Seasoned indoor growers usually look at several things when buying a grow light: The brand, the quality of the materials, the coverage, the power draw, the power output, and the warranty. These factors separate the best grow lights from the mediocre ones. Buying LED grow lights is no small investment, so you must be sure the light you buy can be used for several grow cycles. One light that will not disappoint you is the MEIZHI 900W grow light. It has the best price per watt of all the lights on this list. Its numerous excellent ratings also tell of its popularity and functionality. While the Mars Hydro 900W Full Spectrum Light has the best coverage, it doesn’t produce enough watts for the coverage it offers.

Product DetailsRatingPriceWatt/hrFootprintLifespan$/watt
Phlizon Newest Winter 900W LED Plant Grow Light$89.992202.5x2.5ft50000 0.4