Hello and Welcome

I'm Jack, the guy behind this website. I love growing and I grow everything from tomatoes to Marijuana (yes I'm getting high during weekends). What I've learned during the past 6 years is that correct lighting is crucial to get a better result no matter what you're growing not speaking about expenses.

Long story short

I've decided to create this website to help to get a correct product and on what to focus. Haha what's the catch? Believe or not it's profitable to share knowledge if it's worthy :)

Let me introduce the sections of our website in brief.

Homepage - in a nutshell, it gives you fast tips and showcase the products.
Brand Pages - We've put all the best models in comparison tables with reviews
Comparisons - Here you can witness battles of most successful models
Bests section - This section automatically scan and filter products with $/watt comparison and reviews, very handy if you know your budget.
Cannabis Grow Guide - This is a huge cannabis grow guide, but we always strive to make it bigger and here we hope that you can contribute to make it even better.
and General 420 section - Some interesting stuff which is worth to know.

Do contact me if

I'm always available for my readers. You can hit me with email if you're unsure and need an advice, but please expect 48-72h for a reply (sorry really overloaded).

If you've something valuable to contribute, please get in touch. We're keen to receive reviews of your existing models which you're using ( and ready to buy for your a coffee via amazon gift card). If you're a student and need some extra cash you can participate in this Scholarship if you're a student.

Do not contact me if

1. Companies which are doing SEOs, please do not get in touch, we do not sell links, we do not allow sponsored guest posts and we do not exchange links.

2. Companies which want us to feature their products as best - If it's best it will be here no need to ask about it. I do not need compensation, I consider it as a bribe, so simply move on. Here I express only my own opinions based on numerous factors ( my personal experience, public reviews and actual numbers )

3. Do not offer me to buy LED lights - We're not selling any lights on this website and not interested.

My email is jack.k (at) webestoned.com