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Marijuana & Cannabis Definitions A-Z :: Marijuana Slang Words Defined

Marijuana and Cannabis Definitions A-Z
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Marijuana Definitions
Cannabis Slang & Related Terms Defined

The letter C

Cad/Cadillac - Slang - Refers to One ounce of cannabis.
California Indica - An 80-100% Indica strain grown in California, USA.
Cambodian Red /Cam Red - A marijuana strain from Cambodia
Cannabinoids - Unique cyclic hydrocarbon molecules, such as THC. Active pot ingredient.
Cannabis - The marijuana plant, aka hemp, pot, ganja, reefer, weed.
Cannabis Indica - Scientific name for a species of marijuana plant from the Indian hemp plant.
Cannabis Sativa - Another species of cannabis, closely related to Indica.
Cannabis Strains - Types of marijuana.
Cannabis Tea -  A marijuana drink. (see recipes)
Cannon - A big, huge joint of cannabis.
Cashed - A bowl in a pipe or bong is finished/empty/burned.
Catnip - Slang for marijuana or a marijuana cigarette.
Chamber - References a pipe or part of a vaporizer used for marijuana.
Charge - To light up a marijuana joint.
Chase - To smoke marijuana joints one after another.
Cheeba - Slang word used to describe marijuana.
Chiba - A highly potent marijuana from Columbia.
Chiba-Chiba -A black Brazilian form of reefer, usually gummy.
Chillum - A small pipe or glass two-hitter used to smoke cannabis.
Chronic - The hip-hop or city street term for high-quality or potent reefer.
Chinese Eyed - when the eyes become slanted from the influence of smoking marijuana.
Clearing - A good open spot to plant outdoor marijuana.
Clips - rows of vials heat-sealed together.
Clocking Paper - Making money, profits from selling drugs.
Clone (cloning) - A cutting from a cannabis plant used to grow the exact same potency plant.
Coasting - A person under the influence of drugs is coasting.
Cocktail - Sometimes slang for a joint of tobacco and marijuana combined.
Coffeeshop - Hash, Weed, Cannabis Coffee Shops are generally unique to Holland.
Colas - Marijuana flower tops, the big buds when near harvest.
Cold Turkey - A sudden withdrawal from drugs.
Colombian - One of the most common type of grass on the black market.
Cone -is a spliff (spleef) in Australia.
Connect - To purchase drugs; Connection - A supplier of illegal drugs.
Cooking Cannabis - The art of cooking cannabis by extracting the THC for recipes.
Copping Zones - Specific areas where buyers can potentially purchase drugs.
Cracker Weed - Strong weed. Sometimes slang for "white boy weed".
Creeperbud - A type of marijuana that the effects creep up on you.
Crill - Street slang for a joint laced with cocaine.
Curing - The process of dried marijuana becoming potent to smoke.

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