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Babe - Glass pipes, bongs and accessories.There are a number of places online to buy your marijuana pipes and cannabis smoking accessories. The thing you have to watch out for is getting quality products, and buying them somewhere that supports and ships what they sell. Nobody likes getting ripped-off.

Pyrex glass pipes :: Marijuana and cannabis pipes for smokingWe can recommend one pyrex glass marijuana & pipe manufacturer - Excellent PipesThey offer many accessories as well, but are known for their custom Pyrex glass pipe and water bong creations.  We can only show you a few of their designs here, but please visit their website and shop freely. They have better pictures too. This pipe (Buddy's favorite) measures 7" long by 3" tall - the pictures do not do justice to these fine glass products.

Your package is shipped discreetly and quickly World-wide. Free gifts are included with all orders exceeding $30 and free shipping is included with orders exceeding $75.  It is very easy to think about your friends when you shop here. Time to look as good as your weed, but not spend as much as your local headshop charges for inferior products. Take a look.

(It's probably time you replaced that old steel home-made pipe from Metals class in high school.)

All of our Pyrex glass products come from Excellent Pipes, and we love them.  Everything from hitters to spoons to chillums, to glass bong sliders.  Hey, no cameras or long lines either - just great products at unbeatable prices with Worldwide discreet shipment.

Beautiful hand crafted Pyrex glass pipes - Huge Selection - Great Pricing

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