-in 1 Soil Moisture Meter Moisture Sensor

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Plants need 3 important elements to be able to have healthy growth; they need to grow in the habitable soil, good moisture, and perfect light. If you want to be able to monitor these, then Jellas 3-in-1 meter is your best bet. Not only is it compact, but it is also quite portable, making it the best for indoor and outdoor gardens.

It is quite a user-friendly gadget with a straight forward toggle switch feature. More so, it does not require a battery or any other source of energy to operate. This is a great tool for checking daily track of the sunlight your plants are getting, monitoring the moisture level and keeping track of the soil pH. And the best part yet, there is a 45 days money back policy and an 18-month warranty. On top of that, the company offers great customer service.

  •         Fairly priced compared to the others
  •         Works great especially on deep soils
  •         Comes with 45 days money back with an 18-months warranty
  •         Might give different readings for different soil levels
  •         Tip can break off easily
  •         Doesn’t directly tell what it’s measuring

Durable Soil pH & Moisture Meter with Long Probe 11.6 inches (295mm)

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When you are planting your new garden, be it a vineyard, fruit orchard, flower or vegetable garden. You need to make sure your soil pH is correct to maximize the yields. Luckily the Durable Soil pH & moisture meter is designed for quick testing on both commercial and home use. It’s a perfect 2-in-1 tool used for measuring both moisture and pH.

This tester is environmentally friendly as it does not require a battery or any other source of energy. Because it’s an indoor and outdoor tool, it is both compact and portable. This tester is fast reading and efficient. Furthermore, it can be used for agriculture or educational purposes. The probe is interestingly long to reach deep soils.

  •         Great and reliable 2-in-1 testing tool
  •         Great quality that can be used on different soil levels
  •         It can be used for home gardens and commercials fields as well
  •         The instruction on the package is inadequate
  •         A bit pricey compared to other testers
  •         Tip may break off easily so need for extra care

Jellas Soil Moisture Meter-3 in 1 Soil Tester

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Have you ever asked yourself why some gardens you have seen look healthy and beautiful? Well, that’s because they are well taken care of. Good gardening starts with the soil. If you want to promote healthy plants, you need to test the pH, have the correct soil moisture and adequate sunlight. With all that in mind, Jellas moisture meter, 3-in-1 is your best bet.

The 3-way meter has a quality double-needle that ensures a fast and accurate reading. This tester is a definite DIY tool with an easy set-up and self-powered features. Therefore, making it perfect for beginners and also experienced gardeners what’s not to love with the sleek gadget and lightweight that comes with a 12-month warranty. You will no longer worry about not taking care of your garden.

  •         Simple, sleek and portable
  •         Easy to use yet provides high-end accuracy
  •         Multifunctional for both indoor and outdoor gardening
  •         Can corrode easily
  •         Not effective in dark areas
  •         Fragile and needs to be handled with extra care

Kelway PHD Soil pH Meter

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Imagine having a high- end garden party in a few months or so, and you want your lawn to look perfect. You need to make sure that the soil has the correct pH for a beautiful, healthy lawn. That’s where the professional gardener comes in. Kelway PHD Soil pH Meter is a very professional gardeners’ best tool. Your gardener will test the pH and advice on which need buffering and which area are good.

The tester is small and portable and comes with easy to understand instructions. Furthermore, it does not require any power sources, no chemicals, and distilled water. You are a person who values reliable, quality, and accuracy; then the Kelway PHD will sort you out.

  •         Quality, reliable and user-friendly
  •         Very sturdy and durable
  •         Perfect for professional lawn companies and nurseries
  •         Only works well on well very moist soils
  •         Expensive compared to the other testers
  •         Not the best for alkaline soils

Choosing the Best pH Testers for the Soil- The Ultimate Buying Guide

Depending on how you look at it, choosing the best pH tester for your soil might be a headache, well… maybe not, now that we have spoilt you with the best products reviewed above. To help you, even more, all you need is to consider these factors before making that final decision.


When you invest in a pH tester, you need to make sure that it is durable. Many digital testers come with probes that need to be inserted to the soil. The one problem most customers have in common with is the fragility of the probes.

When you choose your tester, to make sure the probes are sturdy and solid. Of course, you should not forcefully insert the probes in bone dry soil, make sure you moisten the area first. Another aspect when it comes to durability, make sure the probes are water-proof, dust-proof, and dust-free nothing compromises the product like the rust. A perfect example is JENCO Digital pH Tester.


To grow a beautiful and healthy plant, the soil needs; to have the correct pH, the moisture level should be perfect, and they need to get adequate sunshine. When choosing for a tester, it’s therefore, necessary to buy something multifunctional. Luckily for you, most testers reviewed here are 3-in 1.

Having one multifunctional tool will not only save you time and money, but it will be easy to carry around. While most plants require sunlight to germinate, some do not. However, it is better to buy a tester that serves all three functions.

Type of Tester

You may also want to consider the type of tester that you want to buy. There are three types of testers available in the market; Digital, pH strips, and testers with litmus paper. While all of them are good, some are better than the others. A digital device gives a quick and accurate reading as compared to the others.


When you are choosing a device like a moisture meter, then accuracy should be top of your priority. Nothing will kill your plants faster than over clogging or underwatering them. How you can know that the device is accurate is through reviews such as this one. An accurate tester has detailed values and precise. An inaccurate device will waste your time and money and at the same time, kill your plants.


If you are a basic home gardener, then getting a complicated device will only make your work harder. For that reason, you should buy a device that is easy to use. If you buy a digital device, make sure the display meter is also intuitive and the values easy to interpret. The markings should also be clear.


All devices become faulty soon later, no matter how high- end and durable it is. The best way to make sure it serves you for a long time is by properly taking care of it. Most manuals will tell you all about maintenance. However, there are a few basic tips; wiping the probe immediately after use, not leaving the probe for a long time in the soil, and not forcefully inserting the probes on hard grounds. Devices like Kelway pH and Soil Moisture Meter comes with a protective leather case that is great for storage

Most devices reviewed here do not require the use of batteries or any other source of energy, nor do they need additional chemicals and distilled water.


If you want to use your tester on both indoor and outdoor garden, then you need to have a compact device for potability. You should be able to carry your device around without straining your muscles. It also depends on the type of garden you have; if you only have plant pots or small plants, then a larger probe might damage their roots.


Whether you are professional gardener, a beginner or gardening is part of your hobby, make sure you buy a tester that will work for you to maximize the health of your plants. Some of the things to watch out for include quality, accuracy, ease of use, portability, and functionality. With the reviewed products above make sure you choose wisely. Now you know — it’s time to make that purchase. Go and grab one.