Desktop vaporizers were among the first vapes ever to be developed, and they are still cool to date. Although they were originally designed to provide a better alternative to vape cannabis and reduce the effects associated with traditional smoking, people began using them as special ovens to bake dry herbs and produce vapor for inhaling.

Today, these units are widely used by users who want to enjoy vaping session to the fullest. Unlike portable vaporizers that are compact and small, these units are quite large, with many people saying that they produce a satisfying amount of delicious vapor. The experience is just different.

If you are looking to maximize your vaping sessions as you relax at home or with your buddies, you need to look for the best desktop vaporizers. We are going to help you with research, allowing you to get your preferred option without spending so much time browsing through countless options. Read on and pick your ideal vaporizer. IF you don’t know what to look for, make sure that you go through our buying guide first to help you make an informed decision.

Volcano Digital Vaporizer

This vaporizer is basically an improvement to the older Volcano Classic Vaporizer. Instead of the manual dial system, this device has a digital dialing mechanism. It is suitable for vaping cannabis and tobacco, either as a dry herb or in a form suitable for aromatherapy. In producing the newer device, the manufacturers have gotten rid of the metallic heat regulator and replaced it with a more accurate electronic control system to make it more functional and fun to use.

The Volcano Classic Vaporizer heats the herb through convection system with a temperature that ranges between 104°F and 446°F. You can easily tell the current temperature by looking at the digital display and adjust it according to your needs. This vaporizer heats the substance evenly without necessarily combusting it. To ensure that you don’t get exposed to big, harmful components, the device may have either the easy or solid valve. For continued use, this unit requires you to plug it into a simple electric socket.

  • Easy to use
  • Requires a simple electric socket
  • Comes with two valve types
  • Might prove to be too noisy for your liking
  • The size might too be too big for your convenience
  • May require to be placed on a tray

Volcano Digital Vaporizer Video Review

VapirRise 2.0 Vaporizer

In the last few years, people have moved from vaporizing tobacco to other herbs and concentrates. One thing you will love about the VapirRise 2.0 is that it is suitable for any herb you may wish to vaporize, including weed. It comes with two chambers, one for herbs and the other for oils. With two distinct adapters, this device can either be used by a single user or multiple users.

There’s more to love about the VapirRise 2.0. For starters, the unit comes with an accurate temperature control system that allows you to get the highest quality of vapor. Temperatures can go as high as 420°F depending on your needs. To make it better, it takes just one minute for the device to start producing vapor. You can opt for either the traditional whip or modern balloon system. To make the unit durable and long lasting, the heating element is made of high-quality ceramic, whereas the vapor path made of stainless steel. You can be sure to enjoy countless vaping sessions with this vaporizer.

  • Produces vapor of the highest quality
  • You have an option between the standard whip and modern balloon
  • Easy to use
  • The maximum temperature may be too low
  • May not vaporize all oils efficiently

VapirRise 2.0 Video Review

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer

The Extreme Q Vaporizer by Arizer is one of the most affordable products in its category. It is known for producing vapor of the highest quality and in the process minimizes instances of throat and lung burning.  The vaporizer also features digital controls for changing the fan speed as well as the temperature.

When it comes to the design, the desktop vaporizer has a shiny metallic appearance, which helps to get rid of any pungent aftertaste. To operate this device, all you need to do is first place it on the desktop, attach all of the required accessories, and turn it on.  Easy-peasy! Compared to similar devices, the Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer is quite easy to clean.

  • Has a quiet fan which enables it to run silently
  • The temperature controls are extremely precise
  • Produces the tasty vapor thanks to its innovative build
  • Contains fragile glass parts
  • The bag does not have any valves
  • Its bags take a while before filling up

Arizer Extreme Q Vaporizer Video Review

Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer

The German company Storz & Bickel has aptly named this vaporizer “Plenty” for a good reason. The device is capable of producing lots of vapor of the highest quality. What you get is thick, flavorful vapor, regardless of the herbs you prefer. It has a heat exchanger which supplies convection heat in plenty. This heats the screens and metal rings leading to the production of thick, rich plumes of vapor.

With this device, the extraction process is done to the fullest, given that you do not require special techniques to draw the vapor. The Storz & Bickel Plenty Vaporizer has a trigger, which you have to press every time you want the temperature to rise to a certain level. When it reaches the highest point, the temperature starts going down until you press the trigger again. You can easily move from a low temperature of 266°F to a high of 396°F using a small orange wheel.

  • Known to produce the highest quality vapor
  • The package includes a grinder and a wooden brush
  • Provides for a relatively wide air flow
  • When the temperature is at the lowest, you have to wait for a while before it rises again
  • May not be suitable for multiple users
  • May fail to provide the best vapor if the grinding isn’t done properly

Plenty Vaporizer Video Review

Arizer V Tower Desktop Vaporizer

The V Tower Desktop Vaporizer is another great product from Canadian firm Arizer. It operates using convection heat which flows through the botanical to vaporize the herb or oil in question. As you draw out the vapor, it is directed past the heating chamber.

Using the digital display, you can move from the lower temperature of 50°C a high of 260°C in no time. Once you are through with the session, turn on the air freshening potpourri bowl. Within no time, the people in the room will be able to enjoy the fresh air. Inside the device, there is a ceramic heating element and glass components, which ensure you get vapor of the highest quality. Like the other top vaporizers, it has a vertical heating chamber. The only thing that compromises the quality of vapor is the lack of a vapor cooling mechanism.

  • It is easy and convenient to use
  • Has a wide range of heating temperature
  • Produces high-quality vapor
  • Made of fragile glass parts which may break easily
  • It takes a while before it hits the highest temperature
  • Cleaning and maintenance involves taking it apart

Arizer V Tower Desktop Vaporizer Video Review

Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer

When “7th Floor” made the Da Buddha Desktop Vaporizer, they meant it for use with dry herbs. And yes, they made the vaporizer affordable to anyone looking to enjoy some delicious vapor. Despite its simple the desktop vaporizer produces vapor of impressive quality. It is a simple whip-style vaporizer for thicker clouds of vapor. You don’t have to wait until the balloon fills up to start enjoying your vaping session.

The only thing you might struggle a bit with this vaporizer is the control, considering that it has no calibration, which makes it hard to know the exact vaping temperature. But everything else — from the quality of the vape to the size is just perfect.

  • On average, it produces high-quality vapor
  • It is one of the most affordable vaporizers around
  • Easy to use for most people
  • Herbs need constant stirring to avoid unplanned combustion
  • Made of fragile glass components, which are easy to break
  • The heat control knob isn’t calibrated, making it hard to know the precise heating temperature

Da Buddha Video Review

NewVape FlowerPot Desktop Vaporizer

The best desktop vaporizers, according to most users, seem to be those that make use of convection heating. In that aspect, the NewVape FlowerPot Desktop Vaporizer seems to stand out from the rest. Its unique heating mechanism makes it easy to vape concentrates as well as dry herbs. You will find this vaporizer to be extremely easy to use.

The NewVape FlowerPot Desktop Vaporizer relies on an e-nail kind of controller and vaporizer. Even though the same device, it exists in two varieties. The first version of the FlowerPot comes with a multi-dish and is commonly known as the Wrap Around, which mainly works with concentrates. Alternatively, you may buy the Shower Head, which is useful for vaping dry herbs. The e-nail controller makes it easy to change the temperature settings to the level you prefer. But that doesn’t mean that you set extremely high temperatures which can ignite the herb and start combusting it.

  • Its simple design allows for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Has an e-nail controller, which makes it easy to move from the low to the high temperatures
  • Regardless of the type of FlowerPot vaporizer you choose, it will have a high-performance rating
  • Based on its design, the vaporizer is not suitable for carrying in your pocket
  • It comes at a relatively high price tag
  • You may not be able to use it while walking around

NewVape FlowerPot Video Review

VapeXhale EVO Cloud Vaporizer

If you are looking for a hard-hitting vaporizer to vape cannabis and other awesome herbs, we recommend the VapeXhale Cloud EVO. Instead of a simple heater, this unit also includes a Hydratube, a water filtration system or bubbler. The work of the Hydratube is to enable you to deal with the huge clouds of vapor emanating from the vaporizer. If getting a smooth vapor is your concern, don’t worry — this device has got you covered. Expect some of the best-tasting vapor anywhere.

This desktop vaporizer falls in the low-to-mid-temperature range. The air path is made of glass and is separated from the electronics and heating element. That’s one reason for the high-quality vapor produced by this device. If you really care about your health, this is the vaporizer you ought to buy.

  • Has a Hydratube which regulates the amount and quality of vapor you get
  • The design is safe, given that the glass is separated from the electronics
  • Great for a single-user experience
  • Takes longer to heat up
  • The temperature control knob does not have any calibrations
  • Made of delicate glass parts which could easily break

VapeXhale EVO Cloud Video Review

Hyer Big-E Rig Vaporizer

When a discussion is held about the best desktop vaporizers, the Big-E Rig by Hyer can never go unmentioned. It is a high-quality vaporizer that works more like an electronic nail. The device comes with a dedicated heating element, which vaporizes concentrates at a temperature of your choice. It features a sleek design that’s also very practical.

The unit also has an expendable base through which you can attach it to differently-sized water pipes. Even though the lowest temperature isn’t stated, this vaporizer can reach a maximum of 750°F. If you want the true flavor of your herbs, make sure you vape at a much lower temperature, though. To help you raise or lower the temperature to the desired level, this device has an electronic control system that’s very easy to use.  And unlike other devices, this vaporizer heats up in just 90 seconds.

  • It is electronic and does not rely on torch ignition
  • The heating controls are electronic and precise
  • Makes it easy to engage in portable dabbing
  • May prove difficult to read the display
  • The vapor produced may not be of the highest quality
  • It is not clear what the lowest operation temperature is

Hyer Big-E Rig Video Review

Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

Not many of the existing vaporizers are designed to use induction heating. That’s why the Dr. Dabber Switch is in a class of its own. With this vaporizer, you can use either dry herbs or concentrates. That makes it a multi-faceted vaporizer.

The Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer is powered by a reliable, long-lasting battery and relies on an electronic coil for heating. It takes less than an hour for the battery to charge fully. You can easily move from one temperature level to another using 5 LED lights. And there’s more — this unit allows you to operate in any of the 25 distinct temperature profiles depending on the vaping experience you want. The device has a switch for easy switching between the wax and dry herbs options. Expect huge vapor clouds full of flavor.

  • It heats up faster than some of the vaporizers featured here
  • Has a long battery life that allows for several times of use before recharging
  • Can be used for both dry herbs and waxy concentrates
  • You have to buy the quartz nail separately
  • Not easy to update firmware due to lack of a dedicated app
  • It may prove to be too costly

Dr. Dabber Switch Video Review

Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer

What kind of vaporizer are you looking for? If it is a high-end device that actually delivers, then you are better off with the Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer. In this category of devices, it has one of the highest price tags. Since it is mainly made of plastic parts, the vaporizer is highly durable. No need to be overly careful in the way you handle this unit, because it does not break or get damaged easily. Apart from vaping, you can use this device for your home’s aromatherapy needs. To minimize noise from the fan, simply toggle the quiet mode.

If you are having a timed aromatherapy session, the timer will come in handy. You can choose different durations — from just a few minutes up to an hour. The good thing is that the unit comes fitted with an LED display screen that utilizes colored lights, dials, and smartphone apps. With this vaporizer, you don’t need extra storage. The unit comes in a form that’s ready to use without any need for assembly.

  • Produces high-quality vapor
  • Heats up quite fast
  • Has a highly-accurate system for temperature control
  • Has a noisy cooling fan
  • Has vapor balloons which don’t last long enough

Herbalizer Desktop Vaporizer Video Review

Silver Surfer Vaporizer

When it comes to vaporizer design, very few devices can be described as futuristic. One of the few exceptions is the Silver Surfer Vaporizer. Due to its sleek, smooth design, it can easily be referred to as stylish and elegant. It is one of the products of “7th Floor”, a reputable vaporizer manufacturer.

The Silver Surfer Vaporizer comes with a radial dial on/off switch which is also the temperature control. It has a temperature knob, which is nothing more than a sensitivity control. On a whip-style heating system, that’s expected. Each of the vaporizers from this brand has a custom-made glass wand. Expect very smooth vapor from this device.

  • It has a 10-foot cable, which means you can walk around a room while using it
  • Has a wand that’s designed always to point upwards
  • Reliable and affordable
  • Heating control with no calibration
  • Tends to lean to the side making it awkward for some users
  • Not clear if it supports both concentrates and dry herbs

Silver Surfer Video Review

Vapor Cup Vaporizer

The Vapor Cup Vaporizer is perhaps the largest among the devices we have discussed. When holding this vaporizer in your hands, it feels more like a regular coffee mug, but its shape and size shouldn’t discourage you from buying it. If you are looking for a desktop vaporizer to use in public without attracting derogatory comments, this is your best bet. It costs less than most of the vaporizers of its caliber, yet gives you plenty of delicious vapors to enjoy your sessions.

The temperature settings of this desktop vaporizer are displayed on an OLED screen. Unlike other units which have glass components, this particular device is all-metallic, which makes it highly durable. Once you turn on the switch at the bottom, the OLED screen will come to life. In just a couple of minutes, you will have all the clouds of vapor you need.

  • Has a very compact, durable design
  • Produces smooth and tasty vapor
  • Has a comparatively long battery life
  • The mouthpieces may interfere with the quality of vapor
  • Takes a long time to charge the battery
  • The warranty is limited in terms of the time covered

Vapor Cup Video Review

Choosing the Best Desktop Vaporizers – The Ultimate Buying Guide

Desktop vaporizers have been around for quite long, especially considering that they are among the first vaporizers to be ever made. Because of their increasing use and popularity, it’s common to find many brands and options out there, making it very difficult when shopping for one.

Just to be on the safe side, and ensure you don’t get a raw deal, go through the pointers below and keep them in mind as you embark on this important shopping journey.

Types of Desktop Vaporizers

Desktop vaporizers don’t come in many types, but there are two main categories of these vapes: original desktop version and the e-nails. Let’s break them down for you:

  • Original desktop Vaporizers: These are the more common desktop vaporizers you are likely to come across in your shopping.  They come with a simple feature that allows for temperature control so that you can get the right quality of vapor. While some have conventional ceramic heating elements, others are revolutionary when it comes to the kind of technology in use, so don’t get confused when you hear about convection and induction heating systems. Buy a desktop vaporizer if you intend to use it mostly at home.
  • E-Nails. E-nail vaporizers are both great for desktop use as well as on-the-go. The differentiator is usually the kind of power a device would require to operate. If it needs to be plugged into a source of electricity, then it can be considered to be a desktop vaporizer. If it relies on a battery, then it is portable. The thing with e-nails is that they produce some of the highest quality vapor.


Even though vaporizers are more efficient than traditional smoking techniques, the levels of efficiency differ from one device to another. Thus, efficiency is one of the most important factors to consider before settling on a particular product. When it comes to vaporization you should consider the temperature levels of the device as they play a huge role in determining how efficient a device can be For instance, desktop vaporizers with high-temperature ranges and those that guarantee fast heat up time usually work very well. But don’t forget — coming with high-temperature ratings doesn’t mean you burn your stuff completely. You will miss that pure vapor that you seek to have.

Ease of Use

Some vaporizers require you to have the right knowledge to be able to benefit from them. You have to learn the techniques involved in getting the right amounts of vapor. That has to do with the draw speed, which determines the efficiency of whip-style vaporizers. Generally, it’s okay for such big vapes to require you to invest some time to learn all the nitty-gritty before you can master everything for a flavorful, quality vapor.  But also remember, the best desktop vaporizer is one that shortens that time.


While it may seem trivial, it matters the kind of material from which a vaporizer is made. Some devices feature ceramic heaters, while others do not. When it comes to the vapor path, some are metallic while others are made of glass or plastic. Of these, the glass components offer the highest quality of vapor you can find anywhere. The plastic material, on the other hand, guarantees you that the unit will not break easily even with a few falls. So, be very careful about the kind of vaporizer you choose.

Source of Power

Most desktop vaporizers require to be plugged into an electric socket. Only very few, especially those that also double as E-nails, have rechargeable batteries. Others require uninterrupted charging while in use.  Since you are choosing a desktop vaporizer and not a portable option, you expect the unit to come with a cord that you can connect to a plugin, as we have mentioned. But if you come across one with a rechargeable option, you are also at liberty to get it, provided it offers you enough vape time to ensure your sessions uninterrupted.

Transfer System

The transfer of vapor happens through a stem, tube, or pen. You may also draw the vapor straight out of the device. All of these consist of what we know as direct-draw vaping. The other method is known as forced air, in which a balloon or bag is filled with air before you draw it in. While all these options guarantee delicious vapor, most people tend to go for a device that allows for a direct draw, in general, claiming that they offer the best-tasting vapor.


That’s it, folks! As you’ve seen, shopping for a desktop vaporizer is not a walk in the park. You have to understand several things, including efficiency, ease of use, build, and other things to get the right fit for your needs. Which of the vaporizers do you think would meet your needs? By also going through the features, pros, and cons of all the products discussed here, you should be able to make a good choice.