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VIVOSUN Air Filtration Kit: 4 Inch 203 CFM Inline Fan with Speed Controller


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TopoGrow 4" High CFM Inline Fan Carbon Air Filter Combo
iPower 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Fan Carbon Filter 8 Feet Ducting Combo

Cannabis plants flourish best when exposed to fresh air and a nice breeze. When growing this herb outdoors, you don’t need to worry about these factors are they are in abundant out there. But if you are looking to grow them indoors, you need to have complete control over the air circulation so that you can create a perfect environment for the garden, mimicking nature. The best way to achieve this is by purchasing a good air ventilation kit.

You see, air ventilation kits are designed to exchange the air in your grow room. It keeps them cool, fresh air inside, and flashes out the stale, hot air. This, in turn, prevents mold, fungi, and bugs, all of which flourish in a hot, humid environment that has poor airflow.

But you may ask; which are the best air ventilation kits? What are some of the things you need to consider to ensure you get a great deal for the growth of your cannabis? Well, read on and discover the answers.

1.    iPower 4 Inch 190 CFM Inline Fan

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iPower fan blower has a rating of 206 cubic feet per minute (CFM) with a 4 inch, 190 CFM duct line. iPower is crafted using high-quality UL components, giving you excellent ventilation service with less noise. Its center hub combined with the composite fan blades reduces vibration and noise by a significant margin.

iPower features a 4 inch  1050+ IAV Australia charcoal filter. Keep in mind; this is one of the worlds best absorbent carbon. The charcoal filter has a reversible flange. The aluminum ducting is made of stainless steel and has a thickness of 4 inches by 8 feet in length. Two stainless clamps come along with this ducting. The ducting has a flame retardant coating as well as wire helix which does not corrode.

The fan blower has a temperature endurance of 0-185 degrees Fahrenheit. A control switch for three different settings; (OFF, LOW, MED, HIGH) is also featured to suit your marijuana grow house. The controller can not be adjusted below 50% for the safety and lifespan of the motor. iPower is a multifunctional fan blower which removes heat, and putrid odors

  • Features one of the best absorbent carbon in the world
  • Multifunctional in heat and odor removal
  • Features an adjustable speed controller
  • Very heavy for a grow tent
  • Makes noise when combined with a speed controller
  • Easy to clog up

2.    PrimeGarden 4” Inline Fan

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Prime Garden brings you an inline fan filter combos with a surface area of 900-1000sqm/gram. This inline air filter has a maximum temperature endurance of 400 degrees Celcius and operates at an environment temperature of  20-65 degrees Celcius. Prime Garden features a 100 watts, 4-inch inline duct fan with a maximum of 189CFM, 2850RPM and comes to you completely wired, strain relief, Powder cord, and a junction box as well. If you are looking for the best noiseless air ventilation kit for your marijuana, then Prime Garden is the way to go.

Prime Garden inline fan blower has 4-inch silver flex ducting which stretches 25 ft with a flexible double silver layer. The ducting comes two 4”1/2 adjustable clumps made of galvanized steel. Its digital thermometer hygrometer has an indoor temperature range of Indoor:-10℃~+50℃ (+14℉ ~ +122℉) and outdoor temperature range of -50℃~+70℃ (-58℉ ~ +158℉).

The hygrometer is powered by 1 AAA battery cell. The hygrometer operates in both Celcius and Fahrenheit with both outdoor/indoor temperature display as well as a humid indoor display. A 24hour 15ampheres timer dual timer is inclusive of this product. It has a 24-hour cycle and a 15 minute on/off.

  • Comes with a Junction box, entirely wired and with strain relief
  • Features a digital thermometer, Hygrometer
  • Energy efficient with a  100watts motor
  • Inferior filter which is not durable
  • Hard to connect the carbon filter to the fan
  • Could be more efficient

3.    GreenHouser Hydroponics 6″ Carbon Air Filter and Inline Fan

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Unlike a few other air ventilation kits, GreenHouser Hydroponics comes with a 6” carbon air filter with dimensions of 18″H x 9″D. the air filter features changeable Velcro pre-filter for incomparable odor control.  For a more enhanced airflow, the inner and outer mesh has a 53% open area. GreenHouser features a 174 watt, 120V/60HZ inline fan with a speed of 2780RPM and capacity of 460CFM. GreenHouser comes with a junction, completely wired, strain relief and a power cord. It is worth noting that this is a light and easy to install ventilation kit.

Much like the Prime Garden, this Ventilation kit comes with a hygrometer whose temperature range falls between -50 ° C ~ + 70 ° C (-58 ° F ~ + 158 ° F). The hygrometer displays time, humidity percentage, indoor and outdoor temperature, and has an alarm. The fan speed controller features a switch for variable speed setting.

Finally, a dual-outlet timer is also included with a minimum time setting of 15 minutes and a maximum time setting of 24 hours. Time is display in both AM and Pm and can be used for other systems as well.

  • Features a dual outlet timer
  • Features a thermometer and hygrometer
  • Has a capacity of 460CPM
  • A little pricey
  • Does not allow for reheating
  • High energy consumption

4.    CastleGreens 4 Inch 190CFM Duct Inline Fan

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If you are looking for a lower capacity air ventilation kit, CastleGreens which has a total capacity of 190CFM will do well. This air ventilation has an energy consumption rate of 87watts, 120V, and features noiseless composite fan and center hub. CastleGreens fan blower comes with a 4 inch RC-48 Australia Charcoal Filter with a 2” carbon layer thickness, 4” flange and a 12” ducting.  The 4 inches uninsulated ducting is made of aluminum and comes in a length of 8 feet.

The ducting comes with two stainless steel adjustable clamps. The ducting is flame-retardant. The ducting, which features a wire helix that is corrosion-resistant, can endure temperatures between 0- 185°F. If you are looking into suspending your CastleGreens ventilator, you can do so with its 1/8” heavy-duty rope hanger which comes with internal metal gears. CastleGreen air ventilation kit is a multipurpose ventilator which can be used in a variety of settings.

  • Has a wide range of applications
  • Comes with a free pre-filter
  • Features heavy-duty hangers for suspending the ventilator in your marijuana grow house/tent
  • Does not come with a timer inlet
  • Does not feature a display for temperature, humidity, and other essential information
  • Does not allow for reheating of the environment

5.    Hydro Crunch 8 inch 677 CFM Inline Duct Fan

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Hydro Crunch, which comes with a variable speed controller, is the best air ventilator for your marijuana grow house/tent. Hydro Crunch is made especially for people who want to circulate large volumes of air for cannabis plants to flourish. The ventilator features an 8 inch 677 CFM inline duct fan with an RPM of 2500 and power consumption rate of 205 watts. It is capable of drawing a large volume of air. An 8” by 24” virgin carbon filter complements this air ventilator well. The air duct measure 25 feet long and 8” by 24 and has a temperature endurance of 0-185+F. It is insulated.

The inline duct scrubber fan enables scrubbing of the charcoal filter. Hydro Crunch has a permanently lubricated bearing which requires little to no maintenance at all. The composite fan blades coupled up with the center hub reduce the noise levels as well as the vibration. Hydro crunch is a versatile device which is used for more than just the marijuana ventilation. It can work in the attic, warehouse, bathroom, and also greenhouse.

  • Has a lousy odor removal efficiency of 99.5%
  • Duct scrubber fan requires zero maintenance
  • Reduced noise and vibration levels
  • High energy consumption rate
  • Does not come with speed controllers
  • Does not include timers and temperature/hygrometer essential for the display of information

6.    TopoGrow 4″ High CFM Inline Fan

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TopoGrow which features an activated carbon filter of 10″H x 8″ D is also one of the best air ventilation kits for marijuana growers. The activated carbon filter has an iodine absorption value of 950 and a surface area of 900-1000sqm/gram. This filter uses coal-based activated carbon. And has a carbon layer thickness of 1.5 inches.  The screen features a changeable Velcro prefilter and a housing mesh made of zinc-anodized steel. It also boasts a reversible flange and a pre-filter.

TopoGrow has a 4-inch inline duct fan which runs on 120V/60HZ and consumes about 100 watts;0.86A. The fan has a speed of 2850RPM and a total capacity of 189CFM. The fan comes entirely wired inclusive of a junction box. Strain and power cords are included in the package. The fun is fluted on each side to receive ducting. The ducting of this ventilation kit features a silver flex with a 4-inch double layer. It measures 4 inches by 25 feet long. It also features an elastic silver double layer. The clamps which are made of galvanized steel come in 4”1/2.

  • Features a high efficiency activated carbon filter
  • A fairly low energy consumption rate
  • Features heavy-duty clamps Made of high quality galvanized steel
  • Has a low capacity airflow
  • The filter mesh steel housing is prone to rust
  • A little pricey for its capacity

7.    VIVOSUN Air Filtration Kit: 4 Inch 203 CFM Inline Fan

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With VivoSun, your days of buying and returning parts that are not compatible with your ventilator are over. This ventilator pis a three-part system which comes with every component required to get you going. These parts include a powerful inline fan which runs on p68 watts, 0.62A and a noise level of 49dB. The fan has a speed of 2500RPM and works on 110V/60HZ. All the components are ETL recognized.

Vivosun features a premium carbon filter whose exterior and interior construction provides 53% open surface area for unrestricted airflow. The carbon filter comes entirely assembled with easy off/on pre-filter as well as an adjustable flange.

The ducting and the clumps are made from high-quality aluminum, are corrosion-free, resistant to low/high temperatures, and are durable. The ducting features a three-layer thickness, with a flame retardant coating and a temperature range of -22 to 266 Fahrenheit. The ducting features steel wire reinforcement with a flexible length for the exhaust fan blower.

  • Inclusive of two belts for support
  • A low energy consumption rate
  • The carbon filter features high-quality interior and exterior housing
  • Has no provision for timer outlet
  • Package does not include a fan speed controller
  • High maintenance cost of the motor

8.    TopoLite 4″ Inline Fan Carbon Air Filter Fan

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The way to the best ventilation kits is going for low energy consumption, yet average output fan blowers like TopoLite whose inline duct fan has an airflow capacity of 189CFM and 101Watt rating. The fan works on 120V/60HZ. 0.86A and has a speed of 2850RP. The fan comes entirely wired together with a junction box, power cord, and strain relief. The fan itself is very light and easy to install.

TopoLite features an activated 4-inch carbon filter with a 4-inch flange whose dimensions are 10″H x 7″D. the filter has an n iodine absorption value of 950 making it highly efficient. The filter has a surface area of 900-1000SQM/g with a maximum temperature endurance of 400 degrees Celsius and an operating environment temperature of -20 to 65degrees Celsius.

For a higher absorption rate, the filter features a thick carbon layer. The silver flex ducting features a 4-inch double layer which extends 25 feet in length with an elastic double silver layer. 4”1/2 galvanized steel clamps are included for fixing the device.

  • A high-efficiency energy consumption rate
  • A high-efficiency iodine absorption rate
  • Relatively cheaper than comparable air ventilators
  • Has no provision for a 24-hour timer outlet
  • No cover for duct support
  • Does not come with fan speed controller

9.    BloomGrow 4” Inline Fan

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BloomGrow ventilation kit comes with a 4-inch inline duct fan with a power consumption rate of 101Watts,0.86A, a speed of 2850RPM and a total airflow capacity of 189CFM. The fan runs on 120V60HZ. A 4-inch silver flex ducting which stretches 25 feet drives the air in out f the grow house. The duct is elastic and also features a double silver layer.

BloomGrow boasts an activated carbon filter which has iodine absorption of 950. The carbon layer measures 1.5 inches thick and an overall surface area of 900-1000SQM/gram. The carbon filter can endure temperatures of up to 400 degrees Celsius and an operating environment temperature of 20-65 degrees Celsius.

The carbon fiber is crafted using zinc iodized steel housing mesh. The overall life expectancy of the carbon filter is 1 to 1.5 years. 4and half inch clamps for suspending the ventilation kit is included in the package. To top it all, you can expect a Digital thermometer Hygrometer which runs on 1xAAA battery cell, 24-hour timer outlet, and fan speed controller.

  • Comes with Digital Thermometer Hygrometer
  • Features a fan speed controller
  • Features a 24-hour timer outlet
  • Very pricey
  • Does not cover a vent support
  • Hard to connect the carbon filter to the fan

10. IOBIONICS Grow Tent Complete Ventilation Kit

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If you are looking for a comprehensive ventilation kit for your weed, Iobionics which is very efficient and effective in controlling bad odors will do the magic. This air ventilator features a 4-inch carbon with a rating of 200CFM which uses the 1050+ RC48 Australian Virgin Charcoal granules. For a higher and effective absorption rate, the filters as a large surface area. The carbon filter housing is made of lightweight, durable metal, making the whole system easier to set up.

The inline fun is made with cutting edge brushless motor which runs on DC coupled with a dual air-jet fan blade. The fan delivers up to 190CFM with only 20 watts. The V4 ECM Inline Fan delivers heat and cooling to the desired locations quietly. It does well to remove moisture, smoke, dust, and bad odors as well. The speed of the fan is adjustable (0-100%) while maintaining the same noiseless scene. For your information, the I/O V-Series Fan meet the 507 UL standards, are ETL listed and are certified to CSA Standard C22.2 No 113.

  • Includes fan speed controller
  • Features machine washable pre-filters
  • Comes with a digital timer thermometer hygrometer
  • Pricey
  • Has a low airflow capacity
  • Does not cover vent support

Choosing the Best Air Ventilation Kits: The Ultimate Buying Guide

 What do you need to keep in mind when looking for the best air ventilation kits for your grow house? Let’s dive right into it!

Airflow in Cubic Feet Per Minute

Choose a fan with a CFM rating appropriate for your room size to ensure adequate ventilation. Manufacturers recommend that the capacity of the ventilation kit be 10-15 times the volume in the space being ventilated. If you plan to duct out the fan, be sure to increase the capacity of your equipment to offset the resistance of air caused by such aspects such as the bends, grills and the duct itself.

Ventilation Fan Installation

Depending on your space, choose a ventilation fan that will suit the method of installation provided for your grow house. The ventilation kit should come with braces and belts for aiding in installation. Most set-ups will require the equipment to be hung overhead, but wall mount and floor mount setups are also available. For instance, PrimeGarden and GreenHouser are all best suited for overhead hanging but can also work well on the ground.

Provision for Timer Outlet

When looking for the best ventilation kit for your marijuana, be sure to go the one that has cover for timer outlet. Most ventilation kit timers are not included in the package and have to be sourced for separately. Whichever the means of acquisition, timers come in handy when ventilating a grow house/tent. The timer will basically with off the fan and switch it on at the set time hence saving you the time and effort required to keep monitoring the fan.

 Fan Speed Controller

Fan speed controllers are convenient in regulating the speed of the fan in RPM. The higher the speed relates to higher RPMs. At some point, you will need to increase and decrease the rate of airflow until you achieve an optimal rate. If the ventilation kit does not provide for a fan speed controller, you will likely not be able to regulate the amount of air circulating in your marijuana tent. This could be detrimental to your native plants.

Energy Consumption in Watts

Different motors require a different amount of more energy to drive them. Where two comparable ventilation kits have the same output but different energy consumption rate in watts, then it becomes obvious to go for the more energy-efficient one. For example, Iobionics, which delivers up to 200CFM, has an energy consumption rate of 20watts compared to that of Vivosun’s 68 watts fan which delivers 203 CFM. Thus, Iobionics is more energy-efficient than Vivosun despite the same capacity.

Heat Produced by the lights

When lighting a grow house, using different lights variates the heat significantly. For example, LED lights have less heat impact compared to HID lights, which heat up considerably. With that in mind, go for the type of air ventilator that will help counter the heat produced by the corresponding lights you use in your grow house.

The diameter of the fan

By now, you realize that fans come in different sizes. While it may not be easy to choose a specific fan diameter, \with a range of 4inches to 16 inches, a safe bet would be 6 inches. Why is this? Typical indoor setups usually are to accommodate that size the event that doesn’t work for you; then it would make more sense to get an inverter as opposed to a new fan.


Having said it all, for successful marijuana growth, you need the best air ventilation kits in the market. These keep the plants healthy, the air fresh and promote photosynthesis in the plants. How well you take care of your plants will determine the quality of weed you will get. So choose the right ventilation kits. Keep in mind the size of the fan you require, the energy consumption rate, and the accessories included in the package; you will never go wrong.