Let’s be honest; vaping can never be the same without that nice aroma and flavor. Maybe you love the fruity flavors to vape weed; maybe you are the type that prefers the more desert-like tastes to add that punch to your flavour. Whatever your choice is, there are more than enough e juices out there to choose from — you just need to know what exactly can satisfy your needs!

The good part is that you can never miss an e juice to satisfy you. The sad part is that there are so many options that narrowing down to the best one can be a real nightmare. With the many eliquids and brands available, you have to be keen — you can never compromise on that taste!

Rean on and find out some of the best e-juices as well as some helpful tips that will guide you when shopping for one. Vape responsibly and enjoy your time — you deserve it!

1.    Black Note

Black Note E-Juice features a naturally extracted tobacco e-liquids as opposed to the artificial tobacco flavors. The flavor is derived from the tobacco leaves. The black Note comes with two editions of characters. The latest version features a variety of flavors like Pop, Jazz, American, and reggae. The Black Note E-Liquid (Original) features the Sonata(Cavendish Blend), Legato(Kentucky Blend), Prelude (Virginia Blend), Solo(Menthol Blend), Forte (Burley Tobacco), and Quartet (Latakia Blend).

Black Note E-Liquids are all free of synthetic flavors and chemical additives like acetyl, propionyl, acetoin, and acrolein, which are harmful to your health. Regardless of the character, they are all extracted naturally through cold maceration. Black Note E-Juices are long lasting and give you the best vaping experience. The E-Juice is only available in a 50/50 VG/PG ratio. Black Note features ten flavors for your convenience. Six of these flavors fall in the regular line while the remaining four in the V line. All the names of these E-Juices are all based on Musical terms. The  E-Juice compares to the different sounds produced by a saxophone.

  • Comes in 50/50 PG/VG ratio meaning more clouds and taste as well
  • Black Note features a variety of nicotine levels such as 6, 12, 18, and 24 mg/ml.
  • Does not contain harmful chemicals like propionyl, acetoin, and others
  • A bit pricey
  • The V-Line section does not feature samplers for new vapors who want to try different small flavors
  • 50/50 VG/PG ratio is not appropriate for people allergic to Propylene Glycol

Black Note Video Review

2.    Naked 100

If you are looking for that rich and fruity flavor from the best E-Juice, Your search has officially brought you to the best blend of natural flavors right from sweet to tart and rich tobacco. Naked 100 manufactures a signature collection of E-Juices ranging from Menthol flavor, Cream, Tobacco, Ice Fusion, and Original fruit. These E-Juices come different amounts with the lowest value being 30ml and the highest value being 180ml to get you going all through the season. The Original Fruit mainly consists of a variety of flavors that are blended from natural fruits bringing you the best of every character.

The Salt line matches the best of the fruit flavors with the pod-based systems which go well with low wattage systems. To enhance your vaping experience, Naked 100 offers you a cream line up of the fruity flavors for an exceptional taste synergy. The fusion collection comes in an array of both sweet and tart E-Juice, which also consists of a blend of natural fruit flavors. Naked 100 introduces to its fanbase the classic twist of tobacco flavors crafted meticulously to give you a luxurious experience. With an aim to up the wager, this brand features a refreshing mix of fruity flavors with a fresh menthol taste. Ice flavors also feature a refreshing taste with an ultimate goal of delivering a great, lasting vape.

  • Naked 100 features endless flavors to suit all your needs
  • Very affordable
  • Offers E-Juices in a variety of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable glycerol ratio from 0mg going up
  • Very pricey
  • Limited ratio of VG/PG
  • Does not feature combo packs

Naked 100 Video Review

3.    The Milkman

The Milkman is well-handcrafted E-Juice that owes its roots to the 1950s milkshake staples. This brand features a variety of flavors in three different categories, including the Milkman classics, the Milkman delights, the Milkman heritage and finally, the Milkman Salt. This variety works well for a variety of people who have different stages of smoking.

The best E-Juice offers you a variety ratio of vegetable glycerol and Propylene Glycol. With this in mind, Milkman features different VG/PG ratios with the highest being 70/30 VG/PG ratio and the lowest being 60/40 respectively. If you prefer max VG, you’d be happy to know that The Milkman also does well to offer that. Milkman provides different levels of nicotine on their E-Juices ranging from 0mg to 40mg. The E-Juice comes well-packaged bottles of 30ml, 60ml, 100ml, and 180ml to keep you going all through the season, and a well detailed and labeled carton box with the instructions for use included inside the packaging.

  • Features a wide variety of flavors
  • Offers a wide ratio of Vegetable glycerol to Propylene Glycol for  multileveled smokers
  • Well packaged and detailed instructions of use for
  • You may find the tastes of different flavors
  • Very high nicotine levels of up to 40mg which are harmful
  • A little pricey

The Milkman Video Review

4.    Glas

Looking to find the best E-Juice that will give you flavorful and distinct tastes? Glas which was initially developed by Sean Glas in 2014 features, a wide range of tasty E-Juices crafted with the latest technology and innovation. The E-Juice comes in premium crystal bottles with tamperproof seals and child-proof bottle caps.

Glas features flavors such as guava, raspberry, and strawberry blends. For thirst-slaking goodness, Glas also offers lemonade flavor and not to forget the PBLS which is a mouthwatering blend in a vanilla macaron savor with a twist of fruity cereal accent. With this mix, we guarantee you of satisfying vape whether it is in the morning noon or evening. Glass does offer other enchanting flavors, including ones in the basix series that you cannot exhaust. The E-Juices by Glas come in different nicotine levels ranging from 0mg for novice smokers to 50mg for the heavy chain smokers.

  • Features a posh design and packaging
  • Features a variety of flavors
  • Tamperproof seals and childproof lids
  • Very pricey
  • Limited ratio of Vegetable Glycerol to Propylene Glycol
  • Does not feature combo packs which are essential especially for novices

Glas Video Review

5.    Beard Vape Co.

In love with the beard? Well here is a namsey with whom you’ll fall in love. Beard Vape Co, offers a wide range of E-Juices amounting to 100 flavors in number. The different savors are named using different numbers right from 01 all the way 100. Hilarious, right? Well, the savors have different attributes like cheese, cake caramel candy, and blueberry, to name a few.

Beard Vape Co Juice comes with three different nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. Sorry to the active nicotine users, that’s all there is. For those who vegetable glycerol is anything to go by, Beard E-Juice comes in VG levels ranging from 60-80% and above. With levels this high, you are guaranteed of more clouds and a seamless experience all through the session. Beard E-Juice comes in different bottle sizes from 60ml to 300ml for the heavy chain vapers. So, if you are out on the weekends, you will be guaranteed to get the small size pack for the weekend getaway.

  • Comes in a whopping 100 flavors to choose from
  • Beard offers a variety of volumes for their E-Juice giving you room for choice
  • Contains mild nicotine levels for those with nicotine allergies
  • A bit pricey
  • does not feature samplers for new vapors
  • Some Flavors are too sweet hence ruin the overall experience

Naked 100 Video Review

6.    Cuttwood

A vital feature of the best E-Juice is cutting-edge craftsmanship. The natural blend of flavors and the optimal balance between the critical elements of an E-Juice which are the PG/VG ratio and the level of nicotine in milligrams. We are talking about Cuttwood. This brand offers you a wide array of flavors to suit all occasions and times of the day. Whether it’s that morning jovial mood or the evening relaxing state, the savor will meet you there.

Much like the other E-Juices, Cuttwood offers a scale of 60% and above in its vegetable Glycerol contents with the level going higher for the VG diehards. For the nicotine fanatics, cuttwood will deliver you trailblazing experience with it 0mg to a 12mg scale of nicotine levels. For short sessions and small amounts, 60ml volumes are available with the value climbing to 220ml for the most substantial doses. Cuttwood company packs their E-Juice in crystal bottles which are crafted with precision to give you an excellent, bold, and elegant feel.

  • Offers a value pack for starters and the diverse vapers
  • Provides a standard scale for the nicotine levels which is 0mg-12mg
  • Features a variety of volumes for a different price range
  • Very pricey
  • Lacks a full gauge of VG/PG ratio which is vital for different vapers
  • Mild throat hit which may affect many vapers

Cuttwood Video Review

7.    Charlie’s Chalk Dust

When we talk about the most popular E-Juice in the industry, Charlie’s Chalk Dust does not fail to beat the odds. This classic E-Juice comes to you in a wide array of natural fruits all blended into your favorite nicotine salts. This E-Juice boasts of exceptional flavor profiles and brands for you to enjoy. The company features brands such as Pachamama, stumpse liquid, the creator of flavors, and Meringue.

Charlie’s Chalk Dust features nicotine levels ranging from 0mg to 50mg for the heavy chain vapers. This E-Juice comes packed in bottle contents of 20ml to 120ml in a well-labeled serene packaging. Charlie’s Chalk Dust comes in ratios of 40%-60% VG, 60%-80% and finally 80%-99%. This E-Juice features a singular taste in its first E-Juices, King Bellman and the penultimate desired wonder worm crafted to make an impressive impression to the vaping novices.

  • Features a singular impressive taste
  • Has a wide range of nicotine levels to suit everyone
  • Also features a wide range of Vegetable Glycerole in each of the product
  • A limited volume of E-Juice content in ml
  • Has a mild throat hit
  • Features artificial flavors for different brands of E-Juice

Charlie’s Chalk Dust Video Review

8.    The Voyage Coastal Clouds

Looking for the ultimate vape voyage adventure with a range of most delicate, fruity flavored E-Juice? Set sail with a blend of the best flavors you are yet to experience with a touch of classic vibrant packaging to steal your attention from the countertops. By the way, the Voyage won earned itself the best vape in the breakfast  Cereals category at a glorious vape summit back in 2015. The Voyage, together with its counterparts the abyss and the Traveller all feature an unusually weird yet sweet flavor.

The Voyager comes in a 60ml size glass bottle and is available in 0mg to 12mg of nicotine. The 60ml volume is enough to get you going for a couple of days with relative consumption of a few puffs a day. Voyage Coastal clouds offer a 70/30 VG/PG ratio, which is relatively good for most vapers who may not be in for large amounts of nicotine.

  • Features nicotine levels of 0mg to 12 mg
  • Features a maxi VG levels
  • Won the best vape award at the best vape award 2015
  • Limited volumes per pack in ml
  • Has a mild throat hit which is only preferential to mild vapers
  • Has a high level of sweetness that may not be a preference for many

The Voyage Coastal Clouds Video Review

9.    Churros and Ice Cream Oneup Vapor

Ice cream fans hand out! Tantalize your taste buds with a bowl full of your favorite dessert -ice-cream-topped up with crispy golden brown churros on that earth scorching hot summer. This flavor features a spicy cinnamon sugar with a creamy vanilla flavor topped p to give the perfect experience.

This mouth-watering E-Juice comes in  0, 3, 6, and 18mg of nicotine, the perfect range for different levels of vapers. Much like other E-Juice out there, Churros and ice cream feature a 70VG/30PG  contents which count for most of the vape fanatics preferences. If you are concerned about the volumes, you can grab one for the road with the 15ml or few for the team with 60 and 100ml bottles.

  • Features a 70/30 VG/PG ratio respectively
  • Features 0mg to 18mg of nicotine levels
  • Comes in a creamy vanilla flavor topped with some tantalizing cinnamon sugar
  • Has a mild effect on the throat hence may not be recommended for active vapers
  • Delightful taste which may affect your atomizer cotton substantially
  • High nicotine level of up to 18mg which may be harmful to enthusiastic vapers

Oneup Vapor Video Review


D you think you have ever tried a good banana E-Juice before, wait till you try out this lusciously mouthwatering BananaFRYD e-juice. This E-Juice features the cavernous banana smooth flavor only with a more velvet flavor and thicker clouds. If you are out for a bit of the magic, the butterscotch will get you there.

The most loveable thing about this E-Juice is in its ability to keep your coil well protected such that it doesn’t go bad within days. This E-Juice comes in volumes of 120ml, which is quite adequate for a few days puffs. The E-Juice features nicotine levels ranging from 0mg to 6mg, which is also quite satisfying for the nicotine fanatics. Every portion you inhale comes with a 70/30 ratio of VG/PG. To top it all, FRYD E-Liquids features a child-resistant cap which keeps both your children and the E-Juice safe from each other.

  • Features a child-resistant cap to protect both your children the E-Juice
  • Features nicotine levels of 0mg to 6mg
  • Features sweet banana flambe scent
  • Has a mild throat hit which is only preferential to mild vapers
  • Atomizer killer tendency
  • Not recommended for vapers with a strong liking for sweet flavors

Banana FRYD Video Review

11. Blue Raspberry POP! Vapors

You know blue raspberries that you make your mouth watery every time they cross your mind, yes! Now Blue Raspberry by Pop is yet another masterpiece that features an intense blue raspberry flavor crafted into sugary sweet candies. Every cloud comes with a tart blue raspberry sensation which will leave your taste buds tingling for more.

Blue Raspberry pop comes in 60ml, and 100ml bottles, which of course is adequate and will give you value for your money. Pop has done well to meet the industry standards with nicotine levels of up to 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg. for the VG/PG ratio, you can expect 70/30 in every tart inhale.

  • Safe for your atomizers
  • Features industrial standard nicotine levels of 0mg, 3mg, and 6mg
  • Features VG/PG ratio of 70/30 in 60ml and 100ml bottles
  • A limited volume of E-Juice content in ml
  • Delightful flavor, hence threatening the life of your atomizers
  • Features artificial flavors for different brands of E-Juice

Blue Raspberry POP  Video Review

12. Sky by Aeris

Looking for an elevated vaping experience? Try Sky Aeris’ cooling savor profile. What does it invigorate? Sky E-Juices features fresh mountain mints with a blend of countryside berries, Much like the mint, the inhale of this juice is chilled keeping you clean and relaxed. However, don’t make the mistake of thinking it as ice sweet. When it comes to exhaling, you can expect a light, breezy accent of berries with a little twist of sweetness. Sky Aeris goes well with an RDA which features maximum air flow. The good thing about the mint by Sky is that, unlike other mint products in the market, it hardly sticks to the atomizer’s cotton

Sky Aeris is available in portions of 30ml and 60ml as well depending on your usage. For nicotine contents, you can expect 0mg, 3mg, 6,g, and the highest at 12mg.  Again, Sky Aeris is gentle and friendly to the vapers bringing a ratio of 70/30 VG/PG respectively. These levels are generally safe for people who don’t get along well with high levels of Propylene Glycol.

  • Features a wide range of nicotine levels from 0mg to 12mg
  • Delivers a unique, refreshing fresh and cooling flavor with every inhale and exhale.
  • Gentle on your atomizers’ cotton for more prolonged use
  • The exhale will go full blown menthol overshadowing the berry taste
  • Not recommended for vapers with a strong liking for sweet flavors
  • Too strong for the mild vapers

Sky by Aeris User Review

13. Meteor Milk Space Jam

Space Jam delivers you a perfect blend of strawberry with delicious cream, meticulously crafted and well balanced, a reminiscence of your favorite ice cream cocktail with dripping strawberry syrup. With this E-Juice, be ready to elevate your taste buds to the next level. Meteor Milk features clean vapor with a precise disc riot ion.

Meteor Milk is packaged in plastic bottles of 60ml each with enough content to get you going through. The E-Juice is available in nicotine strengths of 0mg,3mg, 6mg, and 12mg respectively. The ratio of vegetable glycerol to propylene Glycol cocks at 70/30 respectively as well. With these specifications, you can be assured of a seamless vaping session with full ice cream flavor with strawberry toppings.

  • Features ice cream flavor with strawberry toppings
  • Features 70/30 VG/PG ratio respectively
  • Available in 0mg, 3mg, 6mg and 12mg
  • Weak flavor hence may not be as strong as desired for many
  • Likely to burn through your coils
  • The syrup flavor superseded the ice cream making t too sweet

Meteor Milk Space Jam Video Review

14. Strawberry Watermelon POP! Vapors

Strawberry watermelon Pop is a perfect example of a meticulously crafted flavor profile gaining popularity across the vapers. This E-Juice features a vibrant blend of watermelon flavor with strawberries concentrate delivering you a pleasant experience. The E-Juice offers satisfying clouds of flavor with tastes that will last long even after your vaping session. When it comes to inhaling, you can expect a mix of two varieties of fruit flavors, Strawberry and watermelon. The strawberry flavor seamlessly dissolves into a mouthwatering watermelon feeling. As you exhale, you can expect the hard candy to come to life slowly.

During Vaping, you will hardly notice the effect on the throat as the flavors mix and elevate the vaping process in your mouth. This E-Juice comes in three profiles intertwined, strawberry, watermelon, and hard candy. It has a narrow range of nicotine levels starting from 0mg to 6mg. Each bottle has a content volume of 60ml doses and a VG/PG ratio of 70/30 as is the standard for most E-Juice.

  • Features a child protective cap
  • Has a mild effect on the through during vaping
  • Comes with a minor nicotine content of 0mg-6mg levels
  • Might be too sugary for some vapers
  • Sugar contents affect your atomizers rapidly
  • Not recommended as dense flavored vape

Strawberry Watermelon POP Video Review

Choosing the Best E Juices — The Ultimate Buying Guide

So what should you consider when buying an E-Juice whether online or in any convenient store around you? Let’s find out!

What’s Your Flavour?

Different brands offer a wide array of favors for the E-Juice. This step comes first because, regardless of the levels of the other content like the nicotine, vapor production, and VG/PG, if you miss hitting your preferred vapor, the chances are that you will not go through the whole bottle. Fortunately for you, you will find it easy because E-Juice comes in almost any flavor you can imagine.

Before vapers start becoming adventurous, they usually settle for E-Juices that closely match their preferred cigarette brands. Since all manufacturers know this concept, they are generally very keen to meet the consumer demands hence hitting the market with all sorts of flavors to choose from.

How about The Nicotine Levels?

One of the critical factors to consider whenever you are out to buy any E-Juice is checking the nicotine level content. Different E-Juice comes with varying levels of nicotine for varying degrees of vapers. More experience vapers go for higher levels of nicotine. So how do you determine what level of nicotine to buy? Follow through!

  • 6mg and below- recommended for vapers who can only slam half a back or below
  • 9mg-16mg-For those vapers who can go through the half to one pack a day
  • 18mg to 36mg I generally for heavy chain smokers

The right amount of nicotine is crucial in nurturing the art; otherwise, too little of the content will lead to over smoking while too much of the same will lead to severe headaches and other side effects. A rule of thumb is to kick off with medium strength.

PG and VG

What are PG and VG? All E-Juices solution contains a base solution which comes in either propylene Glycol (PG) or Vegetable Glycerol (VG) or better yet, a combination of the two. Each of these two substances has an advantage over the other in which, PG produces a weaker cloud but a more flavor in contrast to VG which produces immense clouds, more viscous and also slightly sweeter taste.

Manufacturers will provide different E-Juice in various degrees of the base solution to achieve a varying vape quality overall. Some E-Juice will either come in one base solution or as a combination of both base solutions at varying degree ratios. One of the prevailing E-Juice rates is 60:40 for PG VG and which most vapers will be comfortable. However, several people don’t get along with nicotine. They will struggle to breathe when using a pure ratio of both bases. For this reason, it is advisable to acquire a pure VG blend or at least a proportion of 80% and above for VG solution and 20% for PG solution.

Don’t be Afraid to Test Different Flavours

Testing is critical if you have to get it right. Remember that there are numerous flavors out there for you to try before you can get the right one for you. Getting it right is not easy regardless whether you are a starter or real experience. Luckily for you, some convenient store locally will provide testers for their customers before they can buy. These testers help you to get the right flavor without having to keep spending for something you might not end up liking or even throwing away say the least.

What if you are buying online? How will you test the juice? Well, online retail shops will provide tester packs in small contents of 2ml to 10ml with flavors reaching up to 20 in number. To save yourself the trouble of overspending, you are recommended to purchase this tester combo packs for a smaller amount and get to experience all the flavors first hand.

One thing to keep in mind! Different flavors will appear differently in taste across different brands just as is for the nicotine levels. One peach flavor from beard will have a different peach flavor in naked 100’s peach collection. The same case for nicotine whose 12mg in one brand will have a substantially stronger effect on you when compared to a 12mg E-Juice from the other brand.

The trick is, test them all and see what works best for you.


It will take you quite some time before you can perfect the art of picking the right flavors, nicotine levels, and the precise PG/VG ratios for you to enjoy. After coming across so many products, we decided to pick out the best of the many that we thought will provide you with the best experience. So, don’t just settle for anything that comes your way. Feel free to explore the various options available to you and other brands not mentioned above. At the end of it all, if you settle for the cheap products, they will end up costing you so much more. Once you land on a few of your favorites, you will be well on your way to the league of expert vapers club.