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Dating others who smoke marijuana.
Finding a date that smokes weed too.

Marijuana Smoker Dates
Selecting dates that you
already know smoke pot.

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Marijuana Smoking Dates for Dating

HOT places for single and available pot smokers to date online.

We call it a great idea!  Truth be known, Buddy and Babe first met online.  Way before they had dating sites... They met in an adult chat room.  Yeah, imagine that... two stoners not only typing to one another, but being able to read it!

Adult Friend Finder if you like things wild... Sign-up for both if you're truly serious about finding someone to party with.

If you smoke weed, then you know what a "deal breaker" this topic can sometimes become if you were not honest upfront.  Well now it's not an issue.  Every person you meet on this dating website either smokes pot or doesn't mind if you do.  The fact that potential dates already know this about you means we hit it off right away! Not to mention having a strong compatible start.

Find somebody more like you.  Find someone you can better relate to.  Find someone you can party with immediately - without the fear of rejection based upon your party preferences.  What a great first date that would make huh?  No fears, no hiding, just start smoking together and see where you go... there could be sparks besides just your lighter.

We think it is long overdue... we hope you'll sign-up and even join to find the person who accepts you as you are and vice-versa.  And make sure you put up a photo - most people who are searching for new potential partners, still wish to see who they are talking to.

How to grow weed easy

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