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Growing marijuana and cannabis indoors :: Grow your own pot & weed.
Looking to grow marijuana indoors? 
Check your local laws first,
because it is illegal in some parts of the World.

(Believe it or not)

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Growing marijuana indoors for personal use | What a concept!In surfing the web for reliable and trustworthy marijuana growing information, we have only found a few places that give some really good education on growing your own indoor cannabis. The rest just suck.

One of the best websites (according to Buddy) for organically growing your personal use marijuana is a place called Weeds That Please

They not only have great information, but they also provide really good pictures to help you along the way.  Growing, germinating, cloning, and a bunch of other terms I don't understand...some people REALLY love their weed.  Me? I just like to smoke it occasionally... o.k., well weekly anyway - o.k. daily then, alright already!

Buddy was going to start a marijuana garden until I caught him in the shed preparing some custom soil blend he found on their website.  I kicked his illegal gardener wanna-be ass.  Because where we live, it is against the law, and he's already had his share of run-ins with the local police... someone has to watch out for him. I guess that's me.

Another good source of information on growing your own Pot comes from a seed breeder called  Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds in the Netherlands - They also offer some excellent education besides their high quality seed products.

Tell them Babe sent you - they like me, and will do anything for me ever since I met them at a Cannabis Cup Convention.  They got me pretty stoned and had a good time with me (no, not like that - you pervert!) - I mean we rocked out in the Bus to some Beatles and Eric Clapton until morning.  Then we did a bit of wake and bake while cruising to a B & B (bed and breakfast) for a good meal attack.  I trust them.  They are good people.  Kind of strange though... they really get into their pot, I mean like a science or something...? Anyway, here's the best -

Best marijuana growing website

(FREE seeds with every order)

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