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Marijuana and Cannabis Definitions A-Z
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Marijuana Definitions
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The letter F

F1 / F1 Hybrid - A first resulting generation offspring from a cross of two cannabis strains.
F2 / F2 Hybrid - A generation resulting from a cross of two of the same F1 hybrid weed strains.
Factory - A place where drugs are packaged, diluted, or manufactured.
Fall - Taking a fall; Arrested for something you did with others butyou'll take the blame alone.
Fatty - A marijuana cigarette that bulges. Pregnant joint.
Female / Feminized - The lady marijuana plant that has more potency than the male.
Fiend - A person who generally smokes marijuana alone.
Fifteen Cents - $15 worth of drugs.
Finger - Slang for a marijuana cigarette.
Fire it up - To smoke marijuana, to light it.
Five Cent Bag - $5 worth of drugs.
Fix - To use a drug.
Flower Tops - Just marijuana buds.
Flowering - The stage of growth that produces the marijuana buds.
Flying - Slang, under the influence of drugs.
Four Twenty / Fourtwenty - The best time to smoke pot 4:20 a.m. Also see 420
Fresh - Hip-hop or slang street term for good, great pot, fine weed.
Frosted - Slang term for totally wasted on cannabis.
Fucked Up - You're high on reefer, pot, marijuana and nothing you can do about it.
Funny Stuff - A retro reference for marijuana.

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