600-watt grow lights produce enough light for 10 to 14 plants and can be used for an entire grow cycle. In this class, we feel the VIPASPECTRA Reflector Series 600W Light offers more bang for the buck. It doesn’t have the best price per watt as that title goes to the MAXSISUN MT600 Dimmable Grow Light. It also doesn’t provide the most coverage, the Advanced Platinum Series P600 Grow Light does. So, why do we love this grow light so much? It balances coverage and output wattage. The watts it produces is
enough for 10 plants. Its price is also budget-friendly, so many new growers can afford it.

Product DetailsRatingPriceWatt/hrFootprintLifespan$/watt
VIPARSPECTRA Reflector-Series 600W LED Grow Light Full Spectrum$159.992693x3' veg coverage at 32"100000 0.59
MORSEN Reflector-Series 600W Full Spectrum LED Grow Light$88.991162' x 3' at 24"100000 0.76
Advanced Platinum Series P450 450w 12-band LED Grow Light$530.002554.5ft x 4ft coverage at 18"100000 2.07
BESTVA DC Series 1000W LED Grow Lights Full Spectrum Indoor Plants Veg and Flower$112.001855.1' x 4.7' at 24"100000 0.6