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Marijuana & Cannabis Definitions A-Z :: Marijuana Slang Words Defined

Marijuana and Cannabis Definitions A-Z
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420 Definitions

Marijuana Definitions
Cannabis Slang & Related Terms Defined

The letter A

Abe - $5 worth of drugs ($5 dollar bill).
A-bomb - Marijuana and heroin smoked in cigarette.
Acapulco Gold - A type (strain) of Marijuana from Mexico.
Acapulco Red - A type (strain) of marijuana from South America.
Ace - Generally a single marijuana cigarette.
Afghani Indica - A potent strain of marijuana from Afghanistan (Afghanica - same).
African Black - A quality strain of marijuana from Africa.
African Bush - Type of marijuana, generally from Africa
Aggregate - A growing medium; grow or lava rocks used for a hydroponic growing medium.
Airhead - Sometimes refers to a marijuana user totally stoned.
AK-47 - A Sativa/Indica hybrid strain of marijuana.
Alice B. Toklas - Author / Baker known for her brownie recipes.
All Star - A drug user with many drug preferences besides weed.
All-American Drug - Sometimes referred to as marijuana.
Ambrosia - A hybrid Indica/Sativa strain of pot.
Americano - A nearly pure strain of Indica marijuana (80-100%).
Amp Joint - Generally a marijuana "joint" laced with another narcotic.
Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds - High quality originator of marijuana strains and seeds.
Anything Going On? - Slang for "Do you have drugs for sale?".
Assassin of Youth - A marijuana reference from the 1930's film with same name.
Astro Turf - Slang street term for cannabis or marijuana.
Ate Up - Someone that's always stoned or currently wasted.
Atom Bomb - References marijuana laced with heroin.
Atomic Northern Lights - An Indica/Sativa strain of cannabis (hybrid).
Aunt Mary - Old slang term for marijuana (Aunt Mary Jane).
Aurora Indica - A primarily Indica strain of marijuana.

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