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Marijuana & Cannabis Definitions A-Z :: Marijuana Slang Words Defined

Marijuana and Cannabis Definitions A-Z
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Marijuana Definitions
Cannabis Slang & Related Terms Defined

The letter B

B - An amount (Bud) of marijuana to fill a matchbox.
B-40 - A cigar laced with marijuana and dipped in malt liquor.
Baby / Baby Bhang - Slang words sometimes used for marijuana.
Baby-sit - Guide someone through first drug experience.
Bad Trip - A bad acid trip or experience when you 'freak out' and/or do something stupid.
Bag / Baggie - A plastic container for holding or distributing marijuana quantities.
Bagboy - Someone who sells dope for someone else - a runner.
Bagman - A person who transports money.
Bain - Sometimes referred to as a big fat rolled joint.
Bale - A large quantity or brick of marijuana with varying weights.
Banano - Marijuana or tobacco cigarettes laced with cocaine.
Basuco - cocaine; coca paste powder sprinkled on marijuana or a cigarette.
Bat - A marijuana pipe (one-hitter), sometimes disguised as a cigarette.
Bazooka - Coca paste and marijuana.
BC Bud - A high-grade marijuana from British Columbia, Canada.
BC Bud - A friend with good BC marijuana and smokes it with you.
BC Seeds - Quality marijuana seeds from British Columbia, Canada.
Bee - bong hit.
Best Friends - High quality marijuana buds, the best personal marijuana types.
Bhang - A drink mixture created using marijuana (alcohol or not).
Big Bud - An Indica/Sativa hybrid of cannabis. (BC Big Bud - from British Columbia, Canada)
Binky - A small marijuana cigarette.
Black Ganja - A dark marijuana resin oil.
Black Hash - A popular term used for opium and dark hashish.
Black Russian - Hashish mixed with opium.
Blast - To smoke or blast up some pot (to blaze).
Blasted - Retro term for under the influence of drugs.
Blaze - Go and smoke marijuana.
Blazed - High on Marijuana.
Blitzed - Very fucked up on cannabis.
Blonde - Slang for a light colored type of marijuana.
Blow a Stick - Smoke a marijuana joint or spliff.
Blueberry - An Indica/Sativa hybrid of marijuana.
Blunt - A joint rolled in tobacco-leaf wrapper of a cigar.
Blowing Smoke - Use marijuana and get high.
Blue de hue - Type of marijuana from Vietnam
Blue Sage - A marijuana strain
Blunt - Marijuana re-rolled inside a cigar; or a fat joint inside a cigar.
Blunted Out - References smoked many blunts of marijuana (generally pretty high).
Bogart - Someone hogging a marijuana cigarette; refusing to share.
Bomber -  A fat marijuana cigarette - a pregnant joint.
Bong - A water pipe used to smoke marijuana for a smother smoke.
Bowl - References a pipe bowl. Or a quantity of pot between 1/32 and 1/16 ounce.
Brick - 1 kilogram (Kilo) of marijuana, 2.2 lbs.
Bubble Gum - A Sativa/Indica strain of marijuana.
Bud - The completed stage of flowering marijuana (buds). A smoking friend.
Buds - Your friends who smoke all your pot.
Burn One - To smoke a marijuana cigarette (joint).
Burned - What someone feels when they bought bad drugs (got burned).
Burned Out - Smoked too many marijuana joints and begin 'coming down' from the high.
Burnout - A heavy user of drugs. One who only cares about getting high.
Burnt - A feeling expressed when you smoked a bunch of weed.
Buzz - The first stage of getting high, you catch a buzz only (a couple hits).
Buzzkill- Everyone is high and laughing and having a good time then somebody says something that makes everyone go silent. Someone who wrecks the good time being had.

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