Box Mods are considered as vaping machines for the experienced vapers, but the truth is that nowadays there are user-friendly options designed even for first time users. But even so, these small machines are the king in the world of vaping. If you are looking to take vaping to a whole new level with a bigger and more powerful pod vape, then yes, this is your perfect option.

Also known as vape mods, box mods incorporate the most advanced vaping technology, compared to the regular e-cigarettes and other vaping devices. They come with plenty of features to allow you to get the most out of your vape. These small devices also combine power and high capacity battery to give you long vaping session. What more could you want?

Whether you are a newcomer or an advanced vaper, there is absolutely no reason to be left behind in this vaping experience. Get any of the following box mods and make every vaping session a moment to remember!

Voopoo Drag Mini

The Voopoo Drag Mini is the latest offering from a company that has been providing the best vaporizers for experienced vapers. It has a built-in battery to enable you to get your marijuana vapor on-the-go. The battery has a 4400mAh capacity, which will last you for up to 6 hours on a full charge. That’s long enough for you to have vaped enough to allow for a charging break of 2 to 3 hours.

This device can produce power up to a maximum of 117W. In just a few seconds, you will have the device fired up and ready for use. Depending on the vapor quality desired, you can set the wattage to three levels.

  • Features a high-capacity built-in battery
  • Can produce up to 117 watts of heat
  • The battery lasts long and is efficient
  • Has an impressive UFORCE T2 tank, which is incomparable
  • Has different modes with no clear distinction
  • A little heavier than comparable devices

Voopoo Drag Mini Video Review

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W

The Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W is a powerful cannabis box mod that allows for USB charging. The battery has a capacity of 2200mAh, which is powerful enough to give a quality vapor. At a lower wattage, a fully charged battery will last you for up to a day. That’s way longer than you will get from similar devices. Another thing about the battery is that it charges fast. You will get up to 80 percent charge in just half an hour.

This mod is extremely easy to use. Simply turn it on with five clicks and then click thrice to go into selection mode. Follow it up by choosing between the power, TC-Ni, TC-SS, TC-Ti, TCR, and VPC modes. Select an option you want and click the fire button. Start inhaling the vapor.

  • Designed to be small and lightweight
  • Comes with precise temperature control with accurate settings
  • Has a simple, easy-to-use menu
  • Available in 17 different colors
  • May not be very accurate
  • The battery capacity is stated as 2200mAh when it should be 1800mAh
  • Some atomizers allow for a slight gap

Geekvape Aegis Mini 80W Video Review

Asvape Strider 75W

One of the most powerful box mods is the Asvape Strider 75W. It has several modes including BYPASS, TC, Power, and variable power curve (VPC). The vaping by this mod is efficient in all the available modes. In the TC mode, the Strider is more efficient than the other modes. It is powered either by a 18650 or 26650 battery. With the help of a 18650 battery adapter, you can change the battery as you wish. The battery is chargeable via USB or external outlet.

This is one of the few beautifully designed box mods on the market. It is available in two colors, namely silver and black. The outer surface is mainly made of aluminum alloy and carbon fiber. The viewing screen is made of sapphire glass.

  • Solidly made with an exquisite feel
  • Provides power above the stated 75W capacity
  • Has a wide temperature range for good quality weed vapor
  • Does not allow for 2 amp charging

Asvape Strider Video Review

Wismec Reuleaux RX Mini 80W

Not many mini box mods deliver the features of the Wismec Reuleaux RX Mini 80W. On top of the 80-watt power, this mod has a temperature range of between 100°C to 315°C. That’s wide enough to support stainless steel, titanium, and nickel coils. You can easily change from one temperature to another using a dedicated control.

It comes with a non-replaceable, built-in, lithium-ion battery. It has a capacity of 2100mAn. When the wattage is set between 20 and 30 watts, the battery can last for a whole day when fully charged. At the full 80 watts, it may last for only a few hours. You can charge the battery using the micro-USB port on the device.

  • A small, compact box mod that’s highly portable
  • It comes with ready-to-use temperature controls
  • Has an easy to navigate many, thanks to the intuitive user interface
  • Has an accurate and efficient board
  • The price might prove to be too expensive for a min mod
  • The adjustments buttons are tiny and at the bottom of the device

Wismec Reuleaux RX Mini Video Review

Voopoo Drag 2

If you have been vaping cannabis for a while, you would understand the reason Voopoo Drag 2 is loved for its quick firing speed. It is also easy to operate. After clicking the power button five times, the device will power on. Three clicks will take you to the place where you can change between the TC, FIT, and power modes. The device fires up in just 0.01 seconds.

It features a professional-looking minimal design. The tank comes with three airflow slots that are larger than those from previous versions of the device. It has a 5ml bubble glass which really fits nice. In addition, you may use any of the Uforce glass tanks with a capacity of 2ml to 8ml. regardless of the type of tank you choose, you can be sure to enjoy a smooth airflow.

  • Fires quicker than you would expect
  • Comes with a dual-parallel coil, ideal for medium wattage
  • The airflow is smoother than similar devices
  • The TC mode allows for limited wattage
  • The FIT mode may fail to work

Voopoo Drag 2 Video Review

Augvape Druga Foxy

If you are looking for a box mod that has no complication whatsoever, the Augvape Druga Foxy perfectly fits the bill. Unlike other devices in its class, it features only two modes, namely the voltage mode and wattage mode. That makes this cannabis box mod very simple when it comes to the ease of use. Click the fire button five times to turn it on or off. To move between the two modes hold the + and – buttons, which incidentally can be used to adjust wattage.

The Augvape Druga Foxy comes with two 18650 batteries which have to be charged externally. Once full, the battery will serve you for quite some time, even though the length of time is dictated by such as vaping frequency and power output.

  • A solid, compact design that leaves no loose parts
  • Has an easy to open the battery door
  • The voltage and wattage rating is accurate
  • The amp limit is somewhat overstated
  • The screen appears dim when the front panel is on

Augvape Druga Foxy Video Review

Geekvape Aegis Legend

An improvement on the original Aegis box mod, the Geekvape Aegis Legend is a meticulously designed device. Apart from being water-resistant, it is durable and beautiful. Thanks to the external rubber coating and leather backing, the device looks classy.

Like other devices in its class, the mod is easy-to-use. The on/off function is activated by just five clicks of the fire buttons. After three clicks, you can scroll through and pick a mode of your choice. Once you reach a preferred mode, accept by holding fire. Then use +/- to adjust settings.

  • A durable, water-resistant mod
  • Comes with an easy-to-use menu
  • Has a boost circuit for extra power
  • The TC mode has a wattage limit of 40W
  • A hard-to-close battery door

Geekvape Aegis Legend Video Review

Innokin Proton 235W

The Proton 235W box mod is the latest in a long list of vaping devices from the company. One of the major improvements, as seen through this device, is the dual-18650 battery capability. The batteries are rechargeable via the micro-USB port on the device. One thing you will love about this device is the 235 watts worth of vaping power. It is adjustable in increments of 0.5 watts at a time using a joystick control.

It has an easy-to-use menu, which enables you to set a vape cut-off time of 3 to 8 seconds. This allows you to take a break in between sessions of inhaling the vapor. It turns on/off with only three clicks of the fire bar. The system menu is accessible after another three clicks of the joystick. Very few box mods are less complicated.

  • The menu is easy-to-use, thanks to the dedicated joystick
  • Relies on an additional boost circuit
  • Small, compact, and highly portable
  • The 510 isn’t centered
  • The plastic screen cover is prone to fingerprint smudge and scratching

Innokin Proton Video Review

Vaporesso Luxe 220W

One thing that makes the Vapresso Luxe 220W stand out of the crowd is the large touchscreen. You will find the touchscreen to be smooth, sensitive, and extremely accurate. As you navigate through the various features on the screen, you will feel the vibrate feedback at work. On the screen, you will be able to see the vape timer, puff counter, voltage, amperage, resistance, current vape mode, and battery levels.

The technology behind this box mod ensures that the air flow is denser and thicker. It provides denser vapor clouds in smooth drags. The coil heads are made so as to optimize airflow and eliminate the inflow of cold air. The result is a richer, warmer flavor. What more could someone ask for?

  • Has a high e-liquid capacity of 8 ml
  • The coil features flax fiber material, one of the strongest fabrics
  • The air distribution system is quad flow, through and through
  • Has a super-fast 4.0 board
  • The surface is prone to fingerprint smudge

Vaporesso Luxe 220W Video Review

Asmodus Minikin 2

The Minikin brand of box mods has been around for some time now. If you have been vaping cannabis for long, you must have come across some of the older versions. The Asmodus Minikin 2 is the latest and features improvements that include the touchscreen. On the touchscreen, you can carry out all the control functions and displays including the puff counter, battery life, voltage, current vape mode, and coil resistance. This makes it easier to choose a function you intend to change.

You will love the fact that the Asmodus Minikin 2 fires into action almost immediately. It also moves between one mode and another pretty fast. If you must vape at the highest settings, the unit will take you there smoothly and amazingly fast. The wattage increments are set at 0.1W.

  • The display is highly responsive and easy-to-use
  • Features a compact and ergonomic design
  • Allows for multiple vaping outputs
  • The screen provides for bright display
  • Charges rather slowly
  • In TC mode, the power is limited at 120W

Asmodus Minikin 2 Video Review

Vaporesso Revenger 220W

A pioneer in the production of some of the best vape mods, Vapresso continues to come up with innovative products. Case in point is the Vapresso Revenger 220W mod. It is a revolutionary device that features an OLED screen with touch buttons. That means that all the control functions are available right there on the touchscreen. You can easily move from one vaping mode to another without much of a hassle. It doesn’t matter if you want the VW, VT, TC, M1, M2 or Bypass mode.

Who likes a vaping mod that charges forever? If you want a device that will get to the full charge in no time and allow you time to vape your favorite cannabis, try the Vaporesso Revenger 220W. In 50 percent less time, the battery will be full.

  • Has an easy-to-use OLED screen
  • Has an OMNI board 2.2, which is a top-notch chipset
  • Features a clock to remind you of your vaping time
  • Settings can be a little bit confusing to those trying cannabis vaping for the first time

Vaporesso Revenger 220W Video Review

Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 Dual

Wismec has been making e-cigs for a while now. In line with their innovativeness, they have come up with the Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 vaping mod, which is smaller, lighter, ergonomic, and more compact compared to the previous version. Thus, it is highly portable and can fit in any pocket. This is great for cannabis vapers who like using their favorite herbs on-the-go. Another great feature is that a fully charged battery can last for at least 2 days, even with heavy use. So if you like camping, this is the device to buy.

There is no compromising on the vapor quality with this device. It has two coil heads, which zealously deliver the vapor you need through the tank. When in full use, the coil heads last for up to 7 days before you notice a change in the vapor flavor. It is easy, painless, and neat to refill the tank, thanks to the retractable top.

  • A small, compact, highly portable device
  • Has a maximum power output of up to 300 watts
  • Ergonomically designed to make cannabis vaping easier for you
  • The battery latch seems a little too weak
  • Fits atomizers with a 24-mm diameter and above

Wismec Reuleaux RX Gen3 Dual Video Review

Smoant  Ranker 218W

The Smoant Ranker 218W mod is the latest from Smoant, a premier manufacturer of vaping devices. The difference with previous versions is that the latest device features an updated Ant218 V2 chip. As such, it fires up in just 0.015 seconds. If you are a little impatient when it comes to the time you have to wait for a vaping device to fire up, this is one you should consider buying.

The user interface is both intuitive and easy-to-use. Here, you will find different temperature control options including TCR, stainless steel, titanium, and nickel. It is also possible to adjust wattage in the TC mode. Other adjustable features include the temperature and power curves. Add to that the fact that the chip is super-responsive and you have a wonderful vaping device.

  • Comes with a number of modes offering plenty of choices
  • The user interface is intuitive and easy to use
  • Great screen size and excellent picture quality
  • Might be larger than you want
  • Uses only 25-mm atomizers and above

Smoant  Ranker 218W Video Review

Smoant Cylon

The Smoant Cyclon is another one of the mods from this company that feature an Ant218 V2 chip. As such, it has a faster fire-up time of just 0.015 seconds. The good thing is that you can upgrade this chip. It has a maximum output of 218 watts, which makes it great for both beginners and pros.

It has an elaborate menu from which you can select Wallpaper, Setting, TC Mode, and VW Mode. Navigation through the menu is infinitely easy. Besides, you can adjust the temperature and power output settings using +/- on the home screen. It is also possible to change the wattage when at which you want to use the box mod. At 60W, the dual 18650 batteries last for up to one day.

  • It is excellently built and strong
  • The device fires up in an instant
  • The 510 connection is centered
  • Has a simple menu through which you can easily navigate
  • A large and bulky box mod
  • Is not compatible with a 20700 battery

Smoant Cylon Video Review


SMOK has been manufacturing box mods for many years and the Mag is an addition. It is a high-performance vaping mod when it comes to the wattage. With a maximum capacity of 225 watts, it is comparable to other devices.

It is an easy-to-use box mod. In fact, you don’t have to be a seasoned vapor to be able to use it. This device has the same old menu available on other SMOK devices. Click the fire button five times and you will be able to unlock it. With just three clicks, you will open the menu. Then use the up and down buttons to scroll through the menu. Every time you find what you are looking for, simply select it by pressing the fire button. No box mod can be simpler.

  • The menu is simple and easy-to-use
  • The fire button is large enough, so you can’t miss it
  • Has a wattage comparable to other box mods.
  • The temperature control function may not be up to par
  • Not suitable for 30 mm atomizers without causing an overhang

SMOK MAG Video Review

Eleaf iStick Pico

Are you an experienced or even a beginner in vaping? Are you looking to switch to advanced mods? Worry no more, Eleaf iStick Pico is your best bet because it is easy to use, very compact, feels very good in the hand and it’s quite affordable.

On top of that, Eleaf iStick Pico starter kit comes in a cool package that is wrapped in a white cardboard box that contains 75W iStick Pico micro- mod, a Melo 3 Mini tank, a USB Cable, two EC coil heads and spare O-rings. If you prefer an aesthetic yet innovative mod, then it is your best option as it is only powered by just an interchangeable 18650 battery that gives a 75W output.

  • Easy to use as the fire buttons are located in the right places.
  • Great performance from in just a tiny package from both mod and tank
  • Ample power -75W
  • It has an impressive tiny stealth vaping set-up
  • The temperature control feature is accurate and has numerous features
  • Frequent e-liquid refills as it has only a 2ml capacity
  • The case fits a little loose and is not durable
  • There are some compromises on the design

Eleaf iStick Pico Video Review

Tesla Punk 220W

The Tesla Punk 220W is an eye-catching mod that is quite a conversation starter in the vaping world. It is well advanced as it comes in TCR mode that allows you to customize the temperature and can power up to 220W.  Because it’s made from zinc alloy metal, light would not be the best way to describe it. Regardless of its heavy nature, Tesla Punk 220W is very durable and great to feel on the hands.

If you are not much into reading the manuals, then this mode is perfect as you can just sit down for a few minutes and figure out the menu which is pretty straight forward. The mod has an OLED screen that displays necessary information such as battery life, coil resistance, voltage, ohms, vaping mode and wattage read out. Although it’s squeezed tightly in a small space, it is not that hard to navigate. It comes in 3 interesting colors; copper, gunmetal and brass.

  • Quality and beautifully built
  • Has a great watt mode performance
  • Very easy menu systems
  • It has a solid battery cover
  • It has advanced features
  • The mod is very heavy and bulky
  • Dirt get stuck in the plastic side pieces
  • The LED lights on the side are unnecessary

Tesla Punk 220W Video Review

YiHi SXMini G Class SX550J 200W

If you are a vapor who likes elegant yet advanced mods, then YiHi SXMini G Class SX550J 200W is for you. It’s not only easy on the eye, but also has a powerful YiHi chipset technology accompanied by an OLED screen display that has changeable wallpaper and a uniquely designed joy stick control.

The mod is packaged very well and it contains SXMini G Class, a USB type C, a charging cable that is beautifully plaited and a user-friendly detailed manual. You can simply sit back and enjoy your vaping with no overhang as the mod has a centered 510 that fits 30mm atomizers.

It is safe to say that chipset feature present on this mod is safe and efficient as it has circuit that controls temperature from 212 to 572°F and wattage up to 220w. What more, its compatible with other Bluetooth devices and comes in two colors; luxury gold and golden black.

  • Has centered 510 that fits 30mm atomizers
  • It’s made of quality material and its highly customizable
  • Has a feature- rich menu
  • It’s Bluetooth compatible
  • You have to manually lock resistance in TC mode
  • It is expensive

YiHi SXMini G Class Video Review

Modefined Prism

One of the things to look out for when buying a mod, is the brand and because Modefined Prism is made by the Lost Vape Modefined which is by the way the sister company, there’s no telling that this is a very good mod. And because it uses a DNA chip, it makes it affordable. On the battery door, it has a luxurious leather material and carbon fiber which makes it quite a looker.

The mod is a triple 18650 high Amp and a wattage range of 7-250w with an adaptable temperature control.  With a centered 510 which fits 30mm atomizers, this mod offers great vaping experience without any problems. If you are looking for a mode with good performance with a smooth and consistent vape, then Modefined Prism offers good value for money. Besides this mod is not big which makes it portable and it has a great feel on the hand and several color options to choose from.

  • Has a great performance and battery life
  • Has centered 510 that fits 30mm atomizers with no hang ups
  • It has an impressive build material
  • It’s accurate in power and TC mode
  • It has a comfortable form factor
  • The menu system is pretty basic
  • It has no TCR mode
  • The amp limit is low for a triple battery mod

Modefined Prism Video Review

Lost Vape Triade DNA 250

No one can argue about the impressive details and precision put in designing the Lost Vape Triade DNA 250. As a matter of fact, mods designed from Lost Vapes are crafted and executed perfectly. This mod is just 85mm by 50mm by 40mm which makes it easy to carry around and it’s easy on the palm.

It has a triple battery chamber with a smooth battery insertion which prevents damage to the battery door. You will love having this mod at home as it is a high performance engineered for comfort and great battery life.

This mod had the latest DNA 250 board features with temperature control which makes it possible for vapers to save their favorite setting and replay it for consistency and therefore have smooth vaping experience. The menu system is quite easy if it is hooked to Escribe application.

  • It is a great built and therefore efficient and durable
  • It has an amazing replay mode
  • Escribe feature makes it customizable
  • They come in limited color options
  • It’s on the expensive side
  • The 510 platform should have been flat to enable it to run bigger tanks without looking daft.

Lost Vape Triade DNA 250 Video Review

Choosing the Best Box Mods- The Ultimate Buying Guide

As the trend for vaping increases, so is the increase in the competitions among companies to deliver the best box mods for an ultimate vaping experience. Having said that, it has become extremely difficult to choose the best mod as there is quite a lot to choose from and especially if you’re new into the vaping world.

Box mods can be expensive to buy and therefore, you need to choose an option that will satisfy your needs. Are you worried about buying the best box mod will be a confusing experience? Worry no more because this buying guide will help you decided the best box mod to ideally fit your needs;

Types of Box Mods

  • Regulated box mods

These are box mods with built in microchips. They are known as regulated vape mods because power can be controlled by the simple touch of a button. They allow you to control the voltage and wattage to increase vape production and therefore they happen to be the most expensive in the market.

If you are a vaping enthusiast and you like to enjoy some flavors then this type of mode is perfect for you.

  • Unregulated (mechanical) box mods

These particular box mods do not contain any microchip and hence cannot vary on the voltage and wattage on this particular vaporizer. Despite the lack of power output control, many vapors are still satisfied with this particular type. Unregulated box mods contain replaceable batteries.

This type of box mods is perfect for experienced vapers who know what wattage they prefer.

Battery Life

How often do you vape? The amount of times you vape in a day should determine the type of box mod to buy. If your box mod hardly has time to breath, then you need to consider one with a longer battery life. Luckily for you, larger 18650 box mods accept up to four batteries. This means that they have high wattage, longer life, and higher performance.

Although the most common modes have one or two internal battery, they range in a vast number of capacities that ranges from 1000 mAh to more than 5000 mAh. Hence the capabilities of a battery are dependent on the output.

What’s Your Style?

Box mods come in different shapes, configurations, sizes and aesthetics. Typically, box mods are handheld devices, but they come in different sizes, it’s good to consider the size that you will be comfortable with.

Some vapors prefer box mods with a sharp finish while others would like an aesthetic curved finish. Box mods come in different materials and vapors need to decide on the material of choice when it comes to deciding on the mod to buy.

Do you like Very Advanced Devices or Prefer to keep it Simple?

Latest mod usually come with a chip that allows for adjusting wattages and voltage with which is delivered to the atomizer. They also have a display function that shows all the information regarding functions and settings. Some mods also have sophisticated features such as voice command recognition, preheat, power curve and boost mode. So, if you are a person who is interested in technology then you might want to go for mods with advanced circuit mods that gives the ability to manage settings yourself.

Some vapors really do not like to go through the hustle of operating their devices and prefer a simple straight forward mod. Well, if you are that person, then it would be better to go for mechanical mods that do not require little technical skills.

What is Your Budget?

First things first, before buying the box mod, you have to know how much you’re willing to spend. Averagely, box mods range between $40 and $150. Many box mods are priced around $50. However, advanced box with DNA and YiHi powered mods are usually more expensive and may range between $100 and $200.

Some mods are carefully handcrafted and they are made from expensive material. Not unless you are a collector who does not mind being on the waiting list due to limited production of these mods, then you should consider going for the less customized mods.

Does it have Warranty?

No matter how well engineered a box mod is, faultiness in devices is inevitable. That is why it is important to buy a box mod with a warranty.  Advanced mods like YiHi SXMini G Class SX550J 200W and Tesla Punk 220W offer a warranty of 6 months up to 1 year while mods like Eleaf iStick Pico comes with a 90 days warranty. It is also important to shop from a legit shop either physical or online.


Well, now you have some suggestions and reviews of the best box mods in the market and the several factors to consider while buying. This should make it easier to decide which box mods fit you. Just remember that the models discussed above differ in terms of price and functionality. If you get the mod that you like, you will more likely want to stick to it. So read the reviews and vape on!