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Marijuana & Cannabis Definitions A-Z :: Marijuana Slang Words Defined

Marijuana and Cannabis Definitions A-Z
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Marijuana Definitions
Cannabis Slang & Related Terms Defined

The letter H

Hashish - A clay like smoking mixture, based primarily on resin from Middle Eastern or Indian Pot.
Hash - Short and slang for Hashish. Pressed extract of marijuana.
Happy Cigarette - A marijuana rolled cigarette or 'joint'.
Hawaiian - Very high potency marijuana originating in Hawaii.
Half - Generally refers to a 1/2 ounce of cannabis.
Hardcore - A heavy drug user - generally refers to an addict (non-marijuana).
Hemp - Cannabis stalks and stems, especially those used to make rope, fabrics etc.
Herb - Jamaican term for marijuana with reference to Biblical connotations.
Hit - To take a drag off a marijuana joint & inhale.
HO - Street slang for half an ounce of marijuana.
Honey Blunts - Marijuana cigars sealed using honey.
Hookah - A hashish waterpipe with multiple stems to accommodate multiple users simultaneously.
Homegrown - Marijuana that was grown at home - used to be a bad word.
Hooch - Slang for marijuana.
Hoochie -Mamma - Generally a two paper joint. It's larger.
Hot Box - To smoke a marijuana joint quickly resulting in a large cherry burn.
Hybrid - A resulting genetic offspring from parental cannabis plants of different breeds.
Hydro - Slang and short for hydroponic grown weed or marijuana.
Hydroponic - hydro phonically grown marijuana

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