2021 Picks

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Titan Controls Ares 4 - Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Generator LP - 10.6 CUFT/HR, 4 Burner, Liquid Propane, White


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WuyouChy CO2 Generator System Carbon Dioxide Reactor Kit with Diffuser
AutoPilot APGN0400 CO2, 4 Burner, NG Generator, White

Just like most other plants, marijuana utilizes carbon dioxide to flourish. The current atmospheric level of CO2 — which is about 400 parts per million (PPM) — might not be enough to accelerate the growth of your cannabis plants, especially if you are planning to grow herbs indoors. Generally, research shows that plants are grown in controlled environments rich in carbon dioxide exhibit remarkable growth rate, just like the way patients in hospital recuperate faster when fed in with pure Oxygen.

To provide the grow room with enough carbon dioxide; you need to invest in a good CO2 generator, which has the capability of raising the levels to almost 1500 PPM. This way, your weed bud yield will increase by up to a cool 30%. Amazing, right?

Well, the only issue that you might be faced with when setting up all the equipment needed is finding the best CO2 generators that will suit your needs. There are a lot of factors to consider aside from the budget. Read through our review and find out six cool CO2 generators you can purchase today and, of course, some of the things you need to keep in mind to ensure you get a worthwhile deal.

1.    WuyouChy CO2 Generator System

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Are you looking for an alternative method of providing your pot with CO2? How about WuyouChy CO2 generator which comes with SUS304 stainless steel bottle. These stainless steel bottles are more durable, reliable, steady, and efficient. The generator uses the acid-alkali reaction theory to produce high pure CO2. The burst pressure when the pressure is over the safe levels is 200kg/cm2. The safety valve on the cylinder automatically opens when the safe pressure level is reached.

WuyouChy generator comes with all the necessary accessories needed to set up the generator in your Pot grow house. These include; pressure gauge, tertiary filter, safety valve, pressure reducing valve, check valve, switch diffuser, bubble device, Fine adjusting valve, and a tube. This CO2 generator comes with the instructions for operation procedures. They are also easy to use. Manufacturers recommend that the levels of CO2 be reduced should this generator be used in an aquarium, otherwise for Pot growers, this is one of the best CO2 generators.

  • Durable, steady and efficient body
  • Comes with all the necessary accessories
  • Comes with instructions manual for use
  • May not produce enough CO2 to reach 1100ppm in space over 4×4
  • Does not come with a solenoid
  • Could have a higher mixture amount

2.    Titan Controls Ares 8-Burner Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Generator

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Titan is an eight burner CO2 generator which can burn C02 in high altitudes. This generator weighs 24.8 pounds and comes in the liquid propane model. However, Natural gas is also available from the manufacturer. The burners which are made from brass to prevent them from rusting come in two styles, NG = 22,163 BTU/hr and LP = 18,104 BTU/hr. The good thing is, you don’t need a changeover kit with this generator. Titan controls come with a dual redundant solenoid for controlling the source of gas.

The body of the generator is made from powder-coated chassis, which is not only durable but also very suitable for the hydroponic environment. In case of emergencies like falling, the generator features a tip-over switch which mutes the gas source to prevent damage. If you prefer to hang the generator overhead, the ceiling hooks and stout jack chain are mounted on the body. This generator comes with a 120V power supply.

  • Comes with a solenoid for controlling the gas
  • Made from high-quality material for durability
  • Features all the accessories needed for ease of setup
  • Does not feature a gas source
  • Can use a better design
  • Bulky

3.    The Green Pad CO2 Generator, 5 Pack

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Are you looking for the simplest way to generate CO2 for your marijuana? The Green Pad CO2 Generator is the simplest way to do just that. Suspend the generator right above your cannabis and spray it with some moisture to reactivate the generator instantaneously. All you have to do is make sure that you keep the generator relatively moisturized whenever you visit your pothouse. The Green Pad works for about two weeks after which you have to pull it down. This means that, after a week of hanging the first generator, be sure to hang the second one. This will ramp up the CO2 as the first one drains out.

Each Green Pad package comes with five pads of 12″ x 18″, a resealable bag, and two hangers. The manufacturer recommends that you use 2 Green Pads a week to keep the C02 levels of a 4’x4’x8′ marijuana tent at 1000ppm. To activate the Green Pad, you require about 35+% of humidity.  The higher the moisture, humidity, the higher the level of C02 released.

  • Very easy to use
  • Does not require constant operation
  • Easy to set up
  • Very bulky
  • Could have a simpler design
  • Require continuous moisturization

4.    PRO CO2 Air-Forced Bucket w/Handle for 8′ x 8′ Area – Natural Releasing Carbon Dioxide Boost

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Some generators look cumbersome, and even if they work, they take a great deal of effort to set up. Well, ProCO2 beats these odds. This generator comes in the form of a bucket of 10 x 11.5 x 10 inches and 4.48 pounds. The bucket has a built-in Air pump which produces enough CO2 to cover an estimated area of 8 x 8 ft. This bucket releases enough CO2 for your marijuana tent to last for a whole year, making this method, not only cost-effective but also time-saving contrary to the old CO2 tanks.

The Air-Forced ProCO2 features a handle which makes it easy for you to hang it overhead, right above your cannabis. The bucket can also be placed on a raised platform. A power cord which comes attached to the bucket powers the pump manifold maintaining CO2 levels all through. The pump manifold can also be controlled through a timer bought separately. The bucket is made from toughened plastic material which should not be placed near sources of heat.

  • Easy to use
  • High-quality material
  • Lasts up to a year
  • Low boost capacity
  • Does not raise the level of ppm steadily
  • Could be more effective

5.    Grow Box and Grow Tent Organic CO2 Generator For Hydroponics

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Grow Box CO2 generator is the best kit for those who are looking into generating a 100 organic C02 for their marijuana plants. This Kit comes with four refills which work four times the output of single CO2 can. Grow Box works well virtually in almost all growing areas. To boost the health and growth of your pot, mix the solution provided by Grow Box after which you will be required to put the generator into your grow tent.

The small supplies boost the CO2 of your grow house for approximately 2-3 weeks guaranteeing you 30% greater yields. The Grow Box organic kit comes with the following accessories; (4) (8 week supply) Growbro Organic C02 generator solution, (1) Large 1 Gal. Growbro generator kit, instructions of use backed by a lifetime warranty.

  • Easy to use
  • Lasts up to 8 weeks
  • 100% organic CO2
  • Less useful for large grow tents
  • Give off low ppm
  • Costly

6.    CO2 Generator – Liquid Propane LP – Autopilot APCG8LP

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 Autopilot APCG8LP is one of the safest and reliable CO2 generators. The housing is made of powder-coated steel, which is very useful in resisting rust, moisture, and discoloration. The generator works on 1.5 Amps/120 Volts/60 Hz and can deliver up to 22 cubic feet per hr. of CO2. This generator works well in spaces bigger than 14′ x 14′ ft. The generator comes with eight dual-mounted burners made of high-quality brass to prevent rusting. These burners also have dual solenoid valves.

Autopilot generator features two safety valves which prevent the fuel from flowing to the burner until the pilot lights. If the generator tips over and falls; the safety valve will also cut shot the fuel supply to prevent instances of danger. The generator also features a compact state electronic ignition unit which creates a spark that ignites the burners. LED error indicators give off warning in case the generator does not shut down correctly. Other components include 24V power supply, Hanging hardware kit, 12′ hose, and a pressure regulator. The Autopilot CO2 generators come in both Natural Gas and Propane models.

  • Very safe and reliable
  • Durable and sturdy
  • Come with all necessary accessories
  • Does not feature gas source
  • Very colossal
  • Costly

Choosing the Best CO2 Generators: The Ultimate Buying Guide

Yes, there are high levels of Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but they tend not to be consistent. You need a CO2 generator to move the aid around your grow room to ensure that the cannabis plants have enough to flourish.

Go through the following factors and keep them in mind as you start your shopping. Get the ideal tool and the weed will thank you!

Which is the best size of CO2 Generator?

The key to choosing the Best size of CO2 Generator lies in the size of the grow house for your Cannabis Sativa. Small grow house and tents require less amount of CO2 to reach the desired ppm, which is the primary measurement unit for an amount of chemical per unit volume of water or air. Some generators will effortlessly achieve the desired amount of ppm in a grow house which translates to the desired level of CO2 for your pot. Others struggle along and may end up being less productive. For example, for you to achieve 1100ppm in a 4’x4’x8′ marijuana tent, you require two packs per week. Find out from the manufacturer or retailer rate in ppm of the generator in correspondence to your grow house.

Go for the more Durable ones

Some generators are sustainable in terms of C02 production. Others are not. The key to finding an excellent CO2 generator is knowing how often it has to be refilled or replaced. In most instances, this will depend on the rate at which the gas is being given out by the generator and in other circumstances, the contents on the chemical reactors.

Grow Box comes with (4) (8 week supply) Grow Brox Organic C02 generator solution, which although it is a great deal is way less effective compared to PRO CO2 Air-Forced Bucket w/Handle which lasts up to a year giving you a full service in your grow cycle. It will take experimentation before you can learn which CO2 generators will provide you with a better service. But be sure to start with the ones the simplest ones like the PRO CO2 Air-Forced Bucket.

Heat dissipation

It is worthwhile noting that some CO2 generators which give off CO2 through the combustion of gasses also dispel heat. This heat may be damaging to Marijuana if it is not a requirement or countered. Some manufacturers have come up with mechanisms of countering that heat by using modern technology, especially in the 2,4,8 burner generators.  If you have not planned for heat elimination in the grow house, be sure to go for the generators that do not dispel heat.

Do all Generators come together with the source of the CO2?

Honestly speaking, NO! Some generators come separate from the gas cylinders. This means that you have to acquire the generator separately from the source of the gas. You know what this translates to, right? More costs on your end. Generators that use heat to dispel CO2 require the gas bottles to run; otherwise, they cannot generate CO2 on their own. This includes the liquid propane and natural gas generators. They have their advantages like achieving a higher ppm effortlessly.

However, other simpler CO2 generators come ready to use, and they are easier to set up and run. Many of this struggle to reach the desired ppm, although that is not always the case. We think both are worth trying, but at the end of the day, you are the best judge of what works best for you.

Should I go for Mechanical or automatic CO2 Generators?

Mechanical CO2 generators which require heating of gas to produce CO2 present some level of difficulty in operating them when compared to the automatic ones. If you are not in for some work every morning, we suggest you go for the simpler generators which require less effort to operate compared to the mechanical ones. Good contrast can be found between PRO CO2 Air-Forced Bucket which requires just hanging and a timer in comparison to Titan Controls High Altitude 8-Burner which requires a little bit of technical know-how.


CO2 can be generated through various chemical reactions like mixing of solutions, burning off-gases, etc. different CO2 generators adopt multiple methods of producing CO2, but they are all useful to plants even though in different levels. The key to the best CO2 generator is the is knowing which one helps you grow your marijuana in the best way possible. Whether it’s the mechanical generators or the automatic ones, at the end of it all, the result is what will justify the means.