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Marijuana & Cannabis Definitions A-Z :: Marijuana Slang Words Defined

Marijuana and Cannabis Definitions A-Z
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Marijuana Definitions
Cannabis Slang & Related Terms Defined

The letter G

G - $1000 or 1 gram of drugs; term for an unfamiliar male
Gar - Cannabis rolled in cigar paper.
Ganja - Term used in referring to marijuana, usually from Jamaica.
Ganjah - Bob Marley marijuana term.
Garbage - Low quality or inferior marijuana or drugs.
Garr - A large joint of marijuana, possibly in cigar paper.
Get a Gift - Slang reference to obtaining some drugs.
Get High - The act of and to smoke marijuana.
Get Off - The process of getting "high".
Giggle Smoke - A description used in describing certain effects of marijuana.
Giggle Weed - Same as giggle smoke.
Gold - A type or strain of marijuana from Colombia.
Golden Leaf - References a high quality marijuana.
Good Stuff - Slang for high potency marijuana.
Gopher - Usually a person paid with drugs to go and pickup drugs.
Graduate - Term used meaning to progress to stronger drugs.
Gram - A measurement of marijuana, hashish, cocaine.
Grass - A retro hippie term for marijuana.
Grass Brownies - Brownies made with marijuana or cannabutter to eat.
Grease - Money or currency.
Green - Slang for inferior-quality marijuana.
Green Goddess - Old slang term for marijuana.
Greens/Green Stuff - Term to describe money or paper currency.
Gunny Sack - Sacks made from hemp fiber.
Gunther - neighborhood pot dealer.

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