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Marijuana and Cannabis Definitions A-Z
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Marijuana Definitions
Cannabis Slang & Related Terms Defined

The letter D

Daddy - Slang, a marijuana joint.
Dank - Good marijuana or pot (usually stinky).
Dime Bag - 1/16 of an ounce of marijuana (was also $10)
Dirt Grass - Bad or inferior-quality marijuana.
Ditch Weed - Refers to home-grown crap marijuana quality.
Dizzy - Used to describe a marijuana effect.
D.L. Spot - A safe area or place to buy and use drugs.
Dog - Can be a good friend.
Doja - Nice, strong marijuana.
Dolla / Dollar - $100 worth of drugs.
Dome - A plastic container used to grow marijuana seeds.
Domestic - Regionally or locally grown marijuana.
Don Don - A second generation roach doobie. A left over joint.
Doobie - A marijuana joint.
Doobie / Doobage - A marijuana rolled joint.
Dope - Marijuana, cannabis, or any other drug.
Dope Fiend - A marijuana smoker who loves to continually smoke.
Dried Marijuana - Process to remove moisture from marijuana plant so it can be smoked.
Dro - Short and slang for marijuana grown using hydroponics.
Drug Deal - Process of buying drugs. Exchange of money for drugs.
Dugout - A pipe or one-hitter used in discreetly smoking marijuana.
Durban Brownie - A type of marijuana from South Africa.
Durban Poison - A type of hybrid marijuana developed in the Netherlands.
Dusted - A marijuana joint or smoke sprinkled with heroin, cocaine, PCP, or other chemicals.

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